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Long Awaited Fate [Edward&Bella]


It's my version of 'Breaking Dawn' - Stephenie Meyer.
It has things I expect, etc...

Bella&her powers
Jake and his new love
and more!

FINALLY! Chapter o9 [I Walk The Line] is in VALIDATION!!

Note* - I'm SO sorry I haven't replied to reviews yet. I've been really busy, and haven't had time to reply, but I've read each and every one and they all touched me. Thank you guys SO much!

Oh, and THANK YOU to all the people who have already reviewed. They all made me smile and it really makes me happy you reviewed.
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5. Part of the Family [Chapter o5]

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The image staring back at me made my jaw drop. Before me was a beautiful vampire, and every part of her was perfect. Her legs were long and shapely, and her hips were mature, and perfect. She was extremely skinny and fit, and her breasts were large and proportioned. Definitely not my tiny chest. I saved her face for last.

It was beautiful.

Her face was a heart shape. There was no trace of baby fat on her cheeks. She looked mature, yet incredibly youthful. Her cheekbones were high and her lips were full and pouty. They reminded me of a pair I’d seen in a magazine, modeling a new lip gloss. I’d always had full lips, but now they were more enhanced.

Her dark brown hair fell in simple waves to her mid back. But even so, there was a golden tint to her hair. It was healthy with a glossy shine to it. My hair had always been plain and mousy brown. Now it looked… good. Really good.

But it was her eyes, my eyes, which shocked me.

They were a bright, brilliant… red. The strange red color danced around the pupils of my eyes. After the dark red color, it faded slightly as it grew out, and then turned blood red again. I stared for a moment. I opened my mouth and sucked in air. My chest felt empty. My heart was not beating, and I felt almost hollow. Not only had I traded in my mortality, but my old body. It was replaced with what looked like a supermodel. I couldn’t believe this reflection was me. I looked to perfect. I slowly, but swiftly raised my right arm, and the reflection mirrored me. Okay, just making sure.

Edward appeared behind me, smiling. “You’re so beautiful.” His lips were now kissing my neck gently, and then led up to the hollow beneath my ear. He spun me around and smashed his lips against mine. They didn’t feel cool anymore, but I guessed it was because my lips were now like his.

The eagerness in his kiss caught me off guard. Our lips moved as one, and I felt his tongue slip beyond my lips, and ventured out to find mine. It was all too much, too good. Was I dreaming? The minute his tongue touched mine, I knew this was too good to be a dream. Maybe something had gone wrong, and I was dead. But if this was heaven, I would take it.

He pulled back and smiled at me, showing all his teeth. He looked like a little kid, his liquid topaz eyes shining brightly. “Come on. You need to change and go show everyone.”

I whimpered. I wanted another kiss. I wanted much more than a kiss. Plus, I needed a shower.

As if reading my thoughts, he shook his head. “You look fine. Perfect.”

I ended up changing into a white peasant skirt, and a bright blue top. I was nervous. Would I match everyone’s expectations? Would I be enough in their eyes? I ran a brush through my hair, still staring at my reflection, mesmerized. I couldn’t believe it.

Edward wrapped an arm around my waist as he wrenched open the door. “Let’s go.” He took my hand, and we walked out the hall and down the stairs in about a second. I was moving so fast. Normally, I wouldn’t felt sick at this speed. But now it felt all too natural. Everyone looked up, and many jaws dropped.

“WOAH. I mean… WOAH. Holy crap Bella, is that really you?” Emmet stared at me questioningly, as if I didn’t seem myself. I nodded slowly, unsure if my voice was firm enough to answer.

Esme smiled at me lovingly. “Oh Bella darling! You look exactly as always pictured you from the start. You’re so lovely.”

Carlisle smiled. “Interesting,” was all he said, and it was more of a mutter.

Jasper stared at me as well, as if not sure if it was really me he was gazing upon.

Alice jumped up and pulled me away from Edward, and now hugged me tightly. “Now you’re truly my sister, by blood. And the boundaries of time are now gone.” She grinned, and hugged me again.

Last, my eyes wandered to Rosalie. There was no smile on her face. At first, I was afraid she felt threatened by my new beauty, but then she slowly smiled at me weakly. “Sister.”

I couldn’t believe it. I was finally a vampire. I was finally with my true family. All the puzzle pieces were fitting together…

I suddenly realized something. I was now free to live my life. There was no more school in the way. There was no more mortality in the way. I was forever Edward’s…

I inhaled a shallow breath, but the need to breathe honestly wasn’t there.

Edward looked so deep in thought… I wondered what he was thinking.

That’s when the real trouble started.

