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Long Awaited Fate [Edward&Bella]


It's my version of 'Breaking Dawn' - Stephenie Meyer.
It has things I expect, etc...

Bella&her powers
Jake and his new love
and more!

FINALLY! Chapter o9 [I Walk The Line] is in VALIDATION!!

Note* - I'm SO sorry I haven't replied to reviews yet. I've been really busy, and haven't had time to reply, but I've read each and every one and they all touched me. Thank you guys SO much!

Oh, and THANK YOU to all the people who have already reviewed. They all made me smile and it really makes me happy you reviewed.
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9. Bruised Fruit [Chapter o8]

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Hand in hand with my love, my equal, we ran to our special spot. So many human memories flooded my mind, and I knew I wasn’t the only one. We laid out in the sunshine and relaxed, sitting in silence. His fingers delicately traced my facial features, and I let my eye lids flicker open as I looked up at him. His lips formed a smile. My smile. His beautiful crooked smile.

I leaned up and our lips met, creating such a blissful happiness, I forgot all my trouble. Forgot pain; I forgot the world itself. What did it matter anyways? I had left time all together, and the fact that it even existed often put a damper on many of my plans. I forgot I still had human companions, still had friends trapped in the disease that was time.

I licked my lips slowly, and came to a realization; I was starving. Edward, as if understand, smiled. “Up for a hunt, love?”

I nodded, standing up. It was time to feed. We stalked out far into the woods, miles upon miles away from anyone I’d ever known; very far away from any towns. I breathed in and out slowly, preparing. I couldn’t just give in to my instincts like the others, it just wasn’t safe. I had to do my exercises. If I learned to let go of my humanity and surrender to the beast within so quickly, I could be dangerous around other humans. That was not something I was willing to risk. I breathed in and out, calmly, beginning my count down.

Ten. I heard Edward’s breathing close to me. He was very near letting go, but was waiting for my benefit. He knew better than to just leave; there was always a chance I could lose control and run towards the towns, or any stray campers.

Nine. His breathing disappeared, and I heard the waters around me, trickling between rocks and hedging through sticks and other crawfish. The waters sang quietly of nature’s beauty.

Eight. Birds twittered away mindlessly in the tree branches above. In my mind, I understood their conversations; speaking of the winds and the worms, of their young in their nests. A young bird chirped hungrily, and I heard the shrill flap of wings. The mother would be back soon with nourishment for her young.

Seven. The birds’ chatter dissolved into nothing, and I heard the branches of the trees. The ancient wood groaned in response to each other, as if having quiet conversations unknown to our ears.

Six. The grass swished in the wind, whispering. I could hear every single blade of grass rub against its neighbor; they made a loud, ocean sounding noise.

Five. Insects rubbed their antennas against dirt piles, finding their way around. The simple minds of the colony ants directed them to and from their homes. It was a rush, always a rush. Such devastatingly simple yet complex lives…

Four. Grains of dirt crumbled inside of the ground, giving way to the slightest of weight. Large clumps of dirt dissolved into ashes as an animal tracked it’s way across the plains.

Three. The large elk danced through the trees in intricate patterns, avoiding larger bears and other predators. Little did it know, there were much more dangerous predators waiting in the wings.

Two. It’s large brown eyes surveyed the long stretch of plains left to go. It could make it… if it hurried.

One. Blood. Blood. BLOOD.

And I lost control. I had let myself dissolve into the predator I truly was, deep in the core. I’m often glad I don’t remember most of my hunting when I come around, and go back to the real Bella. If I did, I’m sure I would be horrified with myself.

My eyes shot open, and Edward left for his prey. I let out a quiet snarl and ducked, then ran into the large plains. I hid easily in the large grass, and I ran swiftly. In all honestly, it was unfair to the animal; it never had a chance, and it would never see me coming. I could smell the blood pulsing through its veins. It heard a small twig crack under my agile feet, and it raced faster, heating up. How delicious.

My arms were outstretched, aiming for the legs of the poor animal. My mouth opened wide as I tackled the male, biting down onto its leg. It cried out in pain, and I snapped its neck quickly. No need to make it suffer. Plus, the blood would cool in the time it took to rip off the skin to eat it fresh. No, I would do this the simple way; the painless way.

And then I drank. Feasted was more like it. The more blood I consumed, the more ravenous I became. The warm blood trickled down my throat, and the burning in my mouth became more insistent that I have more, more, more. I ignored the blood that ran down my neck. I sucked all of the sweet juice, savoring the taste as it slipped past my lips. I breathed in shakily, not returning to my former self. Instead, the beast within demanded more. And I was too weak to deny it.

