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Fire and Ice: A Breaking Dawn Story

"I cannot live without my life! I cannot live without my soul!" -Heathcliff, Wuthering Heights. Bella and Edward are destined for each other, and what extremes will they go to to spend the rest of their lives together? Post-eclipse

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1. Chapter 1

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Fire and Ice : A Breaking Dawn Story

“I cannot live without my life! I cannot life without my soul!”
-Heathcliff, Wuthering Heights

I woke up in my favorite place: Edward’s cold, stone-hard arms. I wasn’t sure what had awoken me, but I was pretty sure that Charlie had already gone to work. I was surprised that I had awoken in my bed, in Charlie’s house. The way he had acted last night when we told him everything, I was never going to see him again…

I’ve never seen , nor heard, Charlie get so mad. When Edward and I walked into the house, we found him in the living room watching the game. I sat down beside him on the couch, putting my right hand over my left to cover the ring. But it was too late- a flash of light reflected off it, and Charlie had seen it.

“NO! Absolutely not! Bella, there is no way you are going to marry this poor excuse of a boy! I forbid it!” He yelled. His face turned a scary purplish color, his eyes popping. This was the maddest I’d ever seen him get, that including our fight about my little episode of cliff diving and my unexplained three day absence.

“Dad- I love Edward! We are meant for each other! There is nothing wrong with my marriage to him!” I shouted right back. I couldn’t help it- my teenage hormones were screaming to rebel against my dad.

“Bella! I thought your mother loved me! and now look where I am- single and living in the house where your mother and I lived 18 years ago before she left me. Now she’s happily married and I’m still here, pining away after her! I never moved on! Is this how you want to be in fifteen, twenty years?” He asked. That was actually pretty deep for him.

“Charlie, is this about you wanting the best for me? Or is this about your prejudice against Edward? Or, to you, are they the same thing?” He hated Edward for no reason.

“Of course I want the best for you! I trust you to make some decisions for yourself, but this is one I don’t think I can trust you with! Look what Edward did to you! After he left, you didn’t talk, read, listen to music, watch television, anything for weeks! It was weeks before you even started to look like yourself again! And now you expect me to welcome him back into my life with open arms, after he ruined your life? No, I can’t do that!” He spoke as if Edward wasn’t even there.

I glanced over at Edward. His eyes were wide, and if it was possible, his face was even paler than before. Evidently there was no trace of Charlie giving in anytime soon. This was going to be a long, painful fight.

I spoke calmly. “Charlie, I’m going to marry Edward. The date is tentatively set for sometime around August thirteenth. You can walk be down the aisle- as a matter of fact, I’d be ecstatic if you would. But if you won’t, I’m sure Phil would be more than happy to. Please, Dad, think about this overnight. Edward is the one for me, he never would mean to hurt me. I will spend the rest of my life with him one way or another. Now, I am going to bed. If you like, I can pack my things and move out if you don’t want me here.”

Charlie’s face was so red, I swear you could fry an egg on it. Anyway, he shook his head, and fell back into the couch. I saw Edward to the door. I heard him whisper that he’d be in my room. I robotically nodded.

I made my way slowly and heavily up the stairs. I opened the door, and flung myself on the bed, not bothering to change into pajamas. The tears were flowing heavily now. I hated myself for fighting with Charlie, but, sometimes it was the only way forward. Our permanent separation hovered on the horizon, so close, only making this fight worse. I drifted off to sleep in Edward’s cold arms, his velvety voice humming my lullaby in my ears.