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Long Awaited Fate [Edward&Bella]


It's my version of 'Breaking Dawn' - Stephenie Meyer.
It has things I expect, etc...

Bella&her powers
Jake and his new love
and more!

FINALLY! Chapter o9 [I Walk The Line] is in VALIDATION!!

Note* - I'm SO sorry I haven't replied to reviews yet. I've been really busy, and haven't had time to reply, but I've read each and every one and they all touched me. Thank you guys SO much!

Oh, and THANK YOU to all the people who have already reviewed. They all made me smile and it really makes me happy you reviewed.
{round of applause for amazing reviewers}

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10. I Walk The Line [Chapter o9]

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“Bella…” Edward’s voice wavered, and I couldn’t look into his eyes any longer; all they held was anger and confusion. Of course Edward wouldn’t understand – this was for me, not him. “Bella…” He repeated my name again, and I noted the anger seeping from his lips. “Be reasonable.”

I lifted my chin, confident I could hold my own in this argument. Of course, I was half way chickening out, because I couldn’t look him in the eyes yet. “I am. I’m at fault for this, Edward. And if everyone goes…” I trailed off. I knew exactly what would happen if everyone went: anger, pandemonium, and possibly death. The thought of hurting my new family shook me to my very core.

“We wouldn’t get hurt Bella,” Edward pushed, insisting by his very tone that I give up any ideas of going on.

“But what if you did!?” I felt the fear in my voice, but tried to use it to an advantage. “What if, by chance, someone got hurt? It’d be my fault Edward, and no one else’s. You talk about how you want to keep me safe; has it ever occurred to you that I want to keep you just as safe?”

Edward was at a loss for words. He just stared at me, eyes wide. I swallowed, trying to keep my composure about me. “Jacob wouldn’t hurt me Edward…”

“Oh really? Were you reading his mind when I got him away when we were hunting?”

I paused, wondering what he was getting at. “No…”

“Exactly, Bella. He was ready to attack without another thought.”

Silence - I didn’t speak, and Edward didn’t speak. I mulled over the idea of Jacob attacking me… I cleared my throat, trying not to let pain color my voice. “Well, if it comes down to it, I could hold my own. You know I could.” It hurt me to even think about having to fight Jacob… I knew that deep down, I would let him attack. But I didn’t need to let Edward know that.

Edward sighed, pulling me close and kissing the top of my head. “Bella love, I have been through so much to get you here… I had to hide you from death, pain, and even other males… If I were to lose you now, after all of this…”

I looked up at him and placed a finger on his lips. “You won’t, Edward. You won’t …”


I stood on the line. My arms were crossed, and my hair was loose, blowing in the wind. I knew they would approach before too long; my scent would reach their noses soon. My eyes scanned the line of the woods carefully. No one yet. I sighed and then sat down, crossing my legs. I closed my eyes, and listened. I could hear every footstep of the deer, the whispered songs of the birds, the squirrels climbing the trees and digging their claws into the rough bark, the grass rubbing and dancing around each other, the foot steps of a boy.

A boy? No, a man. My eyes shot open and I stood up just in time to see Jacob run into place. My eyes scanned the horizon, but saw no one else.

“We know your scent. They told me to come.” Jacob’s cool voice was hard, and definitely unfriendly.

“Oh.” I tried to straighten up and not seem caught off guard. If Edward knew, he’d be angry…

“Why are you here, Bella?” His voice was still hard, but curiosity burned in his words.

“I… I don’t know.” The words came out before I could stop them. “You know that by being here alone, you’re risking your life? I could kill you.” My voice was sad, and confused.

Jacob’s voice was smug. “Too late for that, Bells.”

I glared at him, and then sighed. “I’m… I’m sorry. So sorry. I shouldn’t of – “

“It was nothing.”

I stopped breathing for a moment. “You… what?”

Jacob paused, and then sighed. “It’s not your fault. He should’ve trained you better -”

“HE trained me just fine thank you! I came here to apologize and discuss this treaty, not have you talk about my husband, Jacob.” Jake winced at the word husband. I was still on my anger rampage, and I couldn’t stop. “What? Forget that I chose him over you?”

Jacob stared at me, and then leaned against a tree, his whole form shaking. Oh great, I’d done it now. I winced. “Jake, I…”

As I got closer, I scowled. He wasn’t changing, he was laughing. “Bella, you fiend; I thought you came to apologize, not torment me.” His voice was condescending and teasing, which surprised me.

“What happened to the anger you showed me the other day?”

Jacob stopped laughing then. “I…”

My curiosity burned within, and I felt my mind reaching out to touch his. Try as I might, I couldn’t stop. Jacob’s voice filled my head.

