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Jacob won't let Bella leave for college without a fight.

Jacob won't let Bella leave.

1. Version 1

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Edward was at Charlie’s house, helping me pack up my belongings before we left for college. We were going to Alaska (I still hoped he would change me, after all, we were married and he promised). I was closing the trunk of the shiny Volvo with Edward beside me, when a russet brown blur hit him in the chest. I recognized it immediately.

“No!” I shrieked, not in fear for Jacob, but out of worry for my husband. Edward jumped to his feet, snarling angrily at Jacob.

He positioned himself in front of me protectively and muttered softly, “He doesn’t want you to leave.”

“Jake, you idiot!” I yelled at the crouched wolf in front of me. “I have to leave! I just have to! You wouldn’t understand!” I was almost in tears. Jacob only growled.

“He thinks you’re being stupid, and he wants to kill... fight me.” Edward translated. I knew what he had almost said and it only terrified me more. I didn’t know what to do. Why did Jacob even care?

Suddenly, Jacob lunged. It was so fast, I almost missed it. Edward was already prepared to fight him off.

“Take this somewhere else!” Edward said harshly. Jacob’s response was another attack. Edward pulled me back towards the house. “Get inside and stay there.” He instructed me, half pleading.


“Now!” Edward said so frighteningly that I had to oblige. I ran to the nearest window, and peered anxiously outside. The two had become a blur and I didn’t know who was who.

Suddenly, a figure crashed through the door, and the wreckage would have buried me if I was in the way. The figure was Edward. He was staring at me, checking to see if I was okay. I seemed to pass his test, and he turned back to Jacob looking twice as angry.

“My fault?” he hissed, “Go away!” he sprang at Jacob, knocking him over.

The fight was becoming even more fast-paced. I had the feeling Edward wasn’t holding back. I watched in horror. Finally, Jacob flew forward, onto the ground. Edward started to lunge forward, but stopped. Jacob wasn’t moving. He had crashed headfirst into the side of the house. I figured that since the fight was over, I was allowed to come out. I hoped it wasn’t really over. I ran to Edward and hugged him.

“Are you okay?” I demanded.

“I’m fine.” Edward said. “I’m so sorry Bella, he lunged and I jumped out of the way. He crashed...”

“Jacob...” I whispered quietly, hoping he would get up and walk away. I couldn’t believe he was dead. He was like my brother; I loved him and hated him. When he was with me, I wanted him to leave, nut when he was gone, I was missing part of myself.

Edward wrapped his cold, hard arms around me and I cried for Jacob, and all the people that his death would hurt. I hoped they would forgive me, for being the reason for the fight. Sam and the other wolves, Billy, Rachel and Rebecca, all lost someone dear to them because of me...