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Fork You

When one of Mike's relatives and her two friends come to town everyone realizes that three people really can change everything. CHAPTER 4 IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!CHAPTER 5 IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!CHAPTER 6 IN OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fork you


5. Jogging

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Quioa POV:

I lay on my bed waiting impatiently for Kelsey to get back from her date with Edward Cullen. What was I supposed to do? Normally at this point whenever Kelsey was on a date I’d be bored out of my mind. Surprisingly I wasn’t bored tonight. Instead I was currently picturing my slightly awkward best friend ballroom dancing with a Greek god. It was a definite boredom buster, but sadly boredom busters don’t last forever. The fact that the Newton’s house was insanely hot during the summer didn’t help in the least. I needed to be outside.

I quickly pulled on my favorite pair of shorts and grabbed my Ipod. A nice jog sounded good right now. Walking downstairs I waved at Mrs. Newton telling her I’d be back in a few hours. She was used me running almost every day.

The path was familiar to me, it was the way Mike had driven us down First Beach twice now this summer. Every time I jogged this way I couldn’t help but look for the boy we’d met in our first week here, Jacob Black. So far I hadn’t seen him, but I’m very determined when I put my mind to something.


I made it down to the beach and lay down on the sand, panting for breath. Sweat rolled down my body and sand was sticking to me. I eyed the ocean as I lay there wondering how good it would feel to swim in. Black Dog began to play on my Ipod and I stood up and sang along. My insane guitar solo had me on the ground sliding in a circle. No one was around to hear or sing me so who really cared? At the end of the song I heard applause. Quickly I turned around. Jacob black was standing behind me laughing while he clapped.

“Do you usually rock out to Zeppelin in the middle of a beach?” He asked smiling at me and taking in my appearance.

“Yes, but usually I charge for my…performances.” I smiled back.

“Oh really?” he asked me trying not to laugh again.

“Mhmm, actually I perform every Tuesday and Thursday. Tickets can be found at your local grocer and Newton’s Outdoor Store as well. They cost but a measly low price of $19.95 plus tax. But, of course for just 6 easy payments of $29.95 all this,” I gestured to my sweaty state, “can be yours, shipping and handling not included.” I stopped, thinking I might have gone a little too far on the sarcastic joke until he began laughing.

“How much would a guy have to pay to swim with you in the ocean?” His smile was brilliant as he walked to me.

“Hmmm, I believe the going rate for one swim would usually be about $10 but I’m sure that for you I could make an exception.” Oh crud! I thought to myself, I sound like a hooker! “Not like I’m a hooker or anything.” I blurted out before I could stop myself. He laughed and then started walking towards the ocean. He pulled his shirt off and I swear my jaw dropped about 10 feet. He had perfectly sculpted abs that were tanned to perfection. My reveling was cut short though when he turned around.

“Aren’t you coming?” he said and I realized that he was standing in the ocean. I nodded briefly before running in after him. I splashed him and began to swim away, knowing I was an excellent swimmer. He surprised me though, after all my years of being the fastest swimmer I knew now was the one time that I had been caught while swimming from someone. I began to laugh as he splashed a tidal wave at me.

After about an hour of our races, endless splash wars, and other hilarious water battles we began to swim back to shore. By now it was about 8:00 and the sun was going down. I shivered as I got out of the water and the cold air hit me. Jake noticed and looked around for a jacket, realizing that I had soaked my clothes all the way through. Finding none he came and wrapped his arms around me. His heat was unnatural, yet some how inviting. He turned me around to face him and it was like there was an electric current passing between us. I couldn’t help but stand on the tips of my toes and kiss him.

He pulled me to him and his fingers began to tangle into my hair. And as quickly as our kissing had started, it ended. He set me down and took a step back, yet still managed to hold onto me. He searched my eyes quickly, as if trying to decide something.

“Quioa? Are you scared or shocked easily?” he asked me, gauging my response.

“Not really why?” I raised an eyebrow wondering what he was getting at.

“Are you sure?” He wasn’t giving me any clue what this was about.

“Yes, I’m sure? You’re not an axe murderer or anything are you?” My sarcasm faltered a bit as I began to think about the possibilities.

“No, nothing like that. I’m a…well I’m a,” he paused.

“You’re a what?” My patience was quickly dwindling.

“I’m a werewolf.” I barely could make out his whisper.

“Ha. Nice try!” I joked around before I realized the look on his face said he wasn’t lying. “Wait, you really are?” He nodded to me, silent. I thought for a second. How could he be a werewolf? Aren’t they mythical creatures? “Can you prove it?” I thought aloud.

“Yes, stay here.” His tone was still serious, yet nervous. I waited a second and heard a pop from the forest in front of me. Then a russet colored wolf emerged from the forest and I couldn’t hold back my scream.