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Moonlight by Midnight

This is a story about a normal, teenage girl. At least, you'd think that. Gabrielle is really an Arch Angel. She is pretty bored with small town Cape Fear, North Carolina, that is, until she meets Jasper Whitlock. Jasper starts to like her, as he is getting over a problem of the past. Apparently, his original girl, Alice cheated on him, with Edward, his adopted brother. But what happens when both families collide and Gabrielle is almost killed...by Jasper's family? Then the full moon comes, and Gabrielle must stay away from Jasper alone.......Or she will kill him.

This story is a whopping 13 pages in my AMPAD evidence notebook.Okay- change of plans. I said it was not mandatory to review, well, I will need 9 more reviews for me to add a chapter. Thanks!

1. Chapter 1- The Cullens?

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Moonlight was the light that lit my way as I walked by the ocean at midnight. The pale pink, flowing nightgown I wore swished as I walked toward the lake. My blue-black hair flowed around my face as I lightly stepped into the freezing cold water. All of the sudden a ‘CRACK’ whipped through the air, destroying the silence. I saw a boy around seventeen with shaggy blond hair looking at me, a deer in headlights. Then he was gone- a ghost in the night.


I walked into my favorite class-AP English. The classroom had purple walls with metallic stars, suns, and crescent moons; silver, inch-deep carpet; a black chalkboard; a corkboard; clipboards as desks; and silver beanbags for chairs.

“Anju. Katara.” I said quietly. They smiled at me.

“Hey! Nice outfit.” I wore a red and black “abstract” t-shirt, black skinny jeans, red shiny flats, red fountain earrings, red necklaces, and a red beret. “Thanks.” I said, smiling. Dropping my stuff on the ground, I plopped into a metallic silver beanbag, my two braids flopping. Just then, the bell rang. A clear, silver voice called out,

“Okay class. Settle down. We have some new students today at Cape Fear High.” At that, everyone got silent; we rarely ever got new students. I gazed curiously at the door. As soon as they walked in, I was hit with a torrent of visions.

‘Epov- “Do they know yet?” I whispered as my lips trailed across hers, across Alice’s, my hands playing with her hair. “No.” she purred.’ ‘Apov- I stood there, glaring defiantly at my family. “I’m sorry, Jasper. Bella. But I love Edward now, and he loves me. “Bella and Jasper were devastated. “ Alice, “Jasper began hoarsely, but I turned my back on him, walking to my room, with Edward following.’ ‘ Jpov- I stared at them in disbelief. How could they?! I trusted Alice. I gave up a whole life to be with her. My dead heart throbbed. Esme was crying. “And don’t even THINK of going to Volterra, Jasper Whitlock Hale Cullen!” Alice yelled from her room. I collapsed to the floor, and didn’t get up.’

That was enough. I jerked out of my visions of the past. Overwhelmed by all the emotions, I kneeled over and threw up, sweat glistening on my forehead.

“Gabrielle!” My classmate, Alexander yelped. I struggled to get a handle on everything. Unconsciously, I switched to wolf form, and panted heavily. Now everything was silent in my mind. Taking a closer look at everyone, I realized something. Jasper was the boy I saw last night by the lake.

Quickly, I changed back and wiped everyone’s minds of me changing form.

“I’m fine.” I growled. I noticed that everything was already cleaned up. Shakily, I stood up. My teacher, who asked us to call her by her first name nodded.

“Okay. Now I want everyone to shake hands, and introduce themselves. For example…” I cringed. Here we go again. Every time I shake their hands, I’ll be sent into more visions. Charity held out her hand and said

“Hello. My name is Charity, and I am your AP teacher.”

Alice held her hand out to me. “Alice. Nice to meet you…” She trailed off as I just glared and refused to shake her hand. I moved on to Emmett.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Gabrielle.”

He grinned childishly, and replied “Likewise. My name’s Emmett and this is Rosalie, my girlfriend.” I smiled warily at her, and shook her hand. Ignoring the sudden visions, I moved on to who was next.

“Edward. And you are?” Ignoring his question, I moved on to Jasper. Tensing as I shook his hand, I waited for the visions. I got none. Instead, a wave of calm floated through me, and I relaxed. Smiling shyly, I introduced myself.

“My name’s Gabrielle.”

He grinned sadly at me. “Jasper. Nice to meet you.”

Suddenly, I felt my pupils get smaller and I collapsed, shaking. Gabrielle asked what was wrong. All I did was stand up and ask if I could walk outside for a little.

“On one condition.” My teacher warned. I raised my eyebrows.

“Jasper escorts you.” I’m sure my face was a darker red than a tomato’s. “Fine.” I grumbled. I tried to walk towards the door, but stumbled. Jasper caught me, and led me outside.