I stayed silent, and heard the patter of an animal nearby. Without thinking, I leapt up and ran off to follow. I didn’t even use my eyes; I relied on my sense of sound and smell. And I heard it. Something large, gigantic, blood pulsing… So close…

I jumped, and met eye to eye with a large russet wolf. I cried out in surprise; the shock was enough to knock some sense into me. I closed my eyes as the familiar wolf cried out in anger, growling so loud the birds flew out of the trees. I readied myself for him to attack; after all, I deserved it. I felt so sick that I just nearly tried to practically EAR Jake… The shame came in waves.

That’s when Edward appeared, growling, bloody teeth bore. Jake lunged at him, and Edward flung him at a tree. I opened my mouth to speak, but no sound came out. They had… to stop… Edward rushed at him, and Jake bit into Edward’s arm. That sent me straight into fear.

“STOP!” I cried, watching, helpless. “Please,” I sobbed, knowing well that no tears would come. I knew it was so useless to cry, but that’s all I could do right now.

Edward stopped, caught in mid decision. “Go,” he barked at Jacob, who leapt up and left. Edward sighed in frustration. “Bella, the pack will be so angry.”

I nodded. “I know, what I did was disgusting, how could I -”

Edward cut me off, now hugging me. “Not you, silly girl. Him. He attacked first. You had made no move, and Jacob attacked me. This will be the second time he’s broken it. We now have as much reason to start a war as they do.” He saw the look of sheer panic in my eyes, and forced a smile. “Not that we would.”

“I want to just leave,” I finally said after minutes of silence. “I want to forget Forks. I want to pretend it was never real, and I want to move on so you and I can start our own life. Is that so much to ask for?”

“No love, it’s not. And if I could, I’d give that to you. But I can’t. Charlie…” He whispered, trying to soothe me. I just continued to sob.

He eventually scooped me up and brought me back home, where I laid in bed, completely and utterly stoic. I had nothing to say to anyone; my lips felt frozen together. I felt disgusted with myself. Jacob? In the rush for blood, I tried to kill Jacob!? Was fate not cruel enough, to serve me happiness on a silver platter, then force me back to this town of misery; but now, it had to make me try and kill my former best friend for sustenance!? Nothing, I repeat NOTHING, could ever happen like this again.

Edward’s POV

I paced back and forth in the living room, trying to decide on a course of action. I could always start a war, killing that filthy Jacob Black for even thinking those awful thoughts about Bella. Bella. I shivered inside, wishing I could comfort her. I knew I could not.

Bella was a gentle soul. Though she was hard headed, stubborn, and irritatingly persistent, she had never been one for violence or pain. I winced. My poor Bella, my love, my angel, was lying upstairs on our bed, wishing to be brought to justice for something she couldn’t of help. I breathed slowly, trying my best to smother the anger which was bubbling up inside of me. If I had my way, I’d simply break the pup’s neck. But if Bella didn’t mind, it’d be slow, painful torture…

I pushed those thoughts out of my mind. They were too tempting to even consider – I may do something I shouldn’t. I heard a chuckle, and turned to see the knowing, yet sad eyes of Alice.

“Edward, you waste your time being so angry with Jacob,” she said softly, sitting down onto the couch with a barely audible thump. “He’s not the enemy.”

I opened my mouth to protest, to do anything, but she held up a small, delicate finger and continued to speak.

“We need to secure another treaty with them, this time against the Volturi. They are the threat here Edward, not some young boy running around half naked. I have thought long and hard on this, and seen how every course of action will play out. One definitely trumps them all.”

I stayed silent – it was obvious I’d get no say anyways. She closed her eyes and slowly rubbed her temples, willing back her previous vision.

I was in a dark green shirt with dark pants as I stood in a dark, empty street. Alice’s figure gracefully slipped up beside mine. She growled.

“She’s not a child, you know. We may need her help -”

My voice cut her off. “I’m not willing to risk it Alice. Please.” My eyes begged her for understanding, compassion. She sighed, giving in. I heard a familiar, irritating voice when everything went blank. Werewolves.

I blinked, coming back to our own time. I stared into the bright oranges and reds of the fire shimmering in the fireplace. Alice just sat, cross legged, smirking.

I sighed. “I give up.” It was time to wave a little white flag and see what we could do.

Bella’s POV

I felt sick, sick to the core. The memories kept flashing in my head, tormenting me with thoughts of nearly killing Jacob. I paused, reflecting on how Edward had once said I’d have more taste than to want to drink from Jacob… I chuckled darkly. Well, apparently he was wrong. I had been more than willing to drink. My arms were snaked around my legs, which were pulled up to my chest. I had probably ruined everything.

