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The Tango

In downtown Seattle there is a club called The Tango. What would happen if, after Bella was changed, the Cullens and the La Push pack accidentally ran into each other at this so called 'The Tango'? Would a fight break out? Would the two groups be calm? How would Jacob and Bella react to seeing each other? Photobucket

This is an idea that recently popped into my head. It may start out a bit slow but really picks up. Just a warning, it doesn't have hardly any dialogue. So, I hope you enjoy it and please review!

1. The Tango

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Year 2015

In downtown Seattle there is a club called The Tango. Every weekend the music blares loudly, creating an atmosphere of lustful and crazed people swaying their hips to the music and shooting down tequilas and vodkas. Celebrating the break of normal lives. The strobe lights dance, skipping across the walls and creating abstract shapes. People crowd onto the dance floor and rock their bodies in tune to the blazing music. The women sway their feminine bodies and whip their hair, bringing all attention back onto them with their high heeled boots, short skirts, and low cut shirts. All the men dance with their partners while trying to persuade them to go to a dark corner of the club for privacy. The bar fills as the night wears on with people desperate for a beer or anything stronger. As long as it makes them numb to the rest of the world. As long as it gives them the energy to shake their bodies around on the dance floor as they mouth the words and beads of sweat drip down their bodies. As long as it makes them uncaring to the heartbreaks, the drunks, the people in the back.

Yes, the people, or things, in the back. For two years now they've been coming here. They come every Saturday night from 7 until closing. There are eight of them, and they just sit there and watch the world with unnerving topaz crystalized eyes. Never drinking the chilling whiskey. Never taking from the bowl of pretzles by the bar. They rarely dance, but if they do it's a time when all stops. The raving dancers on the floor stop and let them past, completely aware of their cold and marble like bodies as they pass. Their dances are not like others. They are not out of control or wild. They are intimate, something so unusual in The Tango, and harmonious. It makes all people look away, completely in awe of their never failing beauty. They are the things that sends shocks up our spines, that makes our eyes widens, that makes it seem like we are the ones who are doing something so deeply and twistedly wrong. They are the things that stalk and hunt the nightime.

After their exotic dances are over they return to the back. Back to table they reserve for every Saturday. Their flawless beauty shocks all and once recomposed the dancers return to their places on the dancefloor. They share secret glances that they think the immortals do not see from the back of the room. Oh, how they are wrong. They take notice of every glance, every word mumbled. They even know every thought that is thought. Four males and four females sit, in all their glory, and pretend to be human. It's the least they can do with their ocher eyes they gaze at the following room. It is obvious they are all together. The older man with his blonde hair and charming looks is with the older woman with long wavy locks of caramel hair. The brawny man with his deep black curls and the flawless stratuesque woman with her seductive looks and golden hair. The lean blonde man with his fierce features and the pixie-like woman with her spiky raven hair and glowing wide eyes. And finally, the lanky man with the shining bronze hair and the stunning woman with her deep flowing mahognany hair and kind looks. They are the true definition of inhuman.

They move with the air of gracefullness and confidence. Like they own the world. They gaze at each other like they are communicating silently. Full of emotion and awareness. Since coming here the emotions have picked up. Lust. Passion. Intensity. Some think it is because of them and the shock they have brought all with their looks and movements. Especially their actions.

After a month of coming, the regulars picked up the courage to speak, to communicate, to acknowledge these strange newcomers. The first was a young man of about 23 years old. He went up to the woman with the mahogany hair. No one knows what he said or how he acted but she looked at him with appalled wide eyes, disgusted at his words. The next second a man was behind her. The man with the bronze hair. He gently pushed her back to the table and talked to the man. Needless to say, that young man did not ever come back to The Tango. All is at ease. Until tonight.

It was a normal Saturday night when the immortals came. They came around 7, like normal. They were on the edge, extremly stressed. Especially the one woman with brown hair. With her wide eyes and scared looks, the one man comforted her as they sat at the usual booth. He held her close and kissed her head repeatedly, not caring that everyone in the club was watching at the rare actions coming from them. The people of the club seemed at ease with the human actions of these people. He stroke her face as they looked into each others eyes with such intensity and feeling that all looked away. The other couples got up and went to the dancefloor as the crowd parted to let them through.

Most girls almost fainted as the men of the group looked their way, just like most of the men swooned as the women looked at them and thanked them for letting them through. But the other couple, the couple with the man with bronze hair and the woman with the deep brown hair, stayed. He held her close in his arms as she shuddered frequently from thoughts that no one knows, not even the man with her. He put his hand under her chin and brought her face up to his as they kissed passionately; quickly forgetting the world around them. And then, in a moment of passion and intimacy, the doors of the club burst open, dragging the coldness from the late March night. The dancers stopped, just like the kiss of the lovers, as all switched their eyes onto the mysterious figures who stood in the doorway. They hesitantly walked in and the probe lights struck onto their faces, showing their identity to all. They had imposed on the usual Saturday night routine for The Tango, and now all seemed silent from shock.

