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Fork You

When one of Mike's relatives and her two friends come to town everyone realizes that three people really can change everything. CHAPTER 4 IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!CHAPTER 5 IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!CHAPTER 6 IN OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fork you


1. Arrival

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Kelsey POV:

"Come on Quoia, Chase, we're going to be late for the plane!" I yelled to them excitedly as we were about to board our plane to Forks. We were going to stay with my uncle Newton and his family for the summer. Our plane was leaving in 10 minutes and we were running frantically to the gate before our plane took off without us.

"We won't be late Kelsey, just relax a little, jeez." Quoia rolled her eyes but began to walk faster anyways.

"Flight 2158 departs in 10 at 6 a.m." A woman's voice came over the intercom. And we began to walk a little faster.


Mike POV:

Why do I have to clean up the guest room? I don't even know who's coming to stay in it for the summer! My dad had only told me that my cousin from Utah and her two friends were coming to stay for the summer and that he had promised her parents that they would be taken care of during their stay. My dad had not told me her name though, "Must be Michelle" I muttered to myself as I finished vacuuming the room and began putting the fresh sheets on the bed and it's pull out.


Mark Newton (Mike's Dad) POV:

"Time to go pick up the kids from the airport, they'll be there in a few hours or so. Bye honey." I said as I kissed my wife on the cheek, leaving our house.

It was a long drive to the Seattle airport. Traffic was harsh and slow moving bumper to bumper on the road. When I finally got there I hopped out of my car and headed off to the terminal where I would be picking up my niece Kelsey and her friends. Sitting there waiting in a seat I wondered what she could look like after all these years. Mike had never met her because we rarely visited her home in Utah and her parents rarely left. I remember her being a very blonde baby with huge blue eyes. Every day she would have some ridiculous bow bigger than her head in what little hair she had. Now she was almost an adult, who knows what she looked like.

"Flight 2158 from Salt Lake to Seattle has landed early." a woman's voice came over the intercom and I headed closer to the gate to greet my niece.


Kelsey POV:

"Look for a man that looks like this." I said pointing at his picture one last time as we were exiting the plane. "He should be waiting for us as soon as we get off."

"Is this guy actually related to you?" Quoia asked, shocked.

"He doesn't even look like you!" Chase voiced his opinion.

"He kind of does, I mean look at the eyes!" I pointed out randomly trying to connect that I was related to him in anyway possible. I had never even met the guy in my entire life yet here I was going to spend the entire summer with him and his family.

"Kelsey, his eyes are green, his hair is brown, and he is so much tanner than you that it's hilarious." Quoia admitted to me trying to keep a straight face.

"Fine. So he doesn't look like me at all but he does look a little like my dad. That is how I'm related to him, remember?" I said looking up trying to find him as we walked into the terminal. I stood up on a bench to see over the crowd and then I spotted him. He looked exactly the same as his picture.

"Guys over here!" I said as I took off in the direction I had seen him.

"Uncle Mark?" I questioned him as I tapped him on the shoulder and he turned around.

"Yup that's me, are you Kelsey? Boy you sure have grown! You've turned into a young woman! Last time I saw you, you were this tall!" He said as he held his hand about 2-3 feet off of the ground.

I introduced my friends to him and he greeted them kindly. Mark asked about how my parents were and what life was like back in Utah. It went on like this all the way back to Forks.


Mike POV:

I heard a car pull up in the driveway and walked downstairs to greet my cousin and her friends.

"Mom, Dad's home from the airport!" I shouted to her as I passed her room and heard the front door open.

"We're home!" I heard my dad call before I saw him.

"Hi dad." I said as he walked in the door and placed some suitcases on the floor. Then he moved out of the doorway and in walked a girl about 5 feet 6 inches. She had short dirty-blonde hair. Dang this girl was hot! Wait. Was this my cousin? If it was I shouldn't be thinking this. How gross would that be? I shuddered at the thought.

