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Long Awaited Fate [Edward&Bella]


It's my version of 'Breaking Dawn' - Stephenie Meyer.
It has things I expect, etc...

Bella&her powers
Jake and his new love
and more!

FINALLY! Chapter o9 [I Walk The Line] is in VALIDATION!!

Note* - I'm SO sorry I haven't replied to reviews yet. I've been really busy, and haven't had time to reply, but I've read each and every one and they all touched me. Thank you guys SO much!

Oh, and THANK YOU to all the people who have already reviewed. They all made me smile and it really makes me happy you reviewed.
{round of applause for amazing reviewers}

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3. When A Man Loves A Woman [Chapter o3]

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“ALICE!?” I repeated; staring at her, fear in my voice. Was she seeing something!?

Alice growled. “OH MY GOD, BELLA! The extra firm super hold hairspray isn’t HERE!”

Relief washed through me at first… then anger. She had screamed like that over hairspray!? She had me completely and utterly worried. Over hairspray, of all things…

“Sit,” Alice commanded, patting the toilet seat.

I sat down, dreading the next few hours. I knew I would be tortured; my hair being pulling everywhere, then makeup. I shuddered involuntarily, and Alice pressed my shoulders down firmly, holding me still.

“Just sit still, and don’t move…” She paused, as if thinking over another aspect. “Or scream. You’ll break my concentration.”

That terrified me. Why would I scream? Would there be need to scream? How much pain did she plan on putting me through? These questions, of course, wouldn’t be answered, even if I did ask, so I tried to sit there patiently. My eyes opened widely when she pulled out three curling irons, all of medium size. She opened her mouth, presumably to call for Esme and Rosalie.

“Please Alice,” I interrupted, now fearful for my life. “Please just put it up in a ponytail and flip out the ends.”

Alice stared at my like I was completely and utterly nuts. “PONYTAIL!?” she spat, looking incredibly irritated. “Flipping out the ends…”She raised her hand, and I thought for a moment she planned on slapping me. Then she pulled it down.

“No Bella, just trust me… Esme! Rosalie! I need you!”

I grimaced as they both appeared. They looked incredible. Esme wore a simple pink dress, with white heels. Her caramel hair was wavy, and she looked amazing. Rosalie wore a violet bride’s maid dress. Her blonde hair was straightened, and it nearly brushed her waist. They both eagerly took curling irons, and then all three got to work.

I sat there for what felt like hours, listening to them all bickering over my hair. They finally decided it was to be long and in curls, but my bangs were to be pinned up. They all took sections of my hair, and carefully began. I’m not sure how long I was sitting there… Let’s just say when they finished, I was sure my butt would have bruises.

Without any hesitation, they attacked my face with mascara. Finally, they all pulled away, and studied me. I felt like a test subject under scrutiny.

“Well?” I asked, afraid I wasn’t meeting their expectations. I knew deep down that all three of them would look better than me.

Alice finally smiled, then nodded. “Perfect. Edward will just die.”

Rosalie and Esme nodded in agreement.

Next, I was put into my wedding dress. After fixing things here and there, I was finally done. Well, I still had to put on my shoes, but other than that…

I stood with my back to the mirror. I was afraid to look. I didn’t want to look and see me… looking as plain as usual. I inhaled deeply, and prepared myself for the worst. I turned slowly, and let my jaw drop as I saw my reflection.

I… didn’t look like me. I actually looked… beautiful. My hair fell like waterfalls to my mid back. Had it always been that long? My eyes had a pretty pink, glimmery shadow. My mascara was completely clump free, and my eyeliner was anything but smudged. My lips were a soft, petal pink. Was this was makeup did to you? Maybe I’d have to reconsider wearing it…

Alice smiled behind me. “I knew you’d like it. It’s exactly like you wanted.”

I smiled. “Thank you Alice… so much.” I reached out to hug her, but she jumped back.

“No hugging anyone yet, Bella. It’ll ruin you.”

I laughed a bit, but nodded. I slipped into my death traps [AKA my high heels] and climbed into Alice’s yellow car. She rubbed the steering wheel fondly, and then raced to the wedding.

Alice had planned it at a big, white church. I though it was a bit peculiar a vampire would wed in a church, but I guess she knew better than me. Most likely, she was doing it for Edward. He was too selfless to admit it, but I knew he loved all the lavish ideas.

I climbed out of the car, and stepped onto the sidewalk. The wind blew gently, but it was surprisingly warm outside. Esme, Rosalie, and Alice rushed me inside, to a private room. Angela and Jessica were already there.