“What happened Bella? You happened. Your voice still haunted me, your body, though enhanced, was still so… the same. You flitted in and out of my thoughts, and wouldn’t leave me alone. I knew I had to stop this, I knew I had to speak to you again. There’s still got to be some hope for us, Bella. Whether its friendship or more – I won’t let you leave again, Bella Swan… Bella Cullen… Bella. I won’t let you take off again; my heart just won’t allow it… Bella Black. You could’ve been Bella Black.” Images of La Push beach filled my mind, and I saw Jacob in a dark suit, his long hair pulled back into a pony tail. The whole pack was there, along with Billy. Silence was dominant, except for the sound of the crashing waves upon the sand. Suddenly, Charlie appeared, arm hooked with my own. My old form was back, no traces of any vampire looks. My eyelashes were long and slicked with black grease. My hair was wavy and loose, blowing in the wind. I had a natural golden glow to my skin, and Jake was positively beaming with joy. Charlie let go and Emily walked the rest of the way with me. She squeezed my hand gently, and the term ‘wolf girls’ ran through Jacob’s mind. I hadn’t noticed, but the dress I wore was pale blue, loose and empire waste. I joined with Jacob, and we were wed. The scene switched. I looked slightly older, but not completely. I was in Jacob’s rabbit, chugging quickly down the road. His hands were shaking and sweaty, stuck to the steering wheel. He kept sending nervous glances at me. I sat in the passenger seat, breathing in and out quickly. My hand was rested on my swollen stomach. The car slowed to a stop as I screamed out. No time for a hospital; Emily and Leah’s training as midwives would have to work. Being in Jake’s mind was confusing. I was suddenly lying on a bed, breathing, and tears on my face. “Let me see him,” I begged. Apparently Jacob wanted to skip the unpleasant parts, because now Emily walked towards me, cradling a small newborn in her arms. She lifted the child down to me and I gasped, holding him close. “Ashton Billy Black,” I cooed, gently touching the baby boy’s face. Jacob wrapped an arm around me and we sat their, our little family in together. The scene switched. I stood in a wooden doorway, Jake’s arm around me. A young, handsome boy resembling Jacob stood in front of us. “You know? About… us? What I am?” Ashton spoke uncertainly. Jacob nodded, and then said, “Of course I know! Who do you think you got it from?”

I gasped, blinking. I had unknowingly driven into the mind and dreams of Jacob Black. My dead heart ached within my chest, and I reached for it. His thoughts were so vivid; I could still see all of it. The family, the love… It hurt. My eyes wandered up and met Jacob’s. He hadn’t noticed. He smiled weakly. “You know?”

Did I know? Know what? His dreams, his hopes, his thoughts… Or had I missed something he had said while I drove through his personal thoughts?

He sighed. “I know it may not make sense, but it’s the best I can come up with. I never wanted us to end like that, at your wedding Bella.”

Oh, I had missed something. I nodded, unsure of what to say. “Yeah Jake, I know… Is it possible… for us?”

A glint of hope glimmered in his eyes, and I had to look away. I felt so awful, so guilty. I looked back up, and this time he understood I meant friendship. “I… I don’t know. I want there to be… It’ll be hard though.” After he spoke, he looked deeper into my eyes, searching for something.

I nodded at his words. “But it seems everything’s hard for us. I think… I think it’d be wrong if it wasn’t hard, if there was nothing to fight for.” I smiled as brightly as I could. “I know your pack won’t want me around you, and I can’t entirely blame them. But Jake, I’m willing to fight all of them with my hands tied behind my back. You and I, we have an eternity to get use to the smell. I’m not letting go of this friendship, Jake.” I knew that half of what I was saying would be nearly impossible to do, but I didn’t care. I cared for Jake just as fiercely as I cared for the Cullens.

Jake looked troubled for a moment, and then a smile slid onto his lips. My dead heart leapt; it was my smile, the human Jacob smile. “Bella…”

He walked towards me, arms out. The smell of him, as he got closer, intensified, burning my nose. It was like wet dog times a million. I did my best not to breathe again. He obviously was struggling because of the smell as well. But finally, I felt his arms wrap around me, and I felt complete again – whole. My two favorite worlds had finally clicked again. I had Jake as a friend, and Edward as my love. Maybe I could even get the pack to loosen up, along with my family…

We pulled away, both a little nauseated but buoyant. I giggled, and he laughed a deep throaty growl. I looked him in the eyes. “I’ve got to go.”

He nodded. “Me too. I’ll… I’ll talk with them. We’ll send a messenger. We’ll help keep you safe.”

