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What Could Have Been

When Edward left, we know that it had a huge impact on Bella's life. But, it also had a huge impact on Jacob's. If Bella had never come to La Push, Jake would have been able to live a normal life... at least as normal as a werewolf can be. Found a nice girl, imprinted, enjoyed being a 'monster'... all of it. This is another Jacob/Angela. Just so you know. And it's AU, too. I'm trying to keep in the New Moon and Eclipse timeline as much as possible... but there are some parts that I have to make up on my own, as the books were from Bella's PoV.

This book would replace New Moon... from Jake's PoV.

3. Chapter 3

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“Jacob!” An annoyingly familiar voice called behind me, a voice that made me want to run as fast as I could in the other direction. Unfortunately, I was on my way to the bus, and I was most likely already late. I did not need another confrontation with Sam Uley today.

The lie had apparently worked; Ms. Call hadn’t called the police or filed a missing persons report yet. But it still came down hard on me that I had to lie for Embry — mostly because Sam had asked me to. The nerve of that guy! Just coming up behind me while I was walking to meet the bus.

Sam caught up easily, and kept pace with my angry stride. “You know, this is getting old. Why can’t we just get along?” I could hear the wryness in his voice, and I was further confused by his behavior. Why would he care if I liked him or not? He had a whole trio of back-up singers to do whatever he wanted; he didn’t need me.

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe because you brainwashed my best friend?” I sneered sarcastically.

Sam visibly winced. “That isn’t true. You’ll understand soon …”

I started walking faster, and threw behind me, “I don’t think so. Just leave me alone.”

He allowed himself to fall behind and stopped. I felt his eyes on me as I boarded the bus, cool and emotionless. I think that was what annoyed me the most. The way nothing bothered him, like he was untouchable and nothing could hurt him. It made him invincible.

School passed with excruciating slowness, like all Fridays. But this one was different. I was going to see Angela tonight. The bad feelings I had been having since Embry had abandoned me were driven back by anticipation, and when eighth period came, I was lined up by the door with the rest of the students.

“Mr. Black, could I speak with you for a moment?” Mrs. Lakewind called, not even looking up from the paper she was grading.

I trudged over to the desk, sighing as the bell rang and the rest of the kids ran out the door.

“You see a great deal of Embry Call, don’t you?” she asked, taking me by surprise.

“Uh, yes ma’am. Or, at least, I used to,” I stuttered, wondering what this had to do with anything. I was going to be late picking Angela up if I didn’t leave soon.

“Good. Can you tell him to come see me as soon as he’s feeling up to it? He’s the one student in here who has a worse grade than you do.” Ouch. Sure, English wasn’t my best subject, but surely my grade wasn’t that bad!

I decided not to argue and just nodded, hoping the angry flush on my face didn’t give anything away. I had been getting a lot angrier much easier lately, and it was not a good feeling. It felt like I was angry all the time; that was the only emotion I felt, and it wasn’t a good one.

I trudged out of the classroom, the heavy feeling still in my gut. How could everything go from normal to completely fucked up in a matter of days? I was suddenly this huge, klutzy, angry teenager, eagerly awaiting the arrival of a girl. Wow, had puberty suddenly hit, or what?

I almost laughed out loud at the thought … was that all this was? A messed up way for my body to tell me that I was growing up? The thought brought extreme amounts of relief, and I went to get the car and Angela with a spring in my step.

When I pulled up, she was wrestling with two younger boys, both nearing her height. One was clutching her shirt, pulling it down to reveal a startling amount of cleavage. He had light brown hair to match his sisters, and a friendly, open face with a little bit of baby fat on the cheeks.

The other, whose arms were wrapped around Angela’s shoulders, had blonde hair and a pointed chin, with green eyes. The twins looked nothing alike, but it was obvious that they were Angela’s brothers Isaac and Joshua.

“Angela, your date’s here!” the one on top said in a sing-song voice.

“Yeah!” the other chimed in, not wanting to miss out on the fun of teasing their older sister.

“Ok, guys. I see him. And it’s not a date!” She pulled the boys off of her, prying the second one’s fingers from the hem of her shirt and tugging the neckline up with a blush.

“Hey, Jacob. These are my brothers, Thing One and Thing Two.”

