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Reasons Why I Love You

He said nothing but I knew he had heard me because that was when he closed the gap between us and I was once again engulfed mind, body, and soul by a simple kiss.[EdwardxBella][Parts 1 to 6 posted]


1. Parts I-VI

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I couldn't even begin to fathom that we had been together so long, you would think that two people in love could tell each other anything;no matter how embarrassing, uncomfortable or confidential, but not for him.

Oh, no.

All I knew was that we were going somewhere and by the look on his face, smug, cocky, but also serenely serious and focused, I could tell it wasn't something I would normally go for. But then he turned to me and gave me that grin that made my heart beat out of my chest, blood surge through my veins, and caused my brains to scramble. Somehow I knew everything would be okay with that one reassuring glance and I couldn't help but smile back, it was amazing what one minuscule gesture could do to me. Even though we were driving at over 100 miles an hour on a blurred road that I didn't recognize, things flying past us at an alarming rate, with that one smile all of my fear vanished.

Jeg Elsker Dig.

Her palms were sweating from something I could not determine, I noticed as we walked further and further into the woods that surrounded the secret area we'd claimed as our own. Her whole body seemed restive and lacking in the exuberance it usually held when we came. I was worried but convinced myself not to ask as I continued to push the brush out of the way to ease her passage through the troubling woodland.

My patience proved wise when it took just one stumble for her to crack and with a slight lack of footing came a tired, “Why does it have to be so hard?”

I turned slightly to look down at her, feeling my hair tousle a little with the action before I gave her a quiet, “Because you're human, Bella.”

A slightly disheartened sigh passed her lips before she nodded, accepted my hand and then continued on through the brush with me by her side, keeping her steady and safe. We continued on like that, my steps always so much larger than hers, my movements easier and quicker than her own and my strength easily helping me along while her fragile body held her back.

Her brown eyes were glazed over with pure determination and the warmth from her palm resting in my own was what kept me from asking if she wanted to just go back. In Forks =where the life of a human was so much easier- she was safer -more comfortable. Here -in the wilderness- she was very much a prey of nature.

Yet she held strong and conquested the rugged path through the forest and into the clearing with me by her side and as we entered the flower-graced field copious with bright, extravagant sunlight, I watched her. The sunlight radiating off of her pale human skin, the bright light reflecting off of eyes akin to warm, melted chocolate and the slow, sweet smile that formed on her lips reminded me why I kept her just the way she was.

Though she may be prey to nature as she was, she had me by her side to keep her safe and stunningly -perfectly- human.

Volim te.

As we sat together under a elderly willow tree which was perched on the top of a steep hill, wrapped up in each other's arms, I could almost feel his heart beating; though I knew it was impossible. I sat with my head resting on his stone chest, both of us looking up at the full moon and being reminded each and every second of how different we were. How we came from such diverse worlds, one of darkness, hate and evil, and the other of light, love and innocence, but somehow that made no difference.

I think that's why he brought me to this place to be reminded of how dangerous he was, and how I was in such a vulnerable state, but I found myself feeling more safe than I had ever before. The dark night sky seemed to represent him, vast and powerful, taking over the world, changing everything below it with every moment, the Earth transforming from light to dark, consumed by the power of the night. Then there was the bright white orb splitting the blanket of darkness in half. Though it was much less powerful it lit the path for the creatures that came out at this hour. It was an important piece of the cycle of day and night, and then I realized that the full moon was a representation of myself.

I turned to him and carefully ran my hand up his chest, neck, and then to the side of his chilled, pale, face. His eyes were a tawny yellow, bright, but they still seemed to be burdened. He was looking at me in a way I'd never seen before, almost of desperation.

“ I don't care how hard you try, I'm not ever going to push you away.” I murmured barely audible with my face close to his.

He said nothing but I knew he had heard me because that was when he closed the gap between us and I was once again engulfed mind, body, and soul by a simple kiss.

Obicham te.

Her tiny hands staggered across the wall in search of a light switch. In the pitch black room, it seemed impossible for her to find anything. She'd tripped twice since first walking through the threshold of the house and had been stumbling every since.

Once, awhile ago, she'd said that she found it quite easy to get drunk off of my presence. I didn't realize until now that she seemed to have meant that literally.

“Let me get that,” I said quietly, setting my hand atop of hers just enough to let her know that I could handle it.

Bright, false white light flooded the quaint kitchen of the Swan home and I smiled crookedly at the look of slight embarrassment on her features. She stood still for only a second before moving to place the bags Alice had handed her before our departure on the counter top, “I could have gotten it.”

