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Bella Black

What if Bella was really Jake's sister? What would happen when Bella left Renee to go live with her father, Billy Black. Would Bella and Edward still have their Happily ever after? Chapter 16 is the original depressing ending Chapter 17 is the rewritten happily ever after version

This is an alternate universe of the beloved Twilight series which is not owned by me in any way :(

6. Anger issues

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I could hardly concentrate during class. When the bell finally rung, Edward was out the door before I had even closed my notebook. I mentally checked him down as hot but weird.

Angela ran up to me after class.

“Did you stab Edward or something? I’ve never seen him act like that.”

“No, I guess he was still sick or something.”

“You’re probably right. Oh I almost forgot there is a dance coming up in a week and on Friday I was going to go to Port Angeles for a dress with Jessica. You want to come along?”

“I don’t know. I’m probably not going to the dance, because I can not dance.”

“Bells, I know you are clumsy beyond belief, but no one actually really dances at these things. You don’t even need to buy a dress, just come along.” She looked at me in the eye. “You aren’t going to abandon me to the clutches of Jessica are you?”

I laughed at her over dramatized expression. “Fine, count me in.” I said.

I headed off to gym; I stayed out of everyone’s way. The gym teacher gave up on telling me to participate. I think he was starting to realize that telling me to join in made him an accessory to my killing people. (Not literally)

I climbed onto my motor cycle and headed out of the parking lot. I went slowly on the slick roads of Forks, Washington. I noticed a silver Volvo in my review mirror that seemed to follow me, but I must have been crazy because they turned right before I crossed into La Push territory. I figured I must have been crazy because I almost swore that I recognized the person driving as Edward Cullen.

Jake was doing homework at the table when I entered the house. I walked over and gave him a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek.

He wiped his cheek in fake disgust. “What was that for?”

“For being the world’s best brother and fixing up my bike for me.” I said looking through the fridge. I grabbed the container of left over ground turkey. “Are you up for tacos tonight?”

“Sure.” He said not turning up from his math homework.

I started grating cheese at the counter and was shocked when Jake started cursing and threw his book across the room.

I turned around; Jake was almost shaking with rage.

“Jake.” I said, “You okay.

He exhaled slowly. The shaking started to diminish until he was sitting still again. He put his head in his hands. “I don’t know. I just got really angry for a second about having all this math homework. And I just felt like I wanted to throw something. My anger is never this bad.”

I walked over to him and put my hand on his shoulder. “It’s fine. Why don’t you go for a walk or something and cool down.”

Jake is still out when Billy gets home, I tell him about the incident and he is really worried about Jake. I try to convince him that it is probably just stress but he just shrugs off my suggestion.

Jake doesn’t come home till very late. He looks almost sick when he does finally come home. I help Billy put him to bed, before I retire too.