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Bella Black

What if Bella was really Jake's sister? What would happen when Bella left Renee to go live with her father, Billy Black. Would Bella and Edward still have their Happily ever after? Chapter 16 is the original depressing ending Chapter 17 is the rewritten happily ever after version

This is an alternate universe of the beloved Twilight series which is not owned by me in any way :(

2. School

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Bella's POV

I woke up to Jake singing horribly in the bathroom. I groaned, glancing at the clock quickly. It was 6:50 in the morning.

I got up and stretched. I had no idea what to wear, since all my clothes were still packed. I opened my duffel and the first thing I grabbed was a black t-shirt and a pair of old jeans.

I got to the bathroom, just as Jake was coming out, wearing only a towel.

“Good morning, my dear sister.” Jake said, as he did a phony little bow.

I glared at him. “Oh go drown in the rain, Jake.”

He was still laughing, when I slammed the bathroom door closed.

I sat down at the table eating some store brand cereal, amazed at the amount of food Jake was putting away. After 3 or 4 bowls of cereal, Jake pushed himself away from the table and grabbed his bag.

“I’m going to be going.” He yelled from the living room.

“Hey wait for me!” I shouted after him, as I began to scramble to catch up with him.

Billy put his hand on my arm to stop me.

“You’re not going to the Quileute School with Jake.” I looked at him, surprised. Then where was I going to go for school, I puzzled. “Renee made me promise to send you to the Forks High school.”

Great, I thought. Renee’s fear of me turning into a rez girl now meant that I knew no one at my new school. Thanks for that one, Mom.

“Fine,” I said. “But how am I going to get there?”

“Charlie said he would drop by in the cruiser to drive you.”

As if on cue I heard the sound of tires on gravel outside. I hugged Billy bye, and headed for the door. My bag slung over my shoulder. When I opened the door it looked like it was going to rain. (Of Course) So I grabbed one of Jake’s sweatshirts from off the rack before hurrying to the cruiser.

Charlie was an old fishing buddy of my Dad’s. He was also Fork’s police chief. In the cruiser, there was metal mesh between the front and back seats though I doubted any serious criminals ever rode in this car. Charlie had graduated from Forks High, so he supplied most of the conversation. As he rambled on about the good old days, I attempted to imagine him as a high school student, but I couldn’t see him as anything but the balding middle age man I knew.

When the police car pulled into the school parking lot, I saw a lot of heads turn to watch the cruiser. I ducked down to ignore the stares from the students. Charlie stopped the car in front of a small grey building.

“That’s the main office.” He said, pointing at the building. “I’ll meet you here around three to drive you home.”

I thanked him and pulled on the hood before stepping out into the mist that never seemed to leave. I walked into the main office and up to the front desk. Behind it sat an older woman with fake red hair. The name plate said Mrs. Cope. She was busy typing away at the computer.

“Um, excuse me, I’m new here. I think I’m supposed to pick up my schedule here.”

The lady looked at me over the rim of her glasses.

“Aah, yes. I’ve been waiting for you to get here.” She handed me several sheets of paper. “Here is your schedule, a map of the school, main rules and regulations, and a slip which you must have all your teachers sign and returned here.”

“Thanks.” I said, searching for my schedule among the mass of paper.

I walked out of the office and back outside. It was no longer misting, it was full out raining. I sighed and looked around for building one. My first class was there. I finally found the building which had a huge number on the side, and followed a couple of students towards it. The kids hung up their coats before heading into the classroom.

Luckily the teacher was already in the room, so I didn’t need to stand awkwardly in the front. I gave him the slip.

“Isabella Black?” He asked.

“Bella.” I corrected him.

The teacher stood up and addressed the room. “Class this is our new student, Bella Black, from...” He glanced down at the sheet. “Phoenix. Why don’t you introduce yourself?”

I didn’t know what to say. “I’m Bella and I just moved back to Washington from Arizona. Can I sit down now?”

The teacher nodded, handing me back the signed sheet, and pointed me to a seat in the back of the room. I hurried to my seat, I grabbed out a notebook and half listened to the teacher prattle on about Shakespeare or something like that.

I did however; overhear myself being talked about by the two boys sitting by the window.

“Yeah, I saw her driven here in a police car.” One said.

“Probably got in trouble in the city and was sent up here or something.”

“Whoa, maybe she is like a gangster chick. I mean look at how she’s dressed and stuff.”

I looked down, I was still wearing Jake’s huge sweatshirt with some weird band logo on the front, and my ratty old jeans. I guess I did kind of look like a Hollywood hoodlum, even though I had never even gotten a detention in my life. I did mentally note to remember to take of my sweat shirt for the next class. I had only been here for less then an hour and already had a reputation.

The rest of the day followed much of the same pattern. I would be introduced, starred at, and talked about until the bell rang. Maybe I was imagining it, but I felt like the girls were scorning me and the guys were giving me these lustful looks. One boy even got up the nerve and asked me when I had lunch.

