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Bella Black

What if Bella was really Jake's sister? What would happen when Bella left Renee to go live with her father, Billy Black. Would Bella and Edward still have their Happily ever after? Chapter 16 is the original depressing ending Chapter 17 is the rewritten happily ever after version

This is an alternate universe of the beloved Twilight series which is not owned by me in any way :(

12. The pack

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I knew that I was a bad liar; I knew that I would be caught. I knew that eventually I would have to choose to either see Edward or be part of my family. I figured when the time came to make the decision, I would know the answer.

When I got home, I knew I smelled like vampire. I told Billy that I was going to shower, just in case I smelled like the Cullens since some of them were in my class.

I let my body wash rinse away any trace of Edward on me. I even brushed my teeth since I knew from our “studying” in the library, that I might have a tint of him on my breath.

I put my wet hair up in a pony tail, before slipping into a pair of comfy sweats. I went back into the kitchen and started to help Billy.

“How was school today?”

“It was okay.” I replied, continuing to chop vegetables for dinner.

“Did you talk to any of the leaches, I mean Cullens today?”

I thought hard quickly, I had to make up a half truth since Billy would see through any lies I told him.

“I talked to Edward,” I held up my hand to stop Billy’s interruption, “and that was because he was my lab partner.”

Billy did not look placated at all. “Fine, I guess that can’t be helped.”

I looked around. “Where’s Jake?”

“With the pack, they should be over later.” I just nodded and continued to help my father make dinner before I went to work on my homework.

I was still studying my Algebra II homework when I heard voices echo down the hallway from the living room. I slammed down my text book and sauntered down to see what was the cause of the commotion.

If I had thought our house was small before, I was wrong. The fact that their were now 6 grown men standing in the middle of the room including Billy, and a woman I didn’t recognized, made the house look infinitesimally smaller.

Jake was the first to notice me standing in the door way. He grabbed me and pulled me into the group of people introducing me to everyone.

Jake pointed out each person as he told me their names. “That’s Sam, his girlfriend Emily, Jared, Paul, Embry and Quill.”

I remember Quill because he was somehow related to us, but I could not have recognized him because everyone looked closer to 25 rather then in their teens.

I was amazed at how close everyone seemed. Everyone acted more like brothers then just friends, or rather pack members.

I realized I didn’t have enough dinner made to feed all of the people in the room. I excused my self from the conversation and hurried into the kitchen. I pulled out the extra chicken I had bought at the grocery store and began to prepare it.

“Can I help you?”

I turned and saw Emily standing by the kitchen table. She had been pretty but a bear attack last year had caused her to have horrible scars running down the length of her face, marring her beauty. I nodded,

“You want to help me make up some more dinner, I didn’t except so many people.”

Emily grabbed a knife and helped me in cutting and breading the chicken before throwing it into the pan.

It was awkward not talking. I didn’t know any one from the reservation really.

“How is your arm? Sam told me about it.”

“It’s healing, it’s nothing really.”

“No, it’s not nothing Bella. When someone you love hurts you or scars you, it’s something.”

Emily unconsciously raised her hand to touch her own scars.

“A bear didn’t give you those scars, did it?”

“No, Sam did. I don’t blame him, if it weren’t for these scars I would never as close to him as I am now.”

“I don’t blame Jake either.”

“I know you don’t. You don’t have to be angry or upset about your scars Bella, but you do have to realize that those wounds are not nothing.”

I just looked at Emily in the eye. She really was deep and understanding.

“You’re right, you sound kind of like a mother though.”

Emily snorted. “Well, I kind am the packs mother. You wouldn’t believe how much those boys eat sometimes.”

“If they are anything like Jake, then I have a feeling we are going to need to order pizzas to feed everyone.”

Emily just laughed. “I’m pretty sure you are right about the pizzas.”

By the time dinner was ready, Emily and I were already die hard friends. We were both as she put it pack sisters. Not only did our scars make us closer, but it seemed like we also shared common interests.

I really enjoyed talking with the pack, and realized that Jake seemed like he belonged with them. During Dinner, there was never a lull in the conversation. Everyone was always making jokes or ribbing someone else. To tell the truth all the pack members seemed really happy with what they were.

Jared and Paul ate the most out of everyone. I never saw any one put away four chicken pieces and salad and potatoes, and cookies and even pizza, which we ended up ordering later like Emily and I had predicted.

Sam made an announcement that next week; the pack would have a bon fire on the beach to celebrate Jake becoming a new member. Emily and I already started planning what we were going to make for it, as the boys made bets about who could collect the most fire wood.

Through the entire time I was with them, smiling and laughing, a thought was tugging at the back of my mind, each person sitting at this table, wanted Edward and his family dead for one reason or another.