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Bella Black

What if Bella was really Jake's sister? What would happen when Bella left Renee to go live with her father, Billy Black. Would Bella and Edward still have their Happily ever after? Chapter 16 is the original depressing ending Chapter 17 is the rewritten happily ever after version

This is an alternate universe of the beloved Twilight series which is not owned by me in any way :(

5. He's Back

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I was amazed at how quickly my life fell into a pattern. I would hitch a ride with Charlie everyday to school. People slowly got over the rumors and accepted me. I sat at lunch with a girl named Angela. Mike and Jessica wanted me to sit with them, but I preferred the company of the reserved Angela much better. She was easier to talk to.

The best part was that my biology partner, Edward Cullen I believe his name was, continued to be absent. Thus I had the whole table to myself, and an hour of no one chattering to me.

The worst part was gym. Volleyball was not a good sport for me. The white ball became a weapon in my hand. I served the ball into the girl’s head in front of me, knocking off her glasses. I tripped trying to hit the ball and fell into one of the guys. The thing that really was the whipped cream on my day though, was having to spike the ball in a drill, and waking myself with the ball, before getting caught in the net.

Every day, I would get a ride from Angela to the reservation’s border, since she lived on a street off of there. That made my hike home a lot shorter.

When I did reach home, Jake and I would do our homework at the kitchen table while dinner cooked. I had called Rachel and Rebecca and found out some of Billy and Jake’s favorite recipes. We were now eating like kings.

The first weekend was fantastic. Billy knew that Jake and I would be needing a form of transportation that we could use. After all, Charlie wouldn’t be able to drive me to school everyday, and I did not like walking home each afternoon in the rain. It just so happened that Billy knew a man who was selling two old motorcycles that weren’t working very well. Billy had been able to get them for twenty dollars apiece, and Jake was going to fix them up for us.

I wanted mine fixed as quick as possible. I thought about how cool it would be to ride a motorcycle to school. I told Jake that if he was able to fix the motorcycles that weekend, I would do all the laundry for a month, plus do the vacuuming and dusting. He pretty much agreed to that right away. All that weekend, Jake sat covered in grease, surrounded by tools. I would talk to him over the radio as I did the laundry in the garage.

Jake always had an amazing skill when it came to cars, so it took him no time at all for them to be finished. I even helped Jake spray paint them. I decided to paint mine brown, while he painted his black with gold highlights.

That Monday, I rode to school on my brand new motorcycle. I got a lot of looks from the students checking me out as I drove in. I saw Angela on the sidewalk talking to Ben. I waved to her as I pulled into a spot.

“Hey Angela!” I said smiling.

She returned my smile and walked over checking out the motorcycle.

“It’s official,” She said. “You are taking my car home and I’m taking the bike.”

We both laughed as we headed off to class.

My day was going well. I had aced the English quiz. It just so happened that Richard the III was my favorite of Shakespeare’s historical plays. I was a non violent person but the ploys and blood seen through out the play enthralled me.

I met Angela at lunch. We spent the entire time talking about my motorcycle. She was the only person I knew, who had the same mechanical brain as Jake. Lately, I had been thinking of how great she would be to have over at the house, because she good out do Jake.

We were still talking when the bell rang and we cut across the soggy grass to Biology. Angela sat down at her table in the back and I went to go to my seat. I froze. There was someone already at my table.

I walked over to my seat and sat down. The boy was extremely pale, though I figured any one who had been out for a week because of the stomach flu, rightly deserved to look pale. His hair was a tussled disarray of bronze locks, the kind of hair most guys spend their lives trying to imitate. What confused me was the way he was sitting. He was sitting with his body taunt. His hands were in tight fists against his sides. He seemed to lean far away from me, his nose slightly wrinkled. I sniffed my hair to see if it smelled like grease still, but it smelled just like strawberries, my favorite shampoo. I figured the bio room smells were just making him feel sick.

I turned to my lab partner.

“Hi,” I said, “I’m Bella Black, your new lab partner.”

He nodded his head.

“You are Edward Cullen, right?”

He looked at me, and I was startled to see that his eyes were a golden color, a seeping liquid molten gold that just stared into my soul.

“Yes, I am.”

I lost all coherent thoughts in my head. I shook my head and looked back down at my notebook.

“Are you feeling any better?”

“Huh.” He looked at me puzzled.

“Everyone said you were out with a stomach flu.” I said explaining.

“Oh,” He said his voice bitter for some reason. “I’m feeling much better.”

Luckily, the teacher walked in so all attempts at my pathetic conversation ended. I already knew all about cell respiration so I just scribbled on my notebook. I did notice that Edward would continually stare at me. He would not sly look out of the corner of his eyes, but stare me down with a look of frustration and determination. I almost felt like I was some sort of prey sitting by him.