Their faces were all fierce, with burning looks of hatred blazing in the pupils of their coal black and wild eyes. They were all well over 6 feet, probably more like 6'7''. Their russet skin was stretched taut over their wolfish faces as they glowered into the popular and heated club. Even the band had stopped. They stopped their eyes on the crowd of the now regular immortals. They glared right back into the faces of the massive strangers. The hooded figures shook with violent tremors as they cursed lightly, but soon calmed down. A feeling of peace had settled over the room. How strange. The one man, the farthest to the right, locked his gaze on the one couple. The couple who had stayed at the table while the others had gone to dance their mesmerizing dances. The couple was still in the same position as they had been in before the intimidating figures had burst into the club. The woman was on the man's lap as he stroke her face, but kept his eyes on the one man to the right. She had her one hand on his chest and her lips on his neck, but they had frozen in mid kiss when the strangers had come in. She now, like the man, had her eyes gazing intensely on the hooded figures. The band started up as the man to the farthest right started tremoring at the sight of the couple. As he shook violently many people in the club were thinking thoughts that only consisted of two words: Love Triangle.

As the mysterious men moved across the club and went to the bar, the immortals looked back at them. Their eyes were full of curiousity and fear. Fear for the humans that were around them. The man who had been farthest to the right now took up as head of the group. He lead them over to the bar, never taking his eyes off the couple in the back. His eyes contained such betrayal, hurt, and anger that it nearly pained you to look at him. He still slightly shook at this new discovery of The Tango and the faux humans it contained. It hurt like hell to walk into this club and see who surrounded them with their angular features and ocher eyes. The man felt vulnerable, weak, and out in the open, like anything could attack him and he could be hurt far worse than he ever was. He kept his eyes on the couple on the back, watching their every moment and listening to every word they whispered back to each other. He was taking it all in.

The girl stood up from her husband's welcoming embrace and looked towards the man at the bar. He gazed back at her with cold numb eyes. The husband, knowing what she was about to do, grabbed her arm tightly. These were times he was so grateful that she wasn't breakable anymore. She turned back to him and looked at him with wide eyes that were full of fright and sadness. Even though most people were dancing all of their attention was on the the couple and the man at the bar. The rest of the immortals and group of men were long forgotten. No amount of intimate dances or men drinking beer could distract them now. The man tightened his hold on her arm and looked at her with a steady and worried gaze as he whispered one word. One word that changed the whole night. That changed the lives of all in the bar. That changed all relations ever built by vampires and werewolves.

"Unsafe." He stressed the word with clentched teeth as his hungry golden eyes glanced nervously around the room. Even though the club was loud the word was heard by all who mattered. When the word left his lips all hell broke loose. The man at the bar threw the glass bottle that contained his beer at the wall. He didn't even look to see the result of the exploding glass as it hit the concrete wall. Gasps were heard throughout the whole club as the man looked frightingly angry. Violently angry. Strong and violent tremors shook his huge form as he screamed in anger. His coal black eyes were dancing as black flames licked at the surface. There was no turning back now for the man. He was let loose. A monster that would not be under control until his mission was done. And right now his mission was clear. Kill.

The rest of the group of men stood up quickly to get him under control, but he twisted out of their grasp. All was silent in the club. The Tango had never seen such excitement in one night.

The man walked with power, evil power, as he strode towards the couple in the back. As he walked he shoved all tables and chairs, even people, out of his way, leaving bits of wood scattered everywhere. He took long strides, eager to get to the couple as soon as he could. The furniture he had shoved was still flying around the room from the impact of this strong man. It crashed into walls, into the bar, into people. But he didn't care. All he cared about was them. As he walked he shouted. He shouted angry, bitter words.

"I'm unsafe? Me!?! You have got to be kidding me! Your the one who goes around and slaughters innocents! She could have lived with me! Lived! Really lived! Not be dead for eternity while watching people live normal lives! A life she'll never have now because of you! All I do is protect those who need it and make sure nothing happens to them because of you! You have the nerve to stand here and tell her I'm unsafe when I tried to save her from you! If I'm unsafe, then what does that make you? Huh? A monster? A savage beast? A cruel merciless animal? I've wanted you dead for so long and I'm not giving up the chance now, leech. And when I'm done with you I'll get her. She's not the girl I once knew. Now, she's just like you. A bloodthirsty fiend!" He roared these cold words, and even though most did not have a clue what he meant, the bronze haired man knew. He knew precisely. The man neared the couple and the husband lightly pushed his wife out of the way as he stood roughly. Most had never seen him look so angry and they knew. They just knew that all was going to crumble beneath them now.