She walked into the room and sat two more suitcases on the ground before stopping and sitting on the couch. Next a guy with black hair walked in. He was about my height and I didn't pay much attention to him. He placed a backpack on the ground and sat next to the first girl. Then walked in a girl with long blonde hair. She was about 5 foot 4 inches and had bright blue eyes. Both of these girls were definitely people I wanted to get to know a lot better in the near future!

"Mike this is Kelsey." My dad gestured towards the girl walking into the house. She smiled, put down her suitcases and shook my hand.

"Hi Mike, its nice to meet you. I'm your cousin Kelsey." Her voice was light as she greeted me then introduced her friends.

"This is Quoia." she gestured towards the first girl I had seen. "And this is Chase." She pointed to the guy with the Black hair.

"Nice to meet you Quoia, Chase." I smiled at Quoia and winked.

"Mike why don't you show them to their rooms?" My dad asked as he began to walk to the kitchen.

"Sure dad." I answered and began to lead them upstairs. I stopped at the guest room.

"Kelsey, Quoia, this will be your room for the summer. There's a pull out bed so you both have somewhere to sleep." They both walked in and sat down their suitcases before joining us again. Then we continued on, me pointing out rooms along the way.

"That's the bathroom, my parents room, the den, and this is my room. Chase you're going to be sharing my room with me for the summer."

"Sounds good." Chase said as he sat his suitcases down in the corner. "You have Guitar Hero right?" he sounded worried.

"Of course! Who doesn't? Every Friday night I stay up till 2 in the morning playing with my friends!" I answered him; maybe I would have a little competition.

"Same thing at my house! Every Friday." Chase said smugly.

Kelsey POV:

"Maybe we should leave?" I whispered to Quoia as I slowly backed up. "They're going to be obsessing about Guitar Hero for a few hours at least!"

"You're right, maybe we could go out and explore Forks a little." Quoia sounded enthusiastic. We walked downstairs then and told Mark where we were going as we left.

"Where to start? Is there a movie theatre or something?" I asked Quoia as we walked off the front porch and onto the sidewalk.

"I don't know lets just walk to where ever the sidewalk leads us." Quoia shrugged.

"Sounds good to me." I replied walking down the sidewalk next to Quoia. We walked in silence. Neither one thinking of anything to say except for occasionally pointing out something we saw.

Jake POV:

"Jake? What are you doing here? Didn't I tell you that seeing each other again would only hurt us more when I have to leave forever?" Bella asked me, surprise still stuck on her face.

"I need to see you Bella. I love you and you know it. Its hurting me to stay away from you while he plans on taking you away from me soon. And I got an invitation for your wedding in the mail yesterday." My voice quieted a little on the last part.

"Jake." Bella just shook her head. "Jake you need to go forget about me. You're going to imprint on some lucky girl any day now. Just accept it, please. I have to go. Edward will be here soon." Bella shut the door in my face as I stood there. Then I turned around and froze. A shock went throughout my body.

There were two girls walking along the sidewalk toward me. One had short dirty-blonde hair and was the most beautiful person I had ever seen. I felt like I would do anything for her and she would just have to ask. How did my hair look? I instantly was worried about how I looked. What if she didn't like me back? I walked up to her and stopped.

"Hi I'm Jacob Black, you can call me Jake though." I said breathlessly to her.

"Hi I'm Kelsey, Mark Newton's niece and this is my friend Quoia. We're visiting Forks for the summer." The other one reached out to shake my hand. Quoia just stared into my eyes. Wow. She was beautiful.

Quoia POV:

"Hi I'm Jacob Black, you can call me Jake though." A tall boy with long black hair greeted Kelsey and I.

"Hi I'm Kelsey, Mark Newton's niece and this is my friend Quoia. We're visiting Forks for the summer." Kelsey answered him before I could speak up. Wow. He was really hot.

"I'm Quoia." I said quietly, confirming Kelsey's words, and blushed. He was staring at me and for some reason I wanted to stare back. It was like some thing was forcing me to stare at him. The thing, whatever it was, won. I looked up into his eyes.

"Um yeah. So what are you up to Jake?" Kelsey looked between the two of us confused. Jake didn't answer her. He just blinked and looked away from me, a look of shock appearing on his face.

