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What if Bella was a vampire before she came to Forks, and was a carnivore at that? Could her and Edward still be together?? Read to find out! ^_^

i jsut want to warn you, this is a different bella, she isn't much like the bella we all know and love! lol!

1. Chapter One, Bella's Coven

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Isabella’s POV

I sat sullenly in the airplane seat, watching the other passengers in the first class seating. None looked too appetizing, but I was positive that I would need nourishment in a few hours. But, in that time I would be in Forks, and would be able to feed. My mouth watered at the thought of fresh blood.

I was going to Forks because I heard that it was the perfect place for vampires, it was barely ever sunny, and was constantly raining. Also, there were a few larger cities around it, so I could go there to feed also.

I glanced up when the seat belt light came on, so I quickly buckled in, hopefully it meant we would be landing soon. I glanced around again, and saw a small child (maybe eight) looking at me. I flashed her a smile, and she smiled back. I saw her get her mother’s attention, and point to me, the mother looked at me apologetically, and said to her daughter, “It’s not nice to point dear.”

Finally, the plane landed, and we slowly were ushered off. I grabbed my two large suitcases from the luggage dispenser, and quickly made my way to the exit. I got a cab, and gave him the address of the house I had bought.


I paid the taxi driver, and started walking up to my new home. It was a two story, with five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a kitchen, two living rooms, and a study. It was painted a pearl white, and had a black roof, and black windows.

I opened the black door, and dropped my things in the hallway. It seemed too quiet, but soon the rest of my coven would be there to brighten it up. I smiled at the thought of my coven, they were such a lively bunch! There were nine of us in all, we weren’t together at all times like most covens, but met up every five years or so. I was in charge of my coven, even though I was the youngest (looking), but in actual age, I was their elder by a few hundred years.

After I unpacked my things into the largest of the bedrooms, I started to put my personal touch throughout the house. As I was finishing the kitchen, I heard cars pull up, and knew that the rest of my coven had arrived.

The first to bound through was my best friend Rachel who yelled, “Isabellie!” as she ran up and wrapped her arms around me. A few steps behind was her match (as she liked to call him) Tyler. He smiled in greeting, and immediately flopped down on the couch and started to watch TV. I laughed at him with Rachel, who was telling me about their trip.

After Tyler was Crystal and her mate, Jason. Crystal ran up to Rachel and I and started blabbering about how we needed to go shop immediately.

Next was Ryan and Kristin (who posed as our parents even though I was really the leader) and they greeted me and went straight up to their room to unpack.

After Ryan and Kristin was Sonia and Erick, Sonia also ran up and we started making plans to go shopping. We decided that we would take Tyler as our bag boy (he groaned loudly from the couch were the other guys had joined him)

Crystal flipped her white blonde hair (with light blue highlights) over her shoulder and complained, “This town has no good shopping areas! We’re going have to go to Seattle to shop! Oh, and I need your guys’ opinion on what car I should get!” she brought out a folder with car pictures. I said she should get an Eclipse because she hadn’t ever had one, but she decided on a convertible, because she hadn’t had one in ten years.

After they all got unpacked and made their rooms their own, we decided to go get a bite to eat. We decided we should probably go up to Seattle for our dinner, because we didn’t want to have any disappearing in Forks, yet.

We all split up, and agreed to meet back in two hours. I went to a more run down area, where my prey would more likely come to me.

I made myself look small, and more vulnerable, and glanced around nervously (trying to get the attention of my meal) in a few minutes I noticed a large man following me, I acted as if I was actually scared, and started to walk faster. I purposely didn’t walk very fast, and he had soon caught up with me. He walked in pace with me, and I turned my face (pretending to be scared). After a few moments, he sped up and stopped in front of me. I turned into the nearest alley knowing that he would follow me. I ran slowly turning my head in fake fear. In a matter of moments he was behind me, and put an arm around me, not expecting any struggle.

In a blur, and grabbed his arms and held them behind him. I rose to my real height, and shoved him to the ground. I exposed his neck, and bit in. Thick liquid quickly filled my mouth and I growled in enjoyment. I could hear the man’s heart beat slowing, and his blood started to thin. As the last drops of blood fell on my mouth, the man whispered “Who are you?” I smiled evilly at him.

I said, “A vampire, ” I smiled again and walked out of the alley. I ran at full speed to the car and hopped in. I turned on the radio and waited for the rest of my coven.