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Haunt Me, Taunt Me

Bella has a terrifying nightmare of some of the Cullens during New Moon.


1. Chapter 1

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The hale beat against the window in loud, pounding strikes, preventing any chance of sleep. I wasn't permitting myself to think much before I leapt into unconsciousness, which was hard to do. He was always there. He always would be. And that small thought haunted me. Most superstitious people say they're haunted by a ghost, or a demon...my case fitted both I suppose.

I felt buried alive. I felt dead, and I looked dead. Yet my heart was still beating in my chest...


I wondered what I could think about. As if I wanted to think about anything!

I became bored of staring at my ceiling, so I shifted in my bed and eyed the wall.

Pathetic was the perfect word to describe why I couldn't concentrate on anything but mythical creatures. I put my cold hands over my face and sighed. My breath quickly warmed them up.

I couldn't take it anymore. All the tears I had held back, all the times I wanted to fall apart but withheld, suddenly took over. My heart seemed to beat slower than it ever had, while my tears made my hands cold again.

After a long time my body became tired of the physical release of emotional pain. I closed my eyes gently and tried not to let my breathing get ahead of me.

I drifted then I think...because I was in the meadow suddenly. Finally I found it, after searching so much!

It was just how I remembered. Sunlight enchanted the wildflowers and the stream. Sprinkled colors of purple, yellow, and white swayed with each warm breeze. Grassy hills reflected sparkles of sunlight. There was one thing missing…

Suddenly a blanket of darkness waved through my magical meadow. Darkness turned the flowers to thorny weeds. My stream turned into black soup...and everything felt dead. There was no sky.

“Bella…” Alice’s voice hissed at me, slowly.

I turned around to see her sitting down in the middle of a circle of weeds. She was staring down at a thorny, dead rose in her small white hands.

“You killed him Bella…you made him choose. You or us…He almost chose you.” She said grievingly.

Her face tilted up at me. And I screamed when she did. Her eyes were all black…and melting down her face.

I turned quickly and prepared to run. Rosalie was there before I could make my second step.

“Wanna play Hide and Seek Bella? I’m it.” She chuckled darkly. I noticed blood dripped from her two-inch long fangs. She disappeared before my eyes with a loud thunder clap.

“No, no! Please…Help!” I screamed.

“I’ll protect you Bella. Don’t worry, you won’t get hurt…by her.” Emmet said as he circled me casually. He stepped towards me and touched my shoulder. I was suddenly airborne…and I couldn’t stop myself. I hit a tree and fell twenty feet to the dirt floor. Pain slashed through my entire body. I was sure I was dead…but more than that, I was scared.

Something in the dark forest before me crept between the trees...watching me. It moved mystically and nearly vanished further into the forest.

Unthinkingly, and curiously, I stepped closer to this frightening being. A few branches snapped...I looked close into the patch of dead tree that surrounded it.

I couldn't see it at first. It easily blended in with its mystical environment. It was crouching, its head lowered, and muscles tense. Slowly it raised its demonic head. Its red eyes glared up at me. Its fangs slid from sheaths hidden beneath a crooked smile. It opened its mouth to speak...

"I'm back."