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Bella Black

What if Bella was really Jake's sister? What would happen when Bella left Renee to go live with her father, Billy Black. Would Bella and Edward still have their Happily ever after? Chapter 16 is the original depressing ending Chapter 17 is the rewritten happily ever after version

This is an alternate universe of the beloved Twilight series which is not owned by me in any way :(

9. living legends

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The mist was sticking to my sweat shirt as the tires squealed against the wet pavement.

I had picked up some Campbell’s soup at the grocery store, and the cans were clinking around in my back pack.

The scenery slowly changed from town into the forest that meant I was approaching La Push. I parked right next to the house, and quietly sneaked into the house, Jake was sitting on the couch. He looked fine; actually he looked older, and taller. Which was weird, yesterday he looked 17 and today he looked like he was 25.

“Hi, Jake. Are you feeling better?”

“Yeah,” he said sarcastically, turning away from the screen, his eyes were sad looking. He turned back to the screen. I dropped my bag to the floor and grabbed out the two soup cans. I had gotten chicken noodle soup. It was always Jake’s favorite.

“You must be hungry; I’ll get you some food.” Jake just nodded. He was not his usual chipper self. I was wondering just how sick he was.

While the soup was heating, I looked around for Billy. I couldn’t find him any where.

“Jake, do you know were Billy is?” I asked.

“Sam’s place.” Jake said utter disgust in his voice. I was beyond confused. When the soup was finally heated I went and put it in a big bowl before walking over to Jake. I handed him the steaming bowl. Jake crinkled his nose.

“You smell like cheap perfume, Bella.” He started shaking again. The soup was splashing out of the confines of the bowl. I put my hand on Jake’s shoulder, trying to calm him down, but he only shook harder.

Jake stood up, the bowl falling to the grow, sending smashed pieces of pottery dancing over the carpet now stained yellow from the broth.

I backed away; Jake’s usually warm eyes were turning a black color. I rushed to the phone and started dialing the number for Sam’s house which Billy had put by the phone. Jake continued to shake violently, almost breaking at the seams.

The phone rang again. No answer.

Jake was almost screaming in pain in the other room. I prayed in my head that someone would answer the phone.

I heard a loud popping noise and I turned back to the living room. Where Jake had been standing, a large red wolf was there. Tatters of jeans and t-shirts were scattered around the room.

The wolf was growling at me, baring its teeth. It looked like it was about to lunge at me.

I screamed as the wolf launched itself towards me, I ducked low as the wolf missed my torso by inches. I looked at my arm though; it was starting to be stained red.

I ran towards the door, it opened just as I was about to grab the handle. Billy was standing in the door way, with Sam behind him.

I ran out, hiding behind them. Tears were falling down my face. Sam went in first, looking rather pissed.

“Jake, I know you’re in there. I want you to phase back this instance.”

The growling stopped and then I heard Jake’s weak voice coming from the kitchen.

“I did.”

Sam walked over to the kitchen, leaving Billy and I on the porch. Billy put his hand on my back and helped me into the house. He directed me towards the couch. I sat down, ignoring the overwhelming smell of rust and salt that was caused by the long cuts on my arm.

“Sam,” Billy yelled into the kitchen. “Can you toss out the first aid kit?”

Sam walked in and handed the white box to Billy.

“I’m going to take him out.” Sam said, Billy just nodded solemnly and began looking through the box.

Billy took out the peroxide and began to dab it over the cuts. I grimaced. The pain was nothing like the shock I felt all over my body right now.

“Dad,” I asked my voice breaking, “What happened to Jake?”

“Do you remember the stories I used to tell?”

I smiled through my tears. “Of course, that was always the best part of visiting up here.”

“Do you specifically remember certain ones retaining to the spirit warriors?”

“Yeah and how our ancestors become...” It suddenly clicked, my brother was a werewolf. “But, I thought all those stories are legends, they aren’t true.”

“Everything’s true.”

I closed my eyes and let the truth wash over me. My brother was a werewolf. I could handle that, I thought, maybe. But he had attacked me, Jake had hurt me. I couldn’t believe that. There had to be a reason.

Sam walked back into the house, an emotionless mask covering his face. Billy finished tying the bandage about my arm.

“I left Jake with Paul and Jared till he calmed down.” Sam said, “He is really sorry about what he did. You have no idea how worried he is about you.”

I just nodded my head. The tears had stopped but there were tracks of them still stained to my face.

“Isabella, I’m not trying to pry, but would you mind telling us who you were with today? It might help explain why Jake phased and attacked you.”

I thought hard, “I was at school, around a lot of people, mostly Angela Webber during the day.”

“Any one else?” Sam asked.

“Uh...” I thought hard. “I hung with Edward after school.”

Billy looked startled. “Edward Cullen?” He seemed to sneer the last name.

I nodded my head. “Yeah, we hung out in the library.”

Sam’s carefully exposed mask disappeared as he began cursing.

“No wonder he attacked her, she smells like *&^$#@*# leeches.”

I just kept staring at Sam. What was he talking about, I turned to Billy, my mouth open to ask a question but none came.

“I don’t want you to see that boy or any of his family again.”

“I…I don’t understand.”

“They are cold ones, leaches, blood suckers.” He urged me to understand. “They are our enemies; they are the reason that Jake was transformed into a werewolf.”

“But they don’t have red eyes. Edward had golden colored ones.”

“They say they are different because they drink from animals, but they still are killers and I will not let you near them. Do you understand?” Billy’s voice was obviously livid.

I couldn’t understand this, I need to get away from this house.

“I need some time to think.” I said, and I numbly walked outside to my bike.

I climbed on, wincing from the pain in my arm. I need to get away. I could hardly concentrate on my driving. The tires kicked over the gravel until I was on the main rode in La Push. I ditched my bike at the edge of the woods.

I struggled through the underbrush until I came upon it. The clearing I had found one summer when I was playing hide and go seek with Rachel and Rebecca.

I collapsed into the center of it, and let my mind wander over how my life had changed in the last few hours. I didn’t even hear him walk up to me, until he said hello. His voice was impossible to not recognize.


I was sitting on my couch, Debussy blasting from my speakers. I was trying to block out all the thoughts of those around me so that I could concentrate on the problem at hand.

I knew some things were true, so I focused on that. First of all, I realized that I was in love with Bella Black. Second of all, she was a Quileute and either she was around someone or several someone’s who were werewolves.

I rubbed the bridge of my noise. Nothing was easy in my life. Alice danced back into my room.

“Edward.” I looked up at her and was instantly surrounded by the vision she saw.

Bella was in the middle of some clearing, her eyes were red, and a large bandage was wrapped around her entire left arm. I could see the pain in her face.

I got up and nodded to Alice.

“Tell Esme I went out.”

Alice looked at me with sympathetic eyes.

“Don’t worry, I’ll cover for you.”

I quickly left the house, and took off running.