The pack would be able to see EXACTLY what happened. What did it matter that Jacob attacked first? It was my fault… My fault. I squeezed my eyelids shut, knowing what lie beyond them; the thoughts of my former best friend.

I whimpered softly. Jacob had once been my sun… how ironic. The sun, the thing I rarely ever felt… Well, it was true. I suppose I never got to feel my suns anymore. Not the warmth or kindness or brightness that both showed. I was sucked into eternal night.

I would never regret it, of course. Edward was all I ever needed. But I did sometimes miss the blistering Phoenix heat, and wearing bright yellow sun dresses and flip flops. The days where I could run barefoot on baking concrete in the summer sun seemed so long ago. Innocence was no longer a factor; merely a broken memory and a miscalculation. So many things I had expected and so many things I had gotten wrong.

My eyes fluttered open when I heard the familiar breath on my face. It was the scent, the familiar shadow being cast upon my figure. Of course, like a maddening dream, sunlight poured through the windows, tormenting me more. I tried to steady my breath because in my depression I had not been breathing. Immediately I felt more comfortable… Perhaps that was part of the problem. Note to self; always breathe.

I felt my plump lips turn into a smile as I gazed upon Edward’s familiar face. It felt so good to smile, yet a part of me still felt like I didn’t deserve it, that I couldn’t smile until Jacob smiled again… Another pang in my hollow chest. I had once made the same promise to myself not too long ago. Oh, Jake…

Edward reached out his hand and stroked my face gently. “Feeling better, my love?” His voice was soft and gentle, and careful. Like he was dipping his toe into the cool water, testing it out.

I sighed softly. “As much as I can manage…” He paused, and I knew he had something to say. Lately, it was so much easier to read his actions and reactions. I knew him like the back of my hand.

“I have spoken with Alice… and we’ve decided another meeting with the wolves is necessary to whatever the future holds. I’m not thrilled, but the meeting will most likely prove to be…” He paused, a coy smirk gracing his angelic lips. “Prove to be interesting. No doubt we’ll all have a lot to say.”

I sighed. “I seem to cause disaster wherever I go.”

He gently scooped me up and laid me down beside him. His arms were like a cage around me, protecting me from all harm and prospective danger. I smiled sadly… He could protect me from some damage, but not all damage was avoidable. I felt like a bruised apple, and Edward was a starving child, desperate for anything.

His chuckle interrupted my thoughts. “Yes, but you’ve always had that problem. I suppose it’s just been… intensified.” He teased me lightly. “I don’t think that was a trait any of us wanted to be magnified, but we couldn’t help it.”

He forced a small laugh out of me, and I smiled, wiggling around so I was facing him. “I love you…” I spoke softly, tracing his lips with my finger tips for the thousandth time. “So very much…”

His hot, uneven breath answered me as it danced lightly onto my skin. “I would do anything for you…” He tried to answer calmly, but the tremor in his voice was noticeable.

“Would you? Anything?” I continued to speak calmly, hiding what thoughts were in my mind.

“Just ask, and it’s yours.” He closed his lips onto my fingertip, and I shivered.

“Then… I want your permission.” I hedged carefully, not wanting to push him too far. If I argued my side too much, it would be an automatic no and I’d never get another chance. It was best that I… asked when he was at his weakest. You know, strike while the iron’s hot?

“Permission?” His voice wavered with uncertainty and confusion. “For what?” He seemed cautious now, and he pulled back slightly.

I moved closer and then kissed his lips gently. I could taste the desire in his lips. “It’s not much…,” I whispered softly, trying to keep him in the mood, and away from his thoughts that were most likely hazardous to what I wanted.

“Hmm,” he murmured, humming on my lips creating a pleasant buzzing. I was dazed for a moment, and cursed Edward internally. Of course, it would be my luck that I was the one falling for his lures. “Is that so… then why are you so hesitant to ask?” His voice was thoughtful, but he awarded my hungry lips with another delicious kiss. “Just ask me Bella.”

I sucked in the air before opening my mouth to speak. “I… I want to go see the werewolves.”

Edward nodded, oblivious to what I truly wanted. “Yes, I know. I already told you we’d be going.”

“We…” I hedged further, hoping to clue him in.

He didn’t catch on. “Yes, Bella. We will all be going. What are you getting at?”

I knew I should just ask, and get it over with. The most he could do was say no… right? “I… I want to go see the werewolves,” I repeated, keeping my eyes on the soft covers. “Alone.” My eyes drifted up to meet those of a furious and hostile husband.