‘ God, she’s more beautiful than ever. They way her hair shines. If my heart still worked, I’m sure it’d be beating so fast… We’ll be together, forever. I can hold her in my arms for all of eternity. We can create a family as Esme and Carlisle have. We have eternity to learn each other inside out. I wonder if she’ll want to change others so we can be foster parents. She’s everything I could’ve ever asked for. I love her with every part of my being. All I want right now is to hold her in my arms and not move for years. Breathe in her sweet scent. ’

If I was still able, I was sure my cheeks would be flaming. Edward was too amazing to me. “I want to spend all eternity with you too. And I don’t care to be like Esme and Carlisle eventually. You’re all I want, and I’ll do anything for you…”

Edward stared at me like I had gone mad. In fact, everyone did. I didn’t understand.

“Bella…” Edward breathed. “I didn’t say that out loud. I was just thinking that…”

“What!?” I screamed, alarmed. What was going on? I had answered his thoughts?

Darkness swarmed my eyes, and I began to see things.

Jacob sat on the edge of his bed, holding the hand of a girl. His eyes were filled with concern, and a tear slid down his face. “Rachel…” Her eyes flickered up to him. “Remember the first day we met?” She smiled. “And you kept blabbing… about how you had a sister named Rachel? I remember how funny you seemed. I didn’t understand why you cared that I had the same name as your sister.” He laughed slightly. “I just wanted to keep talking… I was eager to hear your voice, listen to your response…” He stroked her hand slowly, biting on his quivering lower lip. “I’ll be fine,” she pressed. “It’s not your fault. I would say I’m sorry, but I not. I didn’t want him…” Jacob shook his head. “Don’t talk about it. Everything will be okay… how does your stomach feel?” Rachel shrugged. “I can’t feel it honestly, and I’m glad. Please don’t regret taking me, and please don’t think it’s your fault.” Jacob’s eyes were filled with admiration. “I love you so much, Rachel. You mean the world to me…” He then swooped down and kissed her lips softly.

As I opened my eyes, the Cullens were piled around, all of their eyes flashing with concern. Edward stroked my face.

“What happened Bella? You randomly starting acting like you were seeing something… and randomly collapsed.”

Carlisle watched me carefully. “So that’s why…” he murmured.

“What?” Edward asked in confusion, but kept his eyes on me, not willing to unglue them from my face.

“Why the Volturi planned on coming. They said they expected great things from Bella; maybe this is her gift.”

I shook my head, confused. “I don’t understand.”

Everyone helped me up and sat me on the couch. Everyone took a seat, except for Carlisle. He paced as he explained.

“Bella, I believe I understand your ability. You’ve always been one to take things in considerably well. The truth about all of us, dangerous situations… everything. Plus, your brain seems… different, and it can absorb things. Perhaps when you’re around people with special abilities, or strengths, your mind blocks them out from using that ability on you, and you absorb the power.”

Everyone seemed to gape at me, and I just stared blankly, stupidly at Carlisle. “So… I can take powers? Now I’ll have Edward’s gift, and Alice’s, and Jasper’s?”

Carlisle nodded. “Yes.”

“But then, why didn’t it happen immediately, and why isn’t it happening now?” I looked at him questioningly.

“I think you have to focus on pulling the power from your mind. Were you thinking about Edward’s power?”

I shook my head. “No… but I was wondering what he was thinking and I was wishing I could hear. Then I saw…” I paused as they all stared at me. “Then I saw a vision. Just me in the woods.” I knew I should tell the truth, but I didn’t want them to know I’d seen Jacob.

Carlisle nodded, his lips curving into a smile. “I see. Well Bella, congratulations.”

Before I could speak, Edward scooped me up. “Speaking of woods… Let’s go for a walk.”

I wrapped my arms around his neck and smiled brightly. Beneath my gaze and smile, Edward looked like he nearly melted. Then it hit me.

I had just dazzled him.

I smirked at my victory as he kicked open the front door and let me down. I could feel something against my skin, but it had no temperature. I furrowed my brow.

“I can’t feel the wind Edward…”

“You can, you just have to learn to focus.” He smiled at me, grasping my hand in his.

We took a random trail into the woods, climbing up hills. It surprised me how strong and quick I was. Hiking was no problem, and I didn’t even break a sweat! Figuratively speaking, of course. After awhile, we reached the top of the large hill. There was a rock, overlooking a valley.

I lay on my back, Edward crawling up onto the rock beside me.

He leaned over me. “I love you…”

In an instance, his lips came crashing down onto mine. But this was a new kiss. It was eager, and ready. I felt no hesitance, and Edward wasn’t holding back. The impact of the kiss was new to me, and I took full advantage. I tied my arms around his neck, securing his face to mine. His tongue brushed against mine, and I scrambled to meet it.

He climbed over me, making the kiss much easier. His hands ran over my body, tracing many of my features. I felt his hands wiggle beneath my top, and I felt an odd craving. A c raving that felt… inhuman. To be one with Edward, in many senses. My body craved his.