“Hey!” the twins cried indignantly. Isaac – I thought – peered up at me, squinting in the sunlight that was so rare for Forks. “Hey, are you an Indian?”

“Isaac!” Angela cried, “That was unbelievably rude! Get, both of you.”

“No, it’s ok,” I said, smiling reassuringly at her over her brothers’ heads. I looked down at their curious expressions and answered, “Yeah, I guess I am. I live down on the rez.”

“Boys! Come inside, dinner is ready,” an older lady called from the doorway, her hands on her hips in a harassed fashion.

She managed a welcoming smile for me, saying, “Hello. You must be Jacob. Thank you so much for helping Angela out yesterday. I don’t know how we would have paid to get her car fixed by a professional.”

I shrugged. “Any time, Mrs. Weber.” I guessed, hoping I was right about the woman’s identity.

“Mom, we’re going. Do you need anything before I leave?” Angela broke in, playing the responsible eldest daughter.

“No, no. You kids have fun,” Mrs. Weber said firmly, making shooing motions with her hands.

I opened the Rabbit door for her, and ran around to let myself in.

As we drove away, I glanced at her out of the corner of my eye. She looked great … her hair was pulled up into a messy bun, her bangs hanging in her eyes. She had a blue ‘rather be painting’ t-shirt on and a pair of jeans that hung loosely around her hips. Hoop earrings dangled in her ears, the whole look saying, ‘I’m me. Get used to it.’ Definitely a refreshing way for girls to look at things.

“I hope I’m dressed ok, I wasn’t sure what to wear. I mean, when your dad called and said that it was going to be more of a bonfire party –”

“What?” I asked, the question coming out more sharply than I had intended. When had dad changed that? And why wouldn’t he tell me?

“You didn’t know? Apparently, he’s having a bunch of people down to watch the game, and we’re having a bonfire afterward.” Her voice was confused. She was probably wondering the same things I was!

“Dad likes to change his plans all the time. Oh well,” I said, trying to sound nonchalant about the whole thing. “So, those were your brothers?” I changed the subject with a none too smooth segway, hoping that she didn’t notice.

“Yep. Wild, huh?”

I nodded, pulling onto the dirt road that led to La Push. “Your mom seems nice.

Angela nodded vigorously. “Yeah, she’s the best. She listens and doesn’t mind when we ask to do things, as long as she didn’t already of plans.” She wrinkled her nose. “The only bad thing is she’s worried about my not having a boyfriend and keeps trying to set me up.”

I laughed. “That’s why she seemed so happy to see me!”

Angela squirmed in her seat, turning bright red. “Yeah. Sorry about that. I just …”

“Hey, don’t worry about it. I wish all mothers were as happy about me dating their daughter!” I felt my face flush as soon as the words were out of my mouth, and resisted the urge to slap my hand over my mouth in horror as the implications of what I had just said began to sink in.

Angela, luckily, just started laughing. “You’re funny. I like that you’re funny,” she snorted again, and a new round of laughing erupted from her chest.

I liked her laugh. It sounded kind of like bells … until you heard the snorts in between. What I liked most about it, though, was the way her whole body was involved, all of her limbs and her abdomen shaking.

When she had finally calmed down, we had already pulled into the driveway, where several other vehicles sat. I recognized Quil’s car, and the Clearwaters; Harry and Sue Clearwater were Billy’s best friends, and the Forks police chief’s cruiser, which meant Charlie was here. There was also a truck I didn’t recognize, but I didn’t think anything of it until I went inside.

“I can’t believe he invited all of these people!” Angela whispered to me, sounding horrified. “I would have worn nicer clothes!”

“You look great, don’t worry about it. They’re all just friends, anyway,” I tried to sound reassuring, but she didn’t look like she appreciated it.

We walked in together, me propelling her forward and her cowering into my side. During the ride down, I had forgotten how shy she was, but it all came crashing back to me as the twenty or so people crammed into my house all stared at her.

Including Sam Uley.

I did a double take, making sure that I wasn’t imagining things. Sure enough, there he sat, bold as brass, his arms around a girl – Emily, I thought – with horrible scars marring one side of her face. Jared, Paul, and Embry sat beside them, their dark faces impassive.

This was going to be one Hell of a long night.