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Long Awaited Fate [Edward&Bella]


It's my version of 'Breaking Dawn' - Stephenie Meyer.
It has things I expect, etc...

Bella&her powers
Jake and his new love
and more!

FINALLY! Chapter o9 [I Walk The Line] is in VALIDATION!!

Note* - I'm SO sorry I haven't replied to reviews yet. I've been really busy, and haven't had time to reply, but I've read each and every one and they all touched me. Thank you guys SO much!

Oh, and THANK YOU to all the people who have already reviewed. They all made me smile and it really makes me happy you reviewed.
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8. When One Door Closes... [Chapter o7]

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I stood completely motionless, utter shock breaking out onto my face. I was quick to cover it up though. I saw the hair rise on the back of his neck, but he kept his completely calm façade.

“Jacob…” His voice held a silent warning not unknown to my ears. I felt my lips turn into a sneer. For a moment, I realized I’d give anything to rip him to shreds… but I couldn’t. He was my past. He placed a hand on Jacob’s arm and slowly tugged him towards the door. “I’ve already spoken with the Eldest one, and we will be meeting in the clearing as we once did. Do no worry now…”

Jake shot me a look before leaving. For a brief, very brief moment, I could see the pain and hurt in his eyes. The way he missed me, like I had missed him. I longed to hold him again… Then they were gone. And I was left alone in the bathroom. I opened the door and cautiously walked down the steps. The pack was gone, and so were most of the guests. Edward’s arm snaked around my waist.

“They all wanted to say goodbye, but I told them you were very tired.”

I nodded and walked into the living room, where Charlie sat with Billy stared at me, eyes wide. I sharpened my gaze on him, and then looked at Charlie. “I think we’re leaving now dad. But I’ll be back soon, probably tomorrow.”

I hugged and kissed him goodbye, then left. We arrived at the Cullen home; my hollow chest suddenly felt full with remembrance of the human years I’d spent here. I smiled slightly.

I took a hot shower, a very long one at that. I took the time to relax my muscles and take time to breathe. I stood in the shower until the hot water dwindled, and cool water took its place. I got out, grabbing a black fluffy towel off the rack. I ran it around my hair, squeezing and catching the falling water. I then carefully wrapped the towel around my figure and walked towards mine and Edwards’s room. I stepped lightly, dropping the towel as I pulled open the closet doors, which revealed the new wardrobe Alice had bought, specifically for Forks.

I heard a chuckle from behind me, and rolled my eyes. Edward’s arms wrapped around my body, and he leaned in, enveloping my earlobe in his mouth. I shivered, but pushed him off. “Don’t make it bad for our family,” I scolded.

He whimpered. “You’re no fun. We haven’t in fore-“

I just laughed, cutting him off. I pulled on a bra and some underwear, then a dark blue flowing night gown. I curled up next to Edward on the large bed, chuckling at the memories…

He seemed to be thinking the same, because he laughed as well, wrapping his arms around me. “You tried to seduce me,” he teased, reminding me of the night I demanded him… I lost, but yet won in a way. “And you agreed to become Bella Cullen,” he whispered, softer now.

I nodded, remembering. “I love you…” I whispered as well, pressing my lips against his throat. He hummed in happiness.

“Forever,” he agreed, running his fingers through my hair.

It was a long night. Most of it was spent in silence, with soft kisses every now and then. It actually caught me by surprise when rare sunlight blasted through the shades and Alice knocked on the door.

She danced in, smiling brightly. “Time to meet with the mutts,” she said gleefully, as if she was happy at the idea. I had a feeling she’d seen something she wasn’t telling…

I probably could’ve seen it too, if I had wanted to. I shied away from my gifts, using them sparingly. I didn’t like to use them most of the time…

Edward, as if in on the joke, smirked while he nodded. “Perhaps Bella should look her best…”

Oh. So that was what it was about. Showing me off. Proving where my loyalty had always lain... The wolves should’ve known…

I rolled my eyes and broke free easily of his grasp. I stalked towards the closet, running a hand through my hair. Something that felt like longing ran through me when I thought of the young teenage wolves I’d once befriended. I sighed, grabbing a pale blue sweater and a lacey white spaghetti top. I slid into some jeans and brushed my hair. I turned, and saw Edward was ready as well. I sighed, staring into my slightly gray eyes.

“You’re hungry,” Edward accused, and I could hear the guilt in his voice.

“It’s not too bad; I can manage until after the meeting with Jake…” I lied. I was starving. I wasn’t used to going so long without feeding. It made concentrating on simple tasks all the more difficult.

We left and headed towards the clearing. Flashes of old memories resurfaced. Sitting with the wolf Jake, cuddling his furry body. Cutting my arm to get Victoria’s attention, and stealing Seth’s perfect kill. I chuckled at my own stupidity. My hand was intertwined with Edward’s, our cool skin brushing together easily.

Suddenly, about a mile away, I could the wolves running towards us. I swallowed hard, and watched as they lined up.

Sam, Jacob, Paul, Jared, Embry, Quil, Seth, and Leah. They all glared at us, but saved me fore last. I could hear their hair standing on end. I dug out my thought reading skill, and tried to put it to use; I knew Edward would be doing the same.

