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Fork You

When one of Mike's relatives and her two friends come to town everyone realizes that three people really can change everything. CHAPTER 4 IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!CHAPTER 5 IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!CHAPTER 6 IN OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fork you


4. Second Encounters

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Kelsey POV:

“Kelsey?” Edward said as I opened the door. “Would you come to dinner with me tonight?” He smiled that irresistible smile.

“Sure,” I said breathlessly, making him smile bigger.

“Sounds good, I’ll pick you up around six.” Edward turned around and left. I stood in the doorway still processing what had just happened.

“You suck.” Quoia said before walking back into the house. I shut the door trying to remember where I’d put my curling iron.


Bella POV:

“Hello?” I said walking into the Cullen Mansion. Where was everybody? Usually Edward greeted me at the door, having been tipped off by Alice that I was coming. This time there was no one. I walked around calling out but it was as if everyone were gone. Where are they? I asked myself as I walked out of the house. As I got in my truck Alice pulled up in her yellow Porsche.

“Alice where were you? Where is everyone else?” I asked frowning when she didn’t answer.

“Everyone but Edward and I went hunting.” she said a blank expression on her face like there was something she wasn’t telling me.

“Then where is Edward?” I looked in the car expecting him to jump out and say “surprise” or “gotcha”. But he didn’t.

“He’s…” She paused and took a deep breath. “He’s with Mike Newton’s cousin.” Alice spoke so quickly I almost didn’t catch what she said.

“What’s Edward doing with him?” I said before stopping. I finally realized why Alice had hesitated. “Mike’s cousin is a girl isn’t she?” I almost collapsed right then and there on the ground but stopped myself. “Where are they?” I whispered and she only bowed her head. “Where?” I said again with more force.

“Dinner.” was all she said before she disappeared.


I was driving very quickly down the road. If anybody saw me I’d get a ticket. How could Edward do this? How could he lose his self-control so much as to eat a girl? And then I stopped. Why hadn’t Alice been trying to make him stop? Had he already done it? How mad would he be at me if I burst in while he was cleaning up the mess? Would he have enough self-control to stop at the one girl and not harm me? All of these questions popped into my head one by one. Each one I shook away, trying to ignore them.


Kelsey POV:

I looked around the restaurant as we sat down. It was beautiful.

“You are beautiful.” Edward said as if adding to my thoughts. Looking around I saw couples dancing and wondered to myself. Does he dance? I looked over at him and he was watching the dancers as well, or was he? He seemed to be looking at me out of the corner of his eye. “Would you like to dance?” he asked me gesturing towards the dance floor.

“I would love to dance.” I said getting up and smiling. He led me to the floor by the hand and then we started to dance.

“You’re a lovely dancer,” he said to me as he pulled me closer. I just smiled at the compliment and put my head to his chest as a slow song came on. “What are you thinking?” he asked me as we danced. A million thoughts went through my head at that moment. How hot you are! How amazing this is! How much I love Forks. How this summer is going great so far. How sick the vegetables are that Mike’s mom feeds us. How beautiful your green eyes are. His sharp intake of breath frightened me. My thoughts changed to worries.

“What’s wrong?” I asked him trying to read his face. Almost instantly he unfroze.

“Nothing.” he lied.

“Maybe we should sit down?” I offered beginning to turn towards our table.

“Alright.” Edward walked with me to our seats. The waitress came and asked us what we would like to order. Strangely Edward declined food. I tried to do the same but he insisted I get something.

“I’ll have the Fettuccini Alfredo.” I said to the waiter before turning my attention back to Edward, looking for an explanation.

“I’m not really hungry.” he simply said, shrugging. “Would you excuse me?” he said slowly getting up.

“Sure.” I said smiling at him.


Edward POV:

I picked up my phone as soon as I was out of Kelsey’s sight. “Carlisle we have a problem, is this a good time?” I asked him pacing back and forth.

“Sure what it is Edward?” Carlisle asked.

“Well I’m sort of on a date.” This is going to be awkward. I added to myself as an afterthought.

“Oh! Say hi to Bella for me. Wait, Edward is she ok?” Carlisle sounded worried.

“Bella’s fine dad. But that’s not what I needed to call you about. I’m on a date with another girl. Her name is Kelsey.” I answered him, “She’s Mike Newton’s cousin who’s visiting from Utah.” I waited for his response.

“Oh. I see. So what happened to Bella?” Carlisle wasn’t going to let this go anytime soon.

“I’ll tell you all about it later. But this girl, Kelsey, doesn’t know about what I am. But somehow she sees me how I was before I was changed.” I paused. “She sees me with green eyes.”