His hands slid up, exploring my stomach, but stopped there. He let out a loud groan.

“Bella, you are too tempting. I’m considering taking you here.”

I knew what he meant by ‘taking’, but all I could do was laugh. I bit my bottom lip, faking innocence. “Really?”

He chuckled and kissed a trail down my neck to my collar bone.

I let a gasp escape my lips, and then wiggled out from beneath him. He stared at me, obviously confused.

“I’m not going to give in that easily.” I smirked. “I’ve decided to be a little challenging. I won’t let you seduce me on a rock in a forest.”

He jumped up and wrapped me in his arms, resting his head on my shoulder [he was standing behind me].

“You’ll be the death of me, Bella.”

I chuckled. “Where have I heard that before?”

He smiled coyly, kissing my cheek. “What now,” he whispered.

I sighed softly. “Anything you want. We have forever.”

Forever. I’d have him forever. The thought excited me, and I half expected my dead heart to restart. I just wanted him to hold me close for hours on end.

We sat like that for a while, just in comfortable silence. A thought struck me, and I looked up at him, smiling.

“What will you do now that I can read your thoughts?” I laughed evilly.

“Block you out, naturally,” Edward teased, causing me to scowl.

I made another face and pulled away from him, walking a little bit. I could hear him laughing behind me, and it was just making me angrier. I resisted the urge to run back and kick him in the shins like a little kid, but the thought of it made me smile and calm down a bit.

“Fine then, I’ll just leave!” I teased, quickening my pace. As I walked, I began thinking. About anything and everything form the past three years.

And then…

I started thinking about Charlie. Good old Charlie. I sighed. He was probably sitting back at his house in Forks, wondering when I was going to call. But how could I? My voice wasn’t even mine anymore.

Charlie. I let myself think about him, and I began feeling slightly dizzy, and warm. Thinking about him hurt, so I needed to stop. My knees began to feel weak, and I felt myself fall to the ground.

“Bella!” Edward yelled from a distance, but my eyes wouldn’t permit me to see him. Instead, I saw something entirely different.

Charlie was sitting in the living room, staring at the TV. But instead of looking into it, he looked only mildly interested. “Bella…” he murmured, shaking his head slightly. Suddenly, a figure appeared. A familiar child like vampire stood in his door way, giggling.

Charlie turned and stared at her. “Who are you?” he asked, confused.

Jane giggled again. “Who I am doesn’t matter. It’s who you are that counts.”

Charlie stared at her like she was crazy. “Uhh…” was his brilliant response.

Jane sighed, as if it were incredibly obvious. “Bella. Where is Bella. You are her father, and we need this information. I’ll make death much quicker.” She flashed him a smile that might make anyone consider doing this for her.

“Bella? She’s at college.” Charlie looked completely oblivious and confused.

Jane sighed. “Tell us her location.”

Charlie’s body fell off of his chair, and began writhing in pain. He let out a few screams. “Stop!”

Jane just laughed, nothing childish about it this time. “I’m giving you one more chance. Tell me where she went with the Cullens.”

Tears were spilling down his face due to pain I couldn’t feel, and didn’t want him to have to feel.

“Fine,” stated Jane. “I guess I’ll find nothing here.” She walked forward, and bent down, inhaling. She leaned in closer…

I snapped out of it, breathing heavy. Edward was holding me, looking concerned. “What did you see?” he asked softly.

“Charlie,” I gasped, barely managing to say his name. “Jane will go after Charlie.”

Edward sighed. “Let’s get you home…” He lifted me easily, and ran me home. As I stared blankly beyond the barrier of his arms, I no longer felt sick, and everything wasn’t blurry. In fact, it was sharpened, due to my new abilities.

We got back, and I relayed my vision to everyone else. Alice looked at me with sympathy. She understood what I was going through.

“Did you see any dates, or what it looked like outside?”

I paused, not wanting to revisit the nightmarish vision. I tried to remember. Charlie was watching some game… Some sunshine shone into the house. And A few leaves had been blowing across the windows. Was it fall?

“A little bit of sun, wind and a few leaves…” I sounded dead, even to my own ears. I couldn’t let that happen to Charlie. My chest swelled up, and I could feel the sobs coming. Dry, tearless sobs.

“Well then we have time, Bella. Please relax.” Carlisle’s cool voice echoed through my mind. I nodded slowly. I felt exhausted, though I knew I couldn’t sleep.

“Edward.” My eyes searched around the room for him, and he was immediately at my side.

He nodded, knowing what I wanted. He lifted me up into his arms and took me up to my room. We laid on the bed in silence. After what felt like minutes, but were really hours, a knock came to the door.

I stood up hesitantly and opened it. Jasper stood there, smiling slightly. “Bella, there’s something you need to do.”

I rubbed my eyes, shrugging in resignation. “What?”

A smile played across his lips. “Train.”