He stood with an air of power as his coal black eyes stared merciless into the eyes of the man in front of him. How dare he talk of killing his wife! It was so dark in the back of the club where he stood that he truly almost blended in with the night. A true vampire. His marble face was carved into a cold ferocious expression as his lip curled up. A menacing low snarl came out of his lips as he took a step towards the man who had now stopped three feet away from this god like vampire. Those who didn't have heightened senses could not hear the snarl, but those who did heard it loud and clear. It was obvious. A battle was about to begin.

Those from the vampire's side came to the front of the crowd and stopped to the right of the bronze haired man. They all wore enraged fierce looks, even the pixie-like woman who was furious at someone speaking such words to her brother. They all stood, silently, and if one looked close enough they would be able to see a vibration of their chests from low growls escaping their mouths. But, no, humans would never hear those inhuman sounds. As if on cue, the werewolves from the bar stood up and came to stand in front of the vampires with bitter faces. Their eyes shown with malice as they snarled wolf like snarls that if you listened close enough, you would be able to hear, unlike the opposing side. The man who had shouted before snarled loudly for all to hear and everyone shrunk back with fear. How could someone ever be able to make that inhuman growl? Easy. They weren't human.

The bronze haired man took another step forward. He was standing a step up and looked the other man straight in the eyes. If he could have just forgotten the law of the Volturi, he would have just killed him right then and there. But he couldn't. Not without gaining attention from the outside world. He snarled directly at him in a way of threatening. He then took his wife by the arm and led them out of the club, never taking his eyes off of the enormous man that still waited for the fight he had been waiting for all his life. The rest of the incredulous family stalked out, never turning their backs to their enemies. The burly man was the last one out and as he exited he turned to look at the man. His features were contorted into a mask of anger and outrage as he spoke for only the mongrels to hear.

"We'll be waiting outside," He said coldy as his eyes narrowed in anger. He then turned his back, oddly trusting his enemies, and went to join his family in the alley next to The Tango. The crowd in the club was absolutely stunned at what had happened. It seemed hardly real at all but when they looked at the broken furniture it was just a reminder of what had happened. The pack of men made their way to the door, to quite to attract the attention of others. They opened the door and was hit with a burst of freezing air that penetrated them down to their very cores. The followed their enemy's scent to the alley close by and walked into the middle. There was a low growling sound and they looked up to meet eight pairs of inhuman topaze eyes. The closest one was the lean blonde who was directly above them.

They were all on top of the buildings, crouched into protective and threatening stances, and they stared back at them. In a split second they all jumped down and with them came a cloak of darkness. They looked dangerous now that the pack was actually going to be fighting them. They held their chins out in defiance and their perfect lips curled up as they let loose feral snarls. The woman with the mahogany hair stepped forward, incredibly calm for one who would soon be fighting for her life, and took one last look at her old friend before the war started. She knew that if she saw him afterwards this battle he would no longer be among the living. Her eyes contained such sadness, such anguish, but not regret. No, she would never regret her choice and as the man before her figured that out he roared and phased. A russet brown wolf now in his place, desperately trying to kill the creature in front of him. The husband rushed forward and attacked, taking advantage of his sign of weakness. And at that moment is when all chaos broke out.


The club owner of The Tango, Carson Wilkalder, stepped out of the club and locked the doors at precisely 4:29 a.m.. Another long night, he sighed. At least tonight was full of excitement. There had almost been a bar fight between the strange Saturday night regulars and a newcoming group of Native American men. Personally, he thought the new men would have won, the seemed a lot bigger and muscular. But who knows? He was just happy they had taken it outside before he had to call the cops.

The whole night they had heard growling and snarling coming from outside. It was creepy. When most folks had piled out he had seen them running to their cars in fear of whatever was down that alley coming out and eating them whole. He chuckled at the idea. As he took the key out of the lock, he took a step back. He had heard some sort of whimpering coming from the alley. He grabbed the key and turned around. His eyes flickered around the empty street and an unnatural breeze flew by. Something made a soft sond by his feet and he looked down. Strange. A small wooden wolf pendant lay at his feet. He gingerly picked it up but almost yelped when he saw what the pendant was covered with. Blood.

The whimpering in the alley nearby increased, and then as quickly as it had started, it stopped. He hesitantly took a few steps forward to the alley and looked in. He froze in absolute fear. What the hell had happened here? The concrete walls were covered in blood as it dripped down the walls, creating the perfect setting for a horror movie. There were clumps of fur everywhere and the blood on the walls went so high up he had to wonder, How the hell did anyone even get up there? He shivered in fear as he saw a lump in the middle of the alley. Was this what had been whimpering? He strained his neck forward, not wanting to go in this murderous alley by himself, and took a good look at the lump. It was a man.

A gulp rose in his throat and he turned his head away. Sickening. It was the man that had thrown a fit towards the inhumans Saturday night regulars. He ran quickly back to his car as his stomach turned with thoughts of what had happened. As he put the key in the ignition he thought to himself, Guess the locals did win afterall.