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Edward told his family that they should leave, and Alice wants to change his mind.


1. Chapter 1

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Alice's POV

I can't believe that Edward is going to leave Bella. He had only decided this today. Edward had just said to the whole family that we should leave. I was going to change his mind about that.

I was walking up to Edward's room. I knocked on the door, Edward called in a lifeless voice, he must be thinking about what he was going to do,

"Come in."

I walked in and he was sitting on his couch.

"Edward, why are you doing this?" I asked in a frustrated voice.

"It's the only way to keep Bella safe from our world." Edward said this as if he had put an endless amount of thought into it.

"I've seen what will happen to her if we leave."

I let my vision of Bella, a month after us leaving fill my mind. Bella was walking into school. She was deathly pale, black circles under her eyes. Her eyes were darker, and dim, lifeless. She had lost a lot of weight, she looked as if a breeze could break her in half. It was night, she was sleeping, but suddenly she was screaming, a terrible screeching sound. Bella wrapped her arms around her chest, like she was trying to keep herself together. Then I let the vision of Edward come into my mind. He was running away from Bella, he had just told her good-bye. He looked heart broken. He ran all the way to Northeast Alaska. There he basically curled up into a ball and let the misery have him. Next, I showed everyone else in our family. Carlisle looked grim, like he hadn't smiled for months, Esme looked extremely sad, Emmett wasn't his normal joyful self, he looked despondent, Rosalie looked... I stopped right there, Edward didn't need to see her smug face.

"Oh!"Edward gasped, his face contorted in horror.

"She wouldn't get over it, she would be depressed, she might kill herself. Does it look like she would be better off? She would be catatonic for a week after we left, there is a chance she wouldn't come out of that. Do you really want to leave her? Would she be better off?" I knew I wasn't being fair, but Edward and Bella would be in so much pain. I couldn't stand that.

Jasper came in, " Are you two alright? I could feel all that pain from the living room. What was going on?" Jasper asked.

"I was just showing Edward the outcome of his actions." I said. " Are you still going to do this?"

"No, if us leaving will cause Bella that much pain, then there isn't any way I'm going to leave her."

"Good." I stated, leaving the room with Jasper following me.

"Are you alright?" Jasper asked, concerned.

"Hold on, let me check something first." I looked into the future for Edward and Bella.

I saw Edward telling that they were leaving, but Bella could come along, if she wished that. Bella did. I saw Bella as a vampire, utterly beautiful, enough to rival Rosalie. Everyone looked happy. I sighed in relief.

"Yes, I'm fine."