I smiled. “I don’t want help… just your smile Jacob.”


“So, they’ll help? And you aren’t hurt?” Edward’s voice was tense as he wrapped his arms around me. My wet hair dripped onto his shoulder.

When I got home, I had been sure to take a thorough shower to avoid causing anyone discomforts at the smell of Jacob. I nodded as I rested my head on his shoulder. “I’m fine. And Jake sounded like he was sure he could get them to agree.”

I brushed my cheek against his soft skin, and then pressed my lips against his shoulder. He ran his fingers through my hair, and then picked me up and laid my flat on the bed. He laid himself gently on top of me, and I smiled, looking up at him. He swooped down and kissed me deeply on the lips. His lips danced with my own, and I forced his body closer to mine.

My fingers danced down his chest as we kissed more passionately. His hands automatically locked down on my lower back, holding me carefully. Glad for his lack of shirt, I was quick to mimic him as I lost own shirt. He smiled devilishly as he looked down at me.

“Took you long enough,” he snickered, diving down to kiss me again.


I lay in the sheets with Edward, his arms wrapped securely around me. I sighed softly, and Edward looked down at me curiously. I giggled softly. “I feel bad for everyone else in the house.”

He snickered, and then suddenly burst out laughing. I raised a brow. “Just Emmett; I read his thoughts. They were something along the lines of ‘I feel bad for me too’.”

I laughed now too. “Aw, Emmett’s just jealous.” I kissed Edward once on the lips before sitting up and wrapping the blankets around me. I stood up, tugging them off of Edward. Before Edward could say anything, I hurried downstairs.

Emmett sat on the couch, glaring at me. “Oh GOD, EW BELLA!”

I giggled. “Oh hush. I just came to remind you to go check the line and see if Jake’s ‘messenger’ has arrived.”

Carlisle stepped into the room and smiled at me, obviously ignoring the fact that I was in a blanket and nude. “Actually Bella, they’re all there. And another meeting is needed.”

“Well, let’s go!” I said, hurrying towards the door.

Edward’s ghostly chuckle wafted from behind me as his arms wrapped around my waist. “Bella darling, I think maybe you should get dressed first.”


All of us stood at the line, staring at one another. My eyes met with Jake’s, and I smiled. He smiled back. Sam stepped forwards, along with Carlisle.

“Carlisle.” Sam spoke, and the familiar calmness wafted through me. I turned and met Jasper’s eyes. He smiled widely at me, and I nodded.

I reached out and tasted the air for the emotion. There was unease from the younger wolves, which weren’t use to the smell of us. And then there was calm, from most of the early pack… and then a blindingly happy taste. It bubbled up inside of me, and I knew it was coming from Jake. I carefully crafted calm and peaceful thoughts in my head before unleashing them in the atmosphere to mix with Jasper’s.

“Sam. I’m glad we could all meet here in peace.” Carlisle spoke slowly as he smiled at Sam. “I’m assuming you’re either here to start a war or agree to help us protect Bella.”

Sam nodded. “It’s the second. We’ve decided to overcome our nature and help you. You’ve never meant us any harm, so we’ll help you for now.”

Carlisle nodded. “Good, that’s good. I’ve spent a while thinking this over, and I think it’s best if we start training one another.”

Sam raised an eyebrow, confused. “We know how to fight vampires Carlisle; it’s what we’re made for.”

Within a blink of an eye, Carlisle had pounced and wrapped his arms around a young wolf, who now looked terrified. I felt pity for him, but slowly his fear melted away to the calm peace. Jasper was obviously working hard.

Sam looked fine, but I knew beneath the surface he was bubbling with anger.

“See? If you let us, we can train you; help you teach the young ones. It could prove helpful in many situations.” Carlisle smiled and let go of the young boy before darting back across to his former spot.

Sam turned and looked at the boys and girl; there tons there, and I was sure there were tons more. He turned back to Carlisle, and then nodded. “Agreed; you can help teach, but we all come in groups.”

Carlisle nodded. “I wouldn’t expect any less.”

I met eyes with Jacob, who flashed a quick thumbs up. I smiled brightly and looked over at Edward, who was [by the look on his face] searching the minds of all the wolves.

“Then why not start now?”

Everyone looked at Sam, who was now grinning. “If Bella’s in danger and we’re so poorly educated in the fighting department, let’s go ahead and start.”

I started walking forwards, to go find a wolf and help him learn, but I felt a cool hand touch my arm. I turned to see Alice, looking grave. “Alice?” I asked.

She bit her lip. “Bella, I need to talk to you. Now.”