"I've got to go. I'll see you guys around sometime." Jake said as he turned and walked away as quickly as he'd appeared.

"Wonder what that was about." Kelsey said after Jake was gone. "What happened to you two? It was like you hypnotized each other or something."

"I don't know. But I like him. Hopefully we'll see him again around here." No need to tell her everything I was thinking. I would need to sort out this mess first, before I told her.

"Maybe we should go back to your uncles house before we get lost. I'm a little tired from the flight today." I lied, not wanting to walk anymore.

"Ok, sure, sounds fine to me." Kelsey was so oblivious sometimes; well at least it looked that way. Who knows what she was thinking in that head of hers. As soon as we got back to the house I went upstairs and began unpacking a few of my things.

"Kelsey, do you mind taking the pull-out bed? I really don't want you falling on top of me in the middle of the night and you occasionally sleep walk." I looked at her hopefully.

"No, I definitely don't mind. Falling off the top part wouldn't exactly be a joy ride either." Kelsey admitted.

"Ok well I'm going to take a nap ok? Wake me when it's dinner time if I'm not already awake." I actually was kind of tired.

"Ok have a nice nap Quoia." Kelsey said to me. And then I was asleep.


Kelsey POV:

Quoia had just gone to sleep and now I was sitting here on my pullout trying to figure out what to do until dinner came. That's when I heard it. "Woman" from guitar hero was playing somewhere in this house. I followed the sound and eventually I found it. The sound came from Mike's room. I knocked and walked in. Inside was a group of 5 or so boys gathered around a small 19-inch TV playing guitar hero. They didn't even turned when I knocked. I stood in the doorway waiting for the song to end. When it finally ended I walked further in and cleared my throat.

"Can I try?" I said, trying not to laugh from the looks on their faces.

"Um sure." Mike said as he handed me a guitar. "What song do you want?" he asked. No one moved, just watching me put the guitar strap over my head.

"Isn't anyone going to play me?" I looked around. Chase just sat in the corner smiling, having played me at guitar hero before. The rest of the guys just stared at me like I wouldn't win anyways. You keep thinking that. I thought smugly to myself holding back a smile. Finally one of Mike's friends stood up and shrugged.

"I'm Tyler," he said picking up a guitar.

"I'm Kelsey, nice to meet you." I smiled at him sweetly, no need for him know I'd played guitar hero before.

"What song do you want?" he said scrolling up and down the list.

"Um how about 'Surrender'." I said, and he chose it. "What level are you on?" He looked over at me as I said this and shrugged.

"Medium-Hard." he said matter-of-factly.

"Oh cool, you don't mind if I play lead guitar do you?" Innocently I gestured to the screen. He clicked on Bass as if to say yes. We picked our guitars, and then it was time to pick levels. He clicked on Hard and I clicked on Expert.

"You sure you want to go on expert? Isn't this your first time playing?" He said, a little shocked.

"I'm sure. This isn't my first time playing guitar hero." I hit start and he looked a little less confident than before. As we played the guys just stared in awe that I had hit about 97% of the notes throughout the song.


"Dinner time! Come and eat before it's all gone!" Mike's mom called from downstairs. Everyone walked downstairs and I woke up Quoia.

"Quoia wake up, dinner." I said to her.

"Do I have to?" She moaned and slowly got up. She fixed her hair a little and we went downstairs to eat.

"So how'd you sleep?" I said to her on the way downstairs.

Quoia POV:

"I slept great." I said to Kelsey. The truth is I slept excellent. I had an amazing dream about that boy we had just met. Jacob.

"Quoia." Kelsey shook me back to reality. "Mike just asked us if we want to go on a tour of Forks tomorrow. How about it? Do you want to go?"

"Sure, sounds…fun." I knew my voice didn't sound too enthusiastic but I was in deep thought and truly didn't care. Kelsey seemed to notice. She continued the conversation about the tour without a word concerning my answer. After dinner we went outside and hung out with Chase, Mike, and Mike's friends. Eventually it got dark. Mike's friends went home, and we went inside to go to sleep.