‘How dare she come back! Rude, thankless little brat she is. I always knew she was a tease; it’d be Jacob’s luck to fall for her. Nasty leech she is -- ”

It was hard to hear Leah’s thoughts. My eyes sharpened as we met gazes. She stopped her wolfish grin for a moment, as if afraid I could indeed hear her thoughts. If only she knew…

‘Poor Jake. Pain he’s going through. I knew she’d end up coming back, but I could hope. I don’t know how he’s even able to stand here without breaking down. The pain he’s feeling is so intense. Too bad Bella chose the leech. Jake would’ve made her so happy --”

I had to stop there. I couldn’t hear the rest of Embry’s thoughts. They caused me pain; I was over Jake, but that didn’t mean it hurt any less. I’d always love him, and I knew that.

“Fight! I hope we fight! I could TOTALLY take one of them out!”

I smiled slightly. Quil’s thoughts were almost funny.

“—don’t trust them. They broke the treaty --”

I expected as much from Jared.

“—and I fought off the nasty leech all by myself. I got a better fight even then the others! It was great!”

I remembered the small, 14 year old Seth watching Jacob his loving eyes. He had been such a sweet kid…

“—should’ve killed her when I had the chance in the clearing that one day. Would’ve saved us a hell of a lot of trouble. The things were did for her, and now she’s-”

I flinched. Paul’s mind and thoughts were so hostile. He obviously hated me… But he had to. It was his nature. I did my best not to hold it against him.

“Row, row, row your boat. Gently down the stream--”

Sam’s cool voice echoed in my head. He obviously remembered Edward’s talent… then it hit me. None of them even knew about my abilities…

“… Bella… I miss you… Why Bella… Bella…”

I whimpered audibly. Jacob’s thoughts cut me like a knife. They pained me, and hurt me to the core. Edward, understanding, pulled me to his chest. I could hear a low, familiar throaty rumble from across the vast space between us two groups.

Sam changed, but the others stayed. He walked calmly towards us, and I shoved the ability deep back down. I didn’t want to hear their thoughts anymore…

“You broke the treaty.” His voice rang out in the silence. It was directed at Carlisle, whose answering tone was just as calm.

“It was necessary to keeping Bella alive,” he answered coolly, offering a friendly smile. Sam did not smile back.

“It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t change anything.”

“The Volturi were after her.”

“We could’ve kept her safe.” I guess I hadn’t noticed, but Jake had changed back, and was walking towards us. Sam held up a hand, but Jake kept walking. “You didn’t have to kill her. If it weren’t for you, we’d be in La Push, hanging out… and she’d be older.”

Edward growled slightly, and I placed a hand on his arm. I felt anger at Jacob. It wouldn’t be true, because I would never have changed my mind. I wouldn’t have stayed; I was too in love with Edward to have ever made a different choice.

I walked towards him slowly, and both Sam and Jake growled. I ignored it. “Jacob,” I said slowly, “I don’t want you. Let go.” My voice was calming, yet deadly. I needed to make him understand. To my surprise, he growled.

“I have, Bella. Don’t flatter yourself; I don’t love leeches.” That one stung. I stepped backwards, shaking now. I wanted nothing more than to rip him to shreds.

Sam placed a hand on Jacob’s shoulder. “Don’t speak,” he commanded. He then turned back to us, avoiding my gaze. “You broke the treaty, and now we must have war-”

I didn’t hear any more. I felt the familiar sweat creep onto my back, and the dizziness and sickness coming.

I stood in a black robe. The edges rippled beyond me, and a hand was placed on my shoulder. I shook it off, looking away, wincing. “Why?” I mumbled, shaking my head.

“I’m sorry, but it really was for best…”

I sighed, and turned to the figure. It was definitely masculine. His arms wrapped around me, and I shuddered for a moment. The figure froze. “Do… you… not prefer this?”

I sighed. “No, it’s fine. I feel so sick… so alone…”

“It’s Edward, isn’t it?”

I nodded, my bottom lip trembling. “I’m so sorry, don’t hate me. But as the years pass, I still miss him. I had to leave…”

“Shhh… don’t speak.” His hand lifted my face, and I stared into his blood red eyes. Our lips then met, and the vision dissolved away, changing again.

I stood, Edward’s hand wrapped around mine. I stared into the red eyes of Aro and Jane. “You have to make a choice Bella. Him, or you…” Aro’s voice disrupted the seemingly peaceful silence.

I met Edward’s eyes, which were wide and pleading. “Please don’t,” he mumbled. I leaned onto my tip toes and kissed him forcefully, our lips moving as one. Then I let it all go. All of the pain disappeared…

“I’m ready, Aro.”

My breathing was staggered, and day light broke my sight. I could see Edward holding me, and Jasper holding Alice. Alice and mine’s eyes met for a moment, and I knew in that instance she had seen the same thing. They were full of misery, pain, and anger. I was sure mine must have been too, because Sam’s voice disrupted us.

“What’d she see? What’s wrong with Bella?”

