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Haunt Me, Taunt Me

Bella has a terrifying nightmare of some of the Cullens during New Moon.


2. Chapter 2

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“Oh, silly Bella. You don't remember me?” Edward stalked, cat-like.

“How could I forget?” I barely managed to choke out.

He climbed up the tree behind me, like a squirrel and perched on a branch, his face inches from mine.

I didn't turn around to see him, but I flinched when his cold fingers traced along my neck, followed by his lips.

Tell me Bella...” He gently kissed my cheek, and continued tracing his lips along my neck and jaw line. “Why does your heart...beat a little faster...when ever my lips...get close to yours...?”

“My heart hasn't moved since the day you left...”

“Aww...I see. So now...it's making up time...?” He chuckled. His fangs slowly became more apparent.

“Perhaps...but what are you intending to do with it, that you haven't already done?”

A dark and terrifying smile crept upon his face.

“The unspeakable...” He whispered.

Without warning, he clasped a hand to my heart, and slowly dragged me up into the dark shadows of the tree – like a spider pulling away its prey.

He pulled me further up and up, where at the top I expected my demise. Unfortunately, he sat me on a branch and put both hands on the sides of my head, and applied just enough pressure to send me unconscious.

During this time I was fully aware that I was still asleep and having a nightmare, but that realization disappeared when I saw his face again. He huddled over me with a sly smile and evil glints of torture reflecting in his crimson irises.

“Now then, I've made enough noise that your dog should be appearing soon. What was his name again...Jason? Jared?...”

“Jacob.” I winced. “Don't you dare hurt him!”

Edward threw his head back and laughed.

“Just deal with me and get it over with. But don't ever touch him.”

As I laid on the branch he molded his body to mine, and his breath tickled my ear. “Your wish, my command...but now I don't want Jacob interrupting me. I'll take you somewhere else...although, I hate leaving this position, as it makes me awfully comfortable.”

He kissed my jaw again, then swooped me up into his arms and carried me off elsewhere.

At last we reached his house. He took me into his room and laid me on his couch, where he quickly positioned himself atop of me. He inserted his fangs at my neck quickly and began drinking.

“Before I die,” I whispered. “I'd like to know if I was worth your time, besides your lust for my blood.”

He winced back, surprised.

His eyes, despite the rigorous red, clouded with sincerity, and torture – but towards himself this time.

“Every second of it.”

I woke up screaming and clutching the sweaty mattress. I couldn't stop hyperventilating. His words still echoed in my head. My legs stumbled as I walked to the rocking chair.

“Damn nightmares.” I muttered between spasms of breath. “Damn vampires...” I continued. “Damn-”

“Edward?” Another voice interrupted. She crouched in the window as her fiery red hair waved with the wind.