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Alice's POV before and after her transformation.

I am looking for a proofreader/editor, if anyone would like to be one, please contact me.

1. Chapter 1

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Jasper By: BelloTopaOcchi
It was dark,
a hole.
Then, I felt pain,
it was unbearable.
When I woke up,
I was alone.
I didn't remember anything,
except my name,
That's what he called me,
my creator.
I felt my mind slip into a familiar place,
a vision,
or, the reason I'm in here.
I saw a man,
a very handsome man.
I fell in love with him,
Jasper, yes,
Jasper was his name.
He was to be my future.
He would be my light in the darkness,
Jasper, he would love me,
I loved how his name sounded on my tongue,