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Edward point of view when he tells Bella good-bye. My first fanfic in my new penname.

Hello everybody!!

1. Chapter 1

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I looked into her eyes,

they looked dead.

Like someone had destroyed my angel's soul.

How can I do this to her?

I turn before my plan can fall apart.

I hear her following me,

I hear her fall.

I run, run as I never have before.

I run to take the pain away,

but the more I run,

the farther I am away from my angel.

Agony rips through me,

like my heart has been rammed through with a lance,

tearing out my heart.

My life means nothing,

all of those stars of meaning don't exist.

The meteor that lit up my life has gone,

I am blind, there is nothing in my life that matters,

and it's all my fault.