My bridesmaids were Jessica, Angela, Rosalie, and Alice was my maid of honor. I smiled and greeted both of them, tuning them out while they chirped happily about how beautiful I looked. There was a knock on the door, and I turned my head. Foolishly, I though it would be Edward. But it was Charlie.

Alice coughed slightly and everyone left the room. Charlie entered slowly and shut the door. His eyes avoided mine at first…

“Wow. Bells… you look… beautiful.” I felt the warmth rise onto my cheeks, and I fought hard to keep it off. I had enough color on them already, thanks to Rosalie.

“Thanks, Dad.”

He seemed like he was extremely awkward, but joy emanated from him. He was absolutely beaming. “You look like a woman. I mean, you are a woman, but I still think of you as my little girl…” He paused. “I want you to know how proud I am of you, for making such an adult decision. I trust you with this…”

I nodded. “Its okay dad, you don’t have to say anything.” I felt tears forming in my eyes, and I fought them back.

Charlie rushed over, and though I promised Alice I wouldn’t, I hugged him tightly. I knew he was terrified that he was losing his little girl. But he’d lost her a long time ago…

He coughed, and we heard wedding music. He smiled. “Shall we?” He held out his arm, and I hooked my arm into his. We walked out the doors, and then down into the hallway. Everyone stood, and all eyes were on us. I felt my heart pounding extremely fast, and I thought I was going to faint. So many pairs of eyes were on me, scrutinizing everything about me. I forced myself to keep my chin up, and t hen my eyes finally met his.

Edward’s. He was glowing, and a smile slipped onto his face when our eyes met. He always looking good, but now he looked stunning. He was wearing the normal black tuxedo, and his hair was free, and ungroomed. The way I loved it. I met the eyes of Renee, and noticed she was already crying. I smiled weakly at her, wishing she wouldn’t. She would just make it all the more easy for me to cry.

After what felt like a life time, we stood before the priest. Charlie whispered his parting words, then went and took his seat. Edward wrapped an arm around me and carefully guided me up the steps. I was glad, because I didn’t think I could trust my own legs at the moment. They felt like jello.

It flew by in what felt like a matter of seconds. Suddenly I was repeating after the priest, and Edward and I were deeply kissing. Everyone began clapping, and I could distinctly hear Emmet yelling his approval. I laughed, and rested my forehead on his.

“How does it feel to be Mrs. Edward Cullen?” He beamed at me, and I knew how happy he was. In fact, I was surprised by how happy I was.

“It feels… right.” I smiled, and stood on my tip toes to land another kiss on his lips. I pulled away, and then turned around to see so many smiling faces looking back at me. But one shocked me the most. There, sitting near the back, was Jacob Black.

I nearly gasped out loud. Edward looked at me thoughtfully, and then nodded. “Go to him. I know this is your last chance…”

I held up my dress skirts and made my way to him. He smiled shyly at me. “Congratulations.”

“Thanks. What… I didn’t think you’d come.” I knew automatically it was Edward. He was always so selfless…

“Yeah. I wanted to see you one last time… Before…”

We both knew what he wasn’t saying was about my transformation. Soon, in a matter of days, I’d be a vampire.

“You look so beautiful, Bells…” He stared at me thoughtfully, and I felt the heat blazing in my cheeks.

“Thanks. I’m nothing special though…”

“You truly are. Edward’s a lucky… man.”

I laughed slightly, biting down on my bottom lip.

“Bella!” Renee was calling my name.

Jacob sighed. “I guess this is goodbye.”

I felt tears rising to the surface. “No.” I fought out. “It doesn’t have to be.”

“But it does Bella. I’m sorry… I’ll really miss you.” And then he was gone. He left through the back door, leaving me empty again.

I didn’t have any time to feel sad though, because Renee was now by my side. “Oh my GOSH!” She hadn’t been too enthusiastic when I first told her about my engagement to Edward… But now she seemed too happy.

I laughed, and felt a tear trickle down my cheek. I was glad that it seemed like a tear of joy, or else I’d feel so guilty for crying about something other than my new marriage.

I stood and talked with Renee and Phil, and then rotated around all the guests before leaving to go change. Next was the reception.

My reception dress was a dark blue, knee brushing halter dress. I had to admit… It fit my curves [the ones I didn’t even know I had] very nicely. I slipped on a pair of black ballet flats, and drove to the reception. Alice knew Edward loved the color against my skin, and he would be happy to see me wear it.

Everyone met up, and for awhile I was still rotating groups, laughing and talking about my plans for college. I claimed I was going to Alaska. Of course, I wasn’t really going to college. I’d be changing into a vampire soon…

I danced with Edward, and even Alice. Charlie… but then the night was over, and my real festivities were about to begin.