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What if Edward wasn't there to save Bella in chapter 3: Phenomenon. What would happen??( Fenonmeno means phenomenon in Italian).

I am looking for a beta-reader, if anyone would like to be on, please contact me.

2. Amore

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Bella's POV

"What happened Carlisle?" Edward demanded.

"She was in a car accident and I wasn't able to save her, Alice told me about her visions about Bella and I changed her." Carlisle answered.

"Bella Swan?" Emmett choked out.

"Yes." I answered.

"So you're the one..." Emmett stopped talking when he saw Edward's expression.

Alice was looking pointedly at Edward, telling him something.

"So, do you have a power?" Jasper said.

"Yeah, telekinesis." I responded.

"I wonder why." Carlisle said.

"It might be caused by the fact that I couldn't nor can I now read her mind."

"Really? You can't read her mind?" Carlisle was shocked.

"Yes, I can't. I noticed that on her first day of high school."

Esme was relaxing; she had been worrying about Edward's reaction. He seemed to be taking it better than expected.

"Why were you acting so strange on my first day there? In biology?" I demanded of Edward.

"Your blood." Edward answered.

"So? You were around other humans and didn't react like that."

"I don't know why, but your blood was the sweetest I have ever smelled."

Emmett looked questioningly at Edward.

"Yes, like that." Edward answered him.

"It is called 'La tua cantante' or singing blood." Carlisle said.

"It called to me and I almost gave in, but I became angry at you because of your blood." Edward said.

"Well, that explains it." I said.

"What are you going to do? Go off on your own?" Edward questioned me.

"We've already asked if she would like to be part of the family." Esme told Edward.

"I have already said yes, I wouldn't know what to do otherwise."

Alice motioned to Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie to come with her, to leave the rest of us alone.

I was feeling this strange electricity in the air when Edward went to sit down on a chair. He seemed to feel the same electricity.

"Does anyone else feel like there is a lot of static in the air?" I asked.

"No." Esme and Carlisle answered at the same time.

"I do." Edward said.

"I wonder what it is." I pondered.

Carlisle answered, "I believe I know what it is. I felt it when I was around Esme when she was first changed. Alice is right."

I stifled a gasp, I understood what he said, as did Edward, as soon as he read Carlisle's mind.

"I know she saw Bella becoming a vampire, but that? She didn't let me know that."

"Are you talking about the electricity between soul mates? You felt that too?" Esme asked.

"Yes, that's what we are talking about, and yes, I felt that." Carlisle said.

"That explains that electric shock you accidentally gave me in biology a few days ago."

"Yes, I wondered about that at the time." Edward said.

"We'll leave you two alone to discuss Alice's vision." Esme called as she and Carlisle left.

Edward was looking at me with curious eyes.


"I was wondering if you could show me an example of your power."

"Sure." I said as I willed the chair he sat in to levitate. After a few seconds I put it down.


"Thanks. Can I ask you a question?"

"Go ahead."

"How does the mind-reading work?"

"It's like being in hall filled with people, I try to tune it out most of the time. It's easier to respond to someone's words, to seem normal."

"I wonder why you can't hear me."

"I have a theory. I think it's like I'm only getting FM and your mind is on AM."


"Don't worry, it's just a theory."

* * *

After a while Edward and I were asking questions about each other and vampires. He told me about Carlisle's history, the Volturi, and himself. He asked about me, and what I thought of being about being a vampire. I had found out that since I had hated the smell of blood as a human, I probably didn't like it as a vampire. After a while, I discovered that I was falling for him, just as Alice had seen. He seemed to be too, but, I couldn't be sure, I couldn't read minds.

"Why are you so interested in me?" I asked him.

"I thought you were interesting on the day that I introduced myself to you." I blushed. He froze.

"How can you do that?" Edward asked.

"I don't know. I blushed easily when I was human. I guess it just carried over." I answered.

By now, I was definitely in love with him. I bet Jasper could feel that.

Edward was smirking at me. "What?"

"Jasper just told me how you are feeling. Actually Alice told him to check and to tell me."

I blushed. "Well, now you know how I feel, what about you?"

"I feel the exact same." He smiled crookedly at me.