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Two Words

A poem that came to me out of nowhere to be honest!!! Never had so much inspiration before, hope you guys like it!! :) Bella's point of view of Edward. PS: low teen rating!


1. Two Words

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 151   Review this Chapter

The image of perfection

Skin white as snow

Lips as gentle and as cold as a light breeze

His smell...how wonderful?

Bronze hair in his eyes

The topaz jewels that are the windows to his soul

To a soul that he doubts

Although he doesn't see heaven in his future

He's my heaven on earth

My angel

Although he has no need to breathe

I take his breath away... so he says

As he takes mine with one glimpse

Of that crooked smile

He swept me off my feet with his grace

And his vintage romance

When our lips meet

Although they are cold

They give me warmth

And his touch on my cheek

Makes me blush

A life without him

Is unimaginable

An eternity under his charm

Is my biggest desire

Only too words in the world

Can describe this type of beauty