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Kansas, Montana, or Scotland?

This is the whole Vampire gang deciding where to move next. ( includes Bella)!

My sister( MRMeghan) and I made this up after our third cup of Hot Chocolate. It was fun to write. and Please if your going to take the trouble to read it PLEASE review.

1. Chapter 1

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It was so nice being together, especially when everyone was happy.

Rosalie had finally forgiven me for joining them and had actually offered to take me shopping. She said my wardrobe needed a “boost”.

So where would you like to go next. Lets start with Emmett. Said Carlisle.

We were discussing on where we would move next. People were starting to get suspicious on Carlisle’s never changing perfection.

I was thinking of Kansas.

Kansas???? Where did that come from?

Asked Rosalie.

I don’t know I was hoping on meeting Dorothy.

OH GOD! I’m married to an idiot!

I don’t like Kansas. Said Alice. It’s too hot.

Well that’s OK Alice you could go somewhere else, like Scotland, maybe you could tell them how there potatoe harvest will be.. Replied Emmett.

I thought that was Ireland. Said Rosalie.

Hmmmmmm…….Edward might actually look kind of cute in a kilt.

I brought up.

Ya I was thinking light blue. Said Emmett in a suspiciously preppy voice.

Suddenly I heard a bang and saw Esme’s red vase shattered off of Emmett’s head and onto the floor.

BOYS!!! That’s an antique! Shouted Esme.

Sorry mom, Emmett really gets on my nerves sometimes.

Said Edward and then there was another antique vase on the floor.

Boys that’s enough!

We sat for another few minutes thinking of where to go next. Scotland wouldn’t be horrible but I still couldn’t imagine Edward in a kilt.

Say, do they really where kilts in Scotland? I asked.

Just then everyone started laughing.

Well how should I have known I’m not like 100 years old or something!

Then even Jaspers face broke into a wide grin.

We were all silent for a moment till Edward broke the silence with the most random thing I have ever and will probably ever here in my life.

I wish I could sing opera.

AHHHHH Sepenya felaliz felala, benyahahhh!

A very weird expression crossed Esme’s face just then. It was one of those expressions that pretty much says “Oh my God my sons going insane.”

Isn’t that THE LION KING? Asked Rosalie.

Yes……..uhh....am I going insane or was Edward actually like singing the lion king. Asked Emmett

No….I think you’re still right in the head, but I’m more worried about my husband. I answered.

Edward was leaning back on the sofa with a look of pure joy on his face.

Suddenly Emmett got up, you know what Rose? He asked. I’m bored, lets go have fun.

With that he swung her up into his arms and carried her upstairs.

The same thing happened till it was only me and my beautiful god who had just taken up opera singing.

I looked up at him expectedly but he still had that look of joy on his face. I started to hear weird sounds from upstairs so I put on some music and turned it up loud. That seemed to wake Edward up.

Suddenly Alice was right next to me with only a towel wrapped around her small body.

I just had a vision, she said. Were going to Montana!