My smile grew, “I know you could have, I was just offering my assistance.”

“I'm not a damsel in distress.”

“A damsel, you are and always in distress,” I countered, sliding in easily next to her to assist in the unpacking of clothing that had been sent back with us.

The same tiny hands that had fumbled upon the wall stilled instantly and she turned sharply to look at me, “I am not always in distress!”

The heat in her eyes and the way her body seemed to becoming instantly erect gave away the idea that she thought I had been haranguing her with my previous comment. I sighed, shaking my head and responded calmly, “You're right, Bella. You're not always in distress-”

Her body relaxed instantly and a slightly smug look flooded her eyes.

“-but you are most of the time.”

“I took perfectly good care of myself in Phoenix, Edward. I don't always need your protection.”

I smiled softly -sadly, “I know that. I meant that every second you're with me, you're in distress. You often seem to forget just how much of a danger I am to you.”

She stilled yet again and turned slowly towards me, staring deep into my eyes as if trying to read my mind. Her hands loosed themselves from around the bright garments she held and let them fall gracefully onto the spotless counter top before they eased slightly upwards to cup just the sides of my face.

They rested there and the warmth from them spread sweetly over my frozen skin. I relaxed to the ever-so-familiar touch and looked down into the very eyes that were looking into mine. We stood that way for moments that felt like the most blissful eternity to ever be imagined before she smiled.

Her lips parted slightly and she took three small breaths before she whispered, “But every damsel in distress has to have a knight in shining armor. Without you, I'd be an incomplete fairy tale.”

“Without me, you wouldn't be a damsel in distress,” I responded, tiredly.

“No, you're wrong. Without you, I would still be a damsel in distress. I'd be suffering from the lack of the love of my life.”

Her words were warm, heart-felt and spoken with a tone of pellucid honesty. I couldn't help but smile and accept it as the end of our tete-a-tete, “I assume, then, that it would be wise for me to begin my duties as knight in shining armor before my damsel finds herself in a distress of inescapable measures.”

I began my duties with a kiss that spoke all the words that I couldn't.

Ich liebe dich.

It never ceases to amaze me how each and every time the sun rises above the horizon floating softly in the air, no matter what, I always seem to find him laying next to me with his arm wrapped protectively around my stomach keeping me plastered to him throughout the night. The cool sensation of his steel chest against my warm back and his undeniably intoxicating aroma soothes me and ever since he started these rendezvous I've awoken happy, without a care in the world. There's only one day that I can remember not feeling him lying next to me beneath my cotton sheets, waking without seeing his stunningly handsome face first, or smelling his addicting fragrance. That was the day I awoke with a violent case of the stomach flu.

The day that I needed him the most, that I had a hazardously high fever of 103.1, that I was puking my brains out and that I desperately craved his touch was the he day that he wasn't there with me. I woke up at three A.M. scalding hot, sweat was dripping off of me and everything was a blur, I honestly thought that I was going to die, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out where he'd gone. I tried to stand, but putting my feet underneath me was such a challenge that I collapsed to the floor, giving up entirely. Then all of the sudden my door flew open and Charlie came running in with a thick maroon bathrobe slung carelessly over his shoulders.

He knelt down close to the floor and flipped me on my back gently, “ Bella, honey?” He asked frantically, his hand dabbing at my face, “ You're burning up, are you all right? Oh, no, it must be getting worse.”

I moaned out in anguish and waved my arm in the air towards the rocking chair and then let it drop to the floor.

“ Edward... where is he?” I found myself asking aimlessly, everything was so fuzzy and all of my words came out jumbled, in a slur.

Charlie smiled softly and shoved a pillow underneath my head as he spoke in a reassuring tone, “ Edward stayed with you all night, he just ran down to the drug store to pick up more medicine. He'll be back soon”

Just as those words were uttered Edward flew into the room, panic was covering his angelic face when he saw me on the floor. He shoved the paper sack ( which, I assumed contained my medicine )at Charlie, and hoisted me up in his arms with ease, laying me down gently back in the comfort of my bed.

Charlie unloaded the bag and opened the pill bottle silently while Edward fussed over me lovingly.

He caressed my cheek with his icy hand which sent shivers down my boiling spine, giving me some relief, and smiled at me.

“ I'm sorry I wasn't here when you woke up,” his eyes were full of sympathy for my pain. “ I was only gone for a split second, you have horrible timing you know.”

I frowned, “ I thought you'd finally decided to leave.” my voice came out uneven and squeaky, and I could swear I saw a trace of a grin on his face, but decided against it.

