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Bella Black

What if Bella was really Jake's sister? What would happen when Bella left Renee to go live with her father, Billy Black. Would Bella and Edward still have their Happily ever after? Chapter 16 is the original depressing ending Chapter 17 is the rewritten happily ever after version

This is an alternate universe of the beloved Twilight series which is not owned by me in any way :(

16. An ending

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I knelt within the confines of the ferns, waiting for the pressure to break over my head and let the tears stop streaming. I heard the whisper of the trees around me, but ignored them. I wasn’t exactly prepared to see Edward break through the trees. Seeing his face in a mask of pity and sorrow upon seeing me made me cry even harder. I wasn’t just hurting my family, I was also hurting Edward.

He knelt down next to me, wiping away my tears. It seemed like Edward was always coming to my rescue, always being the one who helped me after something went wrong.

I was brought back out of revere when I heard Edward growl. He stood up and stared at something in the woods behind me. “Black, Call, I know you are out there.” His voice was low and menacing.

Jake and Embry walked out of the bush, both were just wearing cut off jeans. There faces were impasse and stolid. Jake saw me and his eyes soften. He walked towards me and stopped for a second when Edward let out a low protective hiss. Jake just glared at him and walked over.

Jake leaned down and moved the hair away from my face.

“You know Bells; I think you should come back with me.”

“Why so Billy can just yell at me again?” My puffy red eyes stared accusingly at him.

“No, I’m not Dad’s messenger boy, I never got the pack. I just wanted to make sure my sister was okay.”

“You don’t hate me for loving Edward then?”

“I could never hate you, you’re my sister. Though I might not approve of your choice of men, heck I’d rather you were dating Jack the Ripper then a Cullen.”

I almost laughed, at the image of my dating Jack the Ripper. “Too bad I don’t go for English Accents then.”

I stood up with Jake’s help, and winced as I tried to wipe the dirt and blood off my jeans.

That’s when I noticed that Edward and Embry were growling at each other and standing in a way that I could only describe as an aggressive crouch.

I listened carefully to pick up on their conversation.

“You are on our land leech! Did you forget about the god damn treaty?”

“I didn’t forget anything, Dog.”

The familiar pop hit my ears and a huge wolf dove at Edward pushing him back into the woods. I couldn’t see them amid the branches but I could hear the clashes and growls that erupted from them.

Jake stood up and moved to go after them.

“Jake, don’t go after them.”

He looked at me, pain in his eyes. “I can’t let Embry fight along.”

I hugged him as he ran, morphing at the last second to join the fight.

The growls grow fainter as the fight moves deeper into the woods. I don’t want to hear any more of this. I cover my ears and try to block out the sounds that are around me. I hope that everyone will be fine.

I whisper one last sentence as the scent of blood and smoke drifts through to me and I fell freely backwards into the darkness of lost potential and unknown futures.

“I love you, Edward, I love you, Jake.”


There was a certain type of darkness that surrounded me for the rest of the year. Sam had found me in the woods and had tried to take me home. I refused to go back to my father and ended up staying at Emily’s house until after the funeral or rather funerals.

Jake was buried with Embry by the ocean. The entire pack came and applauded the boys for there strength. I didn’t want to here it, there was nothing wonderful about little boys dying for a myth or treaty, there wasn’t a single good reason that they should have died. Angela came and cried more than I thought was possible for her. I didn’t shed a single tear, I was done crying. My tears had caused enough trouble.

The Cullen Family had left after Edward died. They didn’t have an open funeral; they didn’t have a funeral at all. I didn’t go back to school after the accident as the paper called it, but Angela called and told me everything. All the Cullen’s had were his ashes. I never got to say good bye to them or tell them how much I had loved there son. I never really even met any of them besides Alice, though Edward was going to introduce me to them.

An accident, all the papers in Washington reported on the accident of the boys. About how these friends had been setting off fireworks in the woods, and been fooling around. There was certainly enough blood and burn marks to make the story look plausible, three accidental deaths on La Push territory, two boys from the reserve and the doctor’s son. Just an accident, I could have killed the reporters.

I learned some thing that year, sometime between living at the crisis centers for distressed teens and finally waking up to the world, something that Romeo and Juliet never had to learn. They chose love and died before they knew the consequences. I hadn’t made my chose yet, and as a result everyone but me died. My love and my family were now dead. I had lost any sort of feeling of hope after that and maybe that was what drove me to it.

Renee had taken me back in when the crisis center had deemed me to be healthily recovering from the shock of the deaths. As much as I had missed the sun, Phoenix was not what I wanted any more. The harsh light blinded me and no one there understood my pain. Renee didn’t understand the impacts on me either. She thought it was safe to leave me alone. I was always alone though.

She did find me alone, in the bathroom, a bloody knife next to the tub and a bottle of aspirin empty on the counter. I had found an escape for my pain, and I had taken it without a second thought.

I left a note for her to find, in my own messy writing.

And so with a kiss, I die……