“Next period.” I answered.

He smiled. “Me, too.” I wasn’t surprised, since there were only two lunch periods. “I’ll show you were the cafeteria is.”

I tried to remember his name as we walked to lunch. He prattled constantly. My hair was getting wet, so I pulled my hood up as I followed him to another non-descript grey building. He opened the door for me and I entered into the already crowded cafeteria.

EDWARD'S point of view

We had all heard about this new girl. The mere curiosity and excitement was overwhelming Jasper. So far we were all a little bit curious about this hoodlum from the big city. Everyone’s thoughts surrounded her except for my family and the occasional person who hadn’t heard of her arrival yet. I was scanning my family’s thoughts like usual, when I saw her.

She had just entered with Mike Newton, whose thoughts were anything if vile about her body. I didn’t care to stay in his mind at all. I was wondering about her. She didn’t seem to be one of those people who loved lime light.

I focused on her but heard nothing. Frustrated, I scanned several people’s thoughts around her before I attempted to listen to her again. Nothing.

I kept concentrating until the entirety of the cafeteria seemed to be in my hand. I growled from the pain, pushing my palm into my forehead.

Rosalie looked at me like I was an idiot before starting up her conversation with Emmett again.

I decided to catch a glimpse of the girl again. When I turned again she had taken off her sweatshirt and I could now se her face. I gasped when I saw her and instantly wanted to run and grab her. Her eyes were a dark brown color that seemed to have an unusual depth. It was as if you could be swallowed into her eyes. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her.

Alice must have noticed me staring because I felt her hit my arm.

“What?” I said, tearing my eyes from the angel that had just entered the cafeteria.

“Stop Gawking.” She said. Emmett chuckled.

I peaked into his mind, Hahaha, I can’t believe prudish Eddy is checking out a girl.

“Shut up, Emmett.” I said.

Alice knew something that she didn’t want me to know because when I went to read her mind all I got was her translating her favorite songs into Egyptian hieroglyphics.

I went back to playing with the Snapple lid I had, but I couldn’t help not looking at her.

This time the girl noticed me looking, a blush ran up her cheeks and she looked away.

Just then the door swung open to the cafeteria and the breeze whipped through her hair. It carried her scent through the room. I breathed it in. The scent was like nothing I had ever smelled before. Like freesia, I wanted to taste it. Venom started to fill my mouth. A person could have been bleeding on to me, but I would have ignored it for her.

I pictured myself walking up to her, taking her warm flesh in my hand. I would lead her outside into the woods. I would kiss those luscious lips, and then her neck. I would feel her pulse grow quick before I would bite that tantalizing flesh and drink deeply that sweet elixir.

I heard Jasper calling Alice’s name. I saw the vision she was having. It was of me killing the Black girl, her terrified screams, my own eyes red, predatorily.

I blocked the image from my mind. I rose; I wanted to walk over to her. I thought of a million different lines that I could use to escort her out of the cafeteria.

Alice started shouting at me in her thoughts; trying to convince me not to kill this girl.

I didn’t listen to anything she thought. That was when she pictured Carlisle, that look of disappointment he wore whenever someone slipped up. That look could tear a hole in my lifeless heart. I could not disappoint Carlisle.

I paused. I fisted my hands. I would not be a killer.

That pause was all Emmett needed. He came up behind me and put his muscular arms around my shoulder. He led me outside where I saw everyone else waiting. As soon as we stepped out side I ran.

I ran from the cafeteria, not caring. I knew my family would follow but right now I didn’t care. I needed to get away. I rushed into my car, and hit 80mph before I even leave the parking lot. I don’t stop anywhere. I just keep driving, trying to put distance between myself and that siren of blood.

My cell phone is ringing but I don’t bother to look at it. I know it is Alice. She wants me to come home. But I can’t. I know if I do, I’d kill that girl. No matter the consequences.

The scenery blurred. I opened the windows trying to clear her luscious scent from my nostrils. I pushed down on the pedal even harder. I swerved around the other cars, recklessly driving until the green trees disappeared under frost and white icy snow.

Before I knew it, I realize I was in Denali. I pull into the driveway. My hands were gripping the steering wheel so hard that I’m afraid that I broke it. I slowly calmed myself, focusing on my breathing like Carlisle taught me. I slowly unlocked my fingers until they were out straight.

I got out of the car. I walked to the house; Tanya opened the door before I even knocked.

“Edward, I wasn’t excepting you.” She smiled seductively. “If I was, I would have dressed for the occasion.”

I rubbed the bridge of my noise. I did not want to deal with her little games right now.

“Tanya,” My voice came out rough. “I do not need this right now.”

She must have noticed my pain because she dropped the seduction act and came over, swinging her hips in a way that made most men lust after her.

“My dear, dear Edward,” She said cautiously. “What is the trouble?”

I looked at her, my eyes black. I took a deep breath and simply said. “Her.”