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The Way Alice Saw It

What happens when Alice is the first to notice Bella.


1. Chapter 1-The Vision

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The Way Alice Saw It

Chapter One

The Vision

Bella. He would repeat the name again, this time in a more forceful tone. “Bella”, he would say, “Who is she”? Damn it! I thought. As soon as he heard the hesitant lilt in my voice he would know. Damn these visions! Damn the fact that I could envisage things that may or may not ever happen. How was I supposed to know if this Bella girl would ever even show up? What if it just hurt Edward? What if … but no, I couldn’t think of it. Are these visions really even necessary to anyone? Yes, yes they are said the tiny voice in my head. But truly, if they had to happen, couldn’t they at least be idyllic? I supposed that was something out of my power. But hurting him like this, hurting him until… I couldn’t even think it. I had to stop. The rest of them would be here soon. Both of them would know, Edward, my mind reading brother, and Jasper, my calming mate. Edward needed a mate, he shouldn’t have to decompose without ever knowing love, but should it really happen like this? And Carlisle, how much it would hurt him to think that Edward needed so much pain before he would change her, make her one of us. Maybe he could do it…no. Once Edward knew, he would never allow it. But maybe --

“Alice! Are you still here darling?”

“Of course she’s still here, Jasper, can’t you feel your ‘darling’ from the driveway? Her thoughts are so loud, I imagined her feelings would emanate that way, too.” After that I heard him snickering.

“Edward! Stop hurting Jasper!,” I shouted, racing toward the door. They both burst into laughter as soon as I got there. Surprise was not an emotion I was used to feeling, and when it came unexpectedly, I was so shocked I couldn’t do anything but stare. The paucity which they came back in, even though they left in large numbers was numbing. Something must have gone wrong. The hurt and shock was almost tangible in the air. Soon they realized that I wasn’t doing anything, and worry and concern shown over their faces. My need for help at that moment superseded their facetious play.

“Alice, are you alright”? I think it was Edward who asked me that.

“Edward, get Carlisle. She’s fading fast.” My Jasper. I knew. But why did we need Carlisle? If something had gone wrong on the hunting trip, shouldn’t Carlisle be there? Unless I had a fallacious vision. Normally that would be my first option. But not today. Today there was something else, something, not right. I still didn’t understand why we needed Carlisle. Not when we had Jasper and Edward with us. Suddenly I realized someone else was there. Someone new, not me, or Jasper, or Edward, or Rose, or Emmett, or Esme or Carlisle. Someone with a different scent.

“She’s here!”, I sat up with alarm, seeing as how I didn’t expect this new girl, this Bella to appear for months or years, or at least a few hours. I could feel them looking at me strange. They were all used to my badly timed outbursts, but normally they knew the visions behind them.

“Bella? ” It was definitely Edward who said that.

“She’s no one,” I lied quickly, fooling no one, including myself. After that it happened exactly as I had seen it.

“Bella? Who is she? Alice, come on, I need to know, and I know that you know something.” Complacency was the last feeling Edward would have wished on himself, but still, I had Jasper make him feel better. Something was about to change in the weather pattern, and he couldn’t go to school like this. He couldn’t stay home, either.

“Jasper! What are you doing? I –oh. Alice, don’t make him choose. Please.”I could tell he was going to say more, but then it started to rain. This changed our plans for the day. At least, it changed mine.

“ Well Edward, I guess we’re going to school. Better get the car running.”

He growled quite softly, but loud enough for me to hear as he passed the door.

“We will discuss this later,” he said. Damn it again! When Edward makes up his mind about something, nothing stops it. I guess we were going to discuss it later.