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Meant to be

When Edward doesn’t return to Forks, Bella dies of old age. Edward is forced to keep living by his family and by Bella's haunting words and nearly 50 years after Bella's death, Edward returns to school and is shocked back into reality when someone he least expects appears. Will fate be deterred by simple death? Or will fate win in the end?

Alright, my friend made this comment so I will just inform you in case you think along the same lines of her, this story has nothing to do with my other story...(s)... I will also say that due to my lack of spare time and since I am still currently working on my other project, it will be a while between update of this story. Sorry. Spoiler Warning!! Just so you know, I don't own anything. Everything except the plot belongs Stephenie Meyer. ^_^

2. First Day

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I groaned at Alice’s yell from downstairs.

“I heard that!”

“I wasn’t exactly trying to keep it to myself,” I murmured.

She burst through my door, irritation so easily apparent in her eyes.

“Get up and get ready,” She had whispered it menacingly, as she so often did when trying to get me to move.

I shifted my position on my sofa, moving so that my back was now facing her. She screamed.

“Get up! Get up! Get up! Don’t make me get Emmett and Jasper up here!”

I shrugged my shoulders from my laying position and it only infuriated her further.

“Emmett! Jasper! We have a grouchy brother who needs to be pummeled into action right now!”

I heard Emmett snicker and Jasper sigh. They were in my bedroom in seconds. Emmett cracked his knuckles threateningly and Jasper took Alice in his arms.

“Alice, why are we forcing him to go? It is apparent that he has no desire to.”

Alice looked up betrayed.

“Because he needs to get out! I miss Bella too but she wouldn’t want any of us to sulk around!”

Jasper sighed. I could tell he was trying to send Alice calming waves but she resisted.

“I suggest that you get up, or else I’m going to picture you as a grizzly bear… the kind I play with before killing.”

I felt Emmett’s glee at the thought of pummeling me just to get me up. He had been wanting to for such a long time. I knew what he did with the grizzlies before he killed them. It certainly wasn’t a nice site.

Apparently, I was taking too much time for Emmett, hence he growled. Next thing I knew, I was on the floor having my arms painfully pinned behind my back at an excruciating angle. I couldn’t take it any longer. I could hear the slight popping coming from my shoulders as Emmett stretched my arms even more.

“Fine!” I have growled half shouted.

Emmett smiled.

“Aw, you just ruined my fun.”

Alice whacked the backside of his head.


Emmett released me, grumbled and pointed a muscular finger into my ribs.

“You’d better be downstairs in two minutes, otherwise…” he drifted off and started to show a few uncomfortable looking images in his mind about what would be in store for me if I took too long.

I slowly stood up, rotating my arms trying to get the feeling in them once more.

I was not afraid of what Emmett was thinking up, I just didn’t feel like wrestling with him. I really didn’t feel like doing much of anything. I haven’t, not for nearly a century; not since I first left Bella.

Emmett and Jasper left. Alice turned to go but then looked back at me.

“You had better be downstairs shortly. We don’t want to be late.”

I growled.

She smiled.

I growled louder.

She smiled bigger.


“Only having some fun Edward. You should try it sometime.”

I growled yet again and she shrugged, giving up the attempt for the time being.

I opened my closet and put on the most laid-back garments I owned. They weren’t too laid-back seeing as if Alice so much as glimpsed anything of the sort, they would find a new home in the garbage.

I sighed and pulled on a slightly baggy shirt, loose fitting jeans, and a pair of black boots. When Alice saw me, she would no doubt have these items on her next disposal list.

I made my way downstairs and into the living room. I was correct. Alice’s mouth opened and she wore a look of utter horror.

“Edward! You are not wearing that?”

“Well, the clothes seem to be on my body. I’m not in the nude am I?”

She scowled.

“You know exactly what I mean,” she snapped.

“Alice, I’ll wear whatever I want considering the fact that I am going somewhere where I don’t truly want to go. If you make a big deal of it, I’ll stay home. To be quite honest, I don’t need your bickering in my ear for the next seven hours.”

She growled but made no comment.

Emmett was trying with all his might to hold in a snicker, yet he was failing miserably.

Alice turned and glared at him.


As I pulled lazily into the parking lot and parked. Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie, all got out in a huff.

“Damn Edward, if you had gone any slower I think I may have actually started to grow old. How long were we in that car? A couple million years?”

“Just be grateful I was still going above the speed limit,” I snapped at Emmett.

“Barely,” he mumbled to himself.

I ignored him and stalked towards the main building. There seemed to be at least three buildings. The one closest to us was the main building. Inside was no doubt the office, guidance office, nurse’s office; more than likely all the offices and storage areas. The second building was very tall with no windows and seeing that I figured it was they gym. The third building looked to be where all the classes may be located. It was by far the largest and many windows were located around it. Through each window I could see a marker board on the wall and students sitting at their respective desks.

I pushed open the main buildings door and was immediately greeted by the scent of humans. It had been a while since I had been confronted with the smell and it shocked me. I could feel my family behind me stiffening due to my rigid and non-breathing state. I slowly let myself relax, trying to think of anything other than the sweet, rich smell of the human blood floating within the small building, invading my senses. I quickly thought of what we were supposed to be doing here. I looked at the people all of whom where gaping at me, eyes wide with shock. I inwardly laughed at their response. I always hated the first day of a new school. Everyone always gawked and it annoyed me terribly. Yet, I still found it hilariously funny.