Oh. Yeah. They didn’t know. Edward lifted me up, his eyes confused. “What did you see?” he whispered against my ear. I shook my head.


Alice spoke instead. “TheVolturi. Here. Taking -” Edward suddenly growled, like he had when he fought Victoria. Maybe more vicious. I winced.

“No…” he whimpered, shoving me into his chest. “No…”

“What!?” Sam’s calm face now turned angry and confused.

Alice, now calmer, intervened. “Listen, the Volturi are coming. They’re stronger than us, more skilled than us, and have more numbers than you. They will do anything they need to do to keep their secret protected, or to get what they want. And currently, they want Bella.”

I shuddered, and gripped Edward. Alice continued.

“They intend on doing everything in their power to get her. She is now of the utmost importance. If you are incredibly dumb enough to start a war, hence endangering Bella, then go ahead. I think I speak for all of us when I say we’ll do our best.” She then flashed a smile. But it was malicious, and dark. Not Alice’s usual cheery grin.

I studied the pack’s faces, trying to decide what they were thinking without actually reading their thoughts. They were honestly too painful. Jacob’s face was especially white and angry…

I blinked. I was sitting on Edward’s bed as the shower was on in the bathroom. The rest of the meeting hadn’t been important. The wolves weren’t sure if they were going to start the war or not, so they would ‘make the decision and let us know’. I slowly lay back, staring at the ceiling. I yawned, mostly of the effect. Sometimes I missed sleep dreadfully, but I knew that if I dreamed, it would only cause me pain. So maybe it was a good thing I never slumbered…

I ran my fingers slowly through my hair, noticing the sound of the water had ceased. Edward’s arms wrapped around me, and I smiled slowly. His soft lips brushed against my ear, and I laughed softly, turning swiftly around and letting our lips meet.

If I was good at anything, it was being with Edward. I could love, and be loved. I could be myself, and love with everything I had. He was my definite happy ending. I smiled against his lips, allowing myself to do what I never do. To be happy; to believe nothing bad is going to happen. That everything is meant to be good and safe and perfect for the rest of eternity. I let myself hope that nothing bad happened, and that we’d never face troubles. Even if I knew at that exact moment it wasn’t true, I didn’t care. All I cared about was Edward, the sole sun of my universe.

We rolled across the bed, and I let myself laugh a few times. Edward growled playfully and I rolled my eyes, letting my lips travel down his neck. I groaned, eventually pulling myself away.

“Must I always be the responsible one?” I sighed, chuckling as our places switched, reciting familiar lines etched into my human memories.

“No, let me be the responsible one; for a few hours?” Edward mimicked (some what) what I had said as well.

“Funny how long ago this seems… and how much it seems we’ve changed into each other.”

Edward chuckled at that. “Oh really? Am I an irresistible human girl risking my life around a beast?”

I rolled my eyes at that. I pressed my lips against the hollow of his throat. “Well, it doesn’t matter now. I’m a beast too,” I teased lightly, waiting for him to laugh. He didn’t.

Instead, he lifted my chin with his middle and index finger, locking his eyes with mine. “Bella, I’ll always love you. In fact, I’ve always loved you. How can you love one like me? You’re so pure…” His voice cracked, and I was in awe. I thought we were past that?

“Edward, you’re all I’ve ever wanted. And what do you mean you’ve always loved me? You couldn’t love someone you don’t even know of, someone that isn’t even alive yet.”

“I think it’s why I never loved before you… You’re all I could ever ask for Bella, even more actually… No one else could ever take your place in my hollow heart. You fill up the cracks within my empty body and keep me whole. You’re my soul Bella, but I don’t think that will help me in the end. Demons shouldn’t steal the love of an angel.” His eyes were fierce and passionate as he spoke.

“You can’t steal something that’s yours.”

He sighed. “Bella, I did. Once you caught my attention, everything else meant nothing. I only had eyes for you. Even if you would’ve denied me, I’m fairly sure I would’ve followed you to the end, just to be near you, to smell your sweet scent. To hear your heart thump quickly…” His fingers ran over my chest, in the space where my dead heart threatened to restart and embarrass me; threatening to ruin the peaceful moment.

“I love you…” I said simply, leaned up and meeting our lips.

Sunlight danced into the windows once more. It danced onto Edward’s skin. His lips cracked into a smile. “Morning, beautiful.”

I chuckled and stood up, stretching. “Well… what are we doing today? Endless training, more training, or maybe an afternoon snack?”

His eyes narrowed. “Are you hungry?” He searched my eyes, trying to find the answer.

I laughed fully now. “Hungry, yes. But not for blood…” I pounced onto him, pinning him to the bed. I held his wrists in my hands, smirking.

He chuckled. “Well, actually, I was thinking you could go visit your friends. Or we could go to the meadow.”

“Meadow!” I answered quickly, not wanting to meet my old friends in private quite yet. I knew there would be lots of answers they hadn’t fired at my coming home party, merely out of politeness.

Edward chuckled, scooping me up. He cracked the window, and jumped out. He let me down, and we grasped hands. Then, we ran.