He leaned down closer to me, and shook his head slowly which made his scent rapidly spread throughout the air leaving me, if possible, even more breathless than before.

“ You don't seem to understand, Bella,” Edward murmured close to my face, his breath was heavenly, alike is gorgeous eyes, he seemed to be staring straight into my soul, “ Even though I know I should, I can't even begin to imagine having to leave you. I don't plan to, and will never decide to leave unless you ask me to, which you never will. So, therefore, you have no reason to worry.”

Before I had a chance to say a single thing he kissed me quickly on my germ covered lips without the slightest trace of being disturbed by how disgusting my breath must have smelled. Just as he pulled away he whispered those three words that made my heart stop, and I knew, without a doubt, that everything he'd said was completely true.

Te Sakam.

She swatted tenderly at my hand as I reached to push her plate closer to her. The pouty lips that were currently wrapped around the straw of her drink quirked in the corners when I tried, again, to push the plate forward.

“I said I wasn't hungry, Edward,” she mumbled from around her straw before taking yet another long sip of her Coke.

She may have been saying that since we'd left my home to visit Port Angeles earlier this afternoon but now, after five hours of shopping with a very enthusiastic Alice, I was doubting the honesty in her statement. With a sigh, I pushed the plate just a little closer, “Just a little, Bella. That's all I'm asking.”

Another long sip from her Coke was her stubborn response of 'no'.

Silently convincing myself that she'd eat when she got home, I gave up and sat back in the red leather booth to watch as she finished off her drink with smug grin on her lips. The annoying slurping sound continued on for a few seconds before I quickly cut in with, “Are you trying to bother me?”

Her grin in response only seemed innocent, “You're the one who forced me to come.”

“Well, I assume you're done, now seeing as you apparently are not hungry.”

“I'm ready to go,” she responded lightly, finally pulling the crushed clear straw from between her lips to rest against the side of the glass.

I watched the droplets of water slide down the blood-red glass as we waited for the check. Normally, I would simply raise my hand to beckon over the waitress but tonight I was in no rush and willing to patiently wait for her to return.

'Though Bella seems to have other plans,' I mused, entertained by the way she seemed to be fiddling with everything in her hands' reach. I watched her with allay eyes as to not give away any clues that might hint that I was amused by her actions. Her thin fingers lifted a mere inch above the table before dropping sharply down to tap at the mahogany table top. They repeated the process in a wave pattern twice before they scurried over to the clasp either side of the clear glass and shook. The melting ice clanked against the side in a chaotic rhythm while she continued to shake and I continued to watch.

Even during this slightly dazed performance, she looked incandescent and elegant. The dim lighting from above in conjunction with the fluttering light provided by the candle at our table cast a supple, luminous light over her graceful features and highlighted the stray strands of hair that had fallen out of the pony tail she'd created earlier to frame her ineffable face. She was pure-

“What are you looking at?”

I was snatched away from my thoughts by her voice, quiet and demanding, flooding my ears and causing me to tear my gaze from her delicate jaw line to her anxious brown eyes. Shaking my head I replied with, “nothing,” before deciding that we had waiting long enough and were in desperate need of that check. I was losing all sense of control sitting here with nothing to look at but her in all of her loveliness.

The waitress -a fragile-looking doe-eyed blonde who I'd only looked at after being forced to- was at my side in an instant asking if there was anything else I'd like and if I was positive that I did not want dessert before handing me the check in a thin faux leather case. I slipped a twenty-dollar bill in, knowing that the meal Bella had deserted was only about twelve dollars and the drink was only another two before handing the case back to the waitress and telling her to keep the change. My eyes never left Bella's, and I knew that she was fidgeting to get out.

As we exited the restaurant, the warm August breeze ruffling our clothing and hair and scattering her beautiful aroma throughout the air, she visibly relaxed and took a long, deep breath. I watched her out of the corner of my eye, knowing that she didn't like to be openly watched, as she eagerly raised her chin high in the air and let her hair fall gracefully against her back to swing with her steps.

She grinned broadly before saying, “I've been dying to get out of there. The stars looked so gorgeous from the windows of the mall, I just wanted to stare at them.”

I glanced up, noting that the stars did indeed look marvelous against the dark blue of the night sky. It seemed almost as if the stars were consuming the aphotic sky with their brilliant white light, destroying it's unnerving qualities to replace them with ardor and warmth.

So very much like her.

I smiled crookedly, turning from the sky to look at her once more, “Yes, gorgeous.”

Eg elska tig.