I walked straight up to the main desk now that my mind was semi-elsewhere and the thirst was under control.

“Hello. We are the Cullen’s and Hale’s. Could we please have our schedules?”

The lady standing before me made no move. She just continued to stare. Then, unwillingly, her thoughts came unbidden to my mind.

Holy Hanna! They are HOT! I wonder if my hair is a mess right now. Oh I hope it looks good…

I tuned her out not wanting to hear anymore before her thoughts led her into a more dangerous territory. “Schedules,” I reminded her, hoping her mind would change tracks and she would start to think of other things.

“Oh… r-right.” She lowered her head embarrassed and quickly shuffled threw papers in the stack on the cart next to her. “Found them. Here you go. You shouldn’t need a map. Um, this is the office… obviously. The really tall building is the gym. Oh and right, the other building is where all the classrooms are. It should be easy to find your teachers since their name’s is sort of bolted to each of their doors. If you have any questions just, you know, come up here and ask.”

I took the papers and nodded my thanks then swiftly left the office. Once outside, I handed out our schedules and then we studied them to see if any of us were in the same classes. Once we established who had classes with whom, we made our way to our homerooms. Alice and I had the same homeroom seeing as there were only 2 homerooms per grade. This school was even smaller than Forks with a student body of only approximately 200.

As the day progressed, I became painfully aware of how many female eyes were darting towards me. When the day finally ended, I ran to my car, jumped in, revved the engine, and was soon speeding home. My family could use a little exercise anyway.


“I swear, I’m going to kill him!”

“Rose honey, just calm do…”

“Don’t tell me to calm down! He left us there to walk home! It wouldn’t have been that bad if every single student hadn’t come up to us to ask if we needed rides home! And when the people on the street pulled over to ask us if we needed rides! I have never been so humiliated in my entire life!” Rosalie had won the argument. I could ascertain as much.

She soon was stomping up the stairs. I heard her stop in front of mine but Alice intervened. “Rosalie, just go to your room. Leave Edward alone for right now. Please?” She didn’t say a thing yet I heard what her mind shouted at me quite clearly.

This is NOT over!

She stalked to her room and slammed the door shut, nearly sending it swinging off its hinges. It was quiet for a few moments until Alice hesitantly knocked on my door.

“Edward, may I please come in.” I made no reply. She apparently took that as admission and therefore entered. I stared at the ceiling as she began to talk.

“Edward I…” She seemed to stumble on what she thought she should say. “Edward…” She sighed and then sat down beside me. “I’m sorry for making you go.”

I was in an outrage. She came up here to apologize? I could see in her mind that she still thought it was a good idea for me to attend school so why was she apologizing? I got up and stared down at her, barely keeping my temper in check.

“Oh is that so? Your mind is betraying your words. How dare you even say something if you don’t mean it.” She gaped at me, lost for words.



“But Edward…”

I turned away from her therefore silencing her and walked to my window.

“Get out,” I whispered it. It wasn’t what she was expecting. She thought I was going to turn and yell at her, do something to show her how angry I was, yet when I spoke, my voice was laced with so much sadness, I could hardly recognize it as that of my own. She rushed to me, spun me around and hugged me. No! No, I wasn’t going to do this again!

Yet even as I thought that, I felt my body go limp and the tearless sobs consume me. I fell to my knees and cried for what seemed like hours. When the wrenching sobs finally subsided, I looked up and saw that my entire family was standing before me. I hadn’t heard them enter, I hadn’t heard their thoughts, yet even though I was mad at a few of them, I was glad that they were here for me.

I returned my gaze to Alice. “Thank- you.”

She nodded. “I am truly sorry for making you go to school today…”

I felt my anger flare but she quickly held up a finger. “Let me explain before you jump to conclusions.”

I nodded and she continued. “I am truly sorry for making you go to school today because I never thought it would be that hard for you to be around humans and in that sort of environment again. I do still think it was a good idea for you to go out though because as much as you wish that you could just sit in here and mope…”

I scowled. She snickered. “… you know as well as I that Bella would not want you to sit around all day. Just like if places were reversed, you wouldn’t want her to sit and do nothing. You would want to her to go and live her life and not to dwell on the past on what would have happened if things had happened differently.”

I nodded. Accepting what she had to say.

She smiled. “Besides, since it was your turn to pick which school and town we went to next, you need to at least see the town and its people.” I growled. She laughed. She kissed me on the forehead then left accompanied by Jasper who gave me a slight smile and sent me a few waves of calmness. I nodded my gratitude and he nodded back. Rosalie was still angry with me. That much I was certain of. Yet she gave me a small nod.

Emmett put on an enormous smile. “So, were going to be school buddies again?” The tone in which he said that made me laugh. It felt good.

“I suppose so.”

He grinned. “About time.”

He left with Rosalie and I was soon left alone with Carlisle and Esme. Esme walked over and gave me a hug and then departed, leaving Carlisle and I alone. He watched me thoughtfully for a few moments before breaking the silence.

He smiled. “It’s good to have you back, Edward.”

“Thank-you Carlisle.”

He nodded and left.

I laid back down upon my sofa and pondered what events tomorrow might bring. It was then I realized something. I slowly thought it over in my mind.It’s good to have me back? Did I really seem that gone?