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jacob running

This is the story of what could have happened after Jacob started running at the end of eclipse.


1. Chapter 1

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I ran through the woods for what seemed like days. It probably was much less, but if you are truly alone, time doesn’t move constantly. I was all alone, and pain was soaring through me, more fierce than anything I had ever felt. I thought about ending my life, but as I thought about it, I noticed I was not ready to go. It helped me that not everything in my life was shattered, I still had the will to survive. I kept running. I lost track of the time and all my earthly needs, I ran until the forest ended. In front of me lay a huge beach. I saw a group of teenagers running around, chasing each other and splashing in the water. I remembered those precious times with Bella on the beach, how my heart had jumped every time she had called me. I shivered and continued running in the forest. My mind started to wander, every thought looking back to a scene with Bella. The most painful thing was that I couldn’t understand her, I didn’t see how she could like the bloodsucker. And she could never explain. The thought of her standing on the altar made my stomach churn. Suddenly I felt very tired. I dropped on the spot, but although I was extremely exhausted I couldn’t sleep. I lay on the ground and something like a high fever came over me. My vision blurred, the soft rustle of the trees distorted to a rhythmic chanting. The ground quaked.

Edward was standing on a clearing. The sun was shining through the woods and cast a soft light on it, making the atmosphere calm. But there was a certain tension between me and Edward. Not like our normal enmity but like my feelings for Bella. Although Edward stood under the shadow of a huge tree, for me he seemed to be the brightest part of the clearing. I would have seen him even with my eyes closed.These feelings mixed with what I had always felt for him made me want to vomit. My temperature rose until I felt like my body was burning. I thought I was going to get crazy and my mind started to search furiously for help as those feelings connected. Shadows moved into the scene until everything was black.

The drumming and chanting sounds reached me like through a thick blanket. After so much pain it felt like heaven. I lay still and listened for a while, but as I tried to concentrate the music turned into the sound of raindrops until I was not sure anymore, whether I had truly heard the chanting. But what I knew was that the agony had gone, thinking about Bella was still painful but it didn’t feel like my heart was shattered anymore. I now understood her feelings for him, I knew I could live with her choice now.

I stood up from the puddle that had formed around my body. I started to walk towards the direction where my instincts told my Forks lay. On my way to this place I had not bothered to remember the way home. I had been indifferent to it. But now I took every step with a certain precision. I fell into a trot and then I started to run. But this time I wasn’t running away. I was running home.