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Beautiful Disaster

A short one-shot on how Sam feels when Leah phases for the first time. Photobucket


1. Beautiful Disaster

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She prays one day she'll find someone to need her
She swears there's no difference between the lies and compliments
It's all the same if everybody leaves her

I stood on the edge of the forest clearing with a look of horror on my face. This wasn't supposed to be happening! It just wasn't! She was never supposed to have to go through that pain that I inflicted upon her, and she wasn't supposed to be a part of the pack! I felt like my head was spinning as I looked at the silver wolf in the the middle of the clearing. The moonlight landed beautifully on her glinting fur and her wide human-like eyes were watching me warily. She growled slightly when I stepped forward. I held up my hands in surrender. This was going to be challenging. How could I tell her that her father was dead? Plus, I knew she would blame herself.

Leah had lost so much in the past few years. It wasn't fair for her to have to go through the pain of being a werewolf. The anger, the confusion, and the terror was nauseating in the first few weeks. I hesitantly walked forward a few more steps and she jumped back into a fighting position.

"It's all right, Leah. Everything is fine," I tried to soothe her with gentle words but she just growled more menacingly. The forest seemed to close in on me and I felt my breaths come in short spurts. I felt dizzy suddenly, and I knew what I had to do. I would have to phase for her to trust me. I nodded my head stiffly, confirming my own thoughts, and arched my back. I was preparing for the pain that I knew would soon appear. My body stretched out to fit the anatomy of a wolf and I felt my thick black coat of fur spread out over my whole body. My bones cracked and had regrown in a more canine reality. My teeth became pointed fangs and my nails quickly shot out from the tips of my paws, creating nightmarish claws that could easily rip any substance to shreds. I lifted my coal black muzzle and howled a slow, harmonious, welcoming howl. I instantly heard her thoughts invade my mind.

Sam, is that really you? She sounded lost and scared. I knew that feeling all too well.

Of course it is, Leah. Come, follow me. I'll explain soon. I looked at her with my most trusting eyes and she cocked her magnificent head to the side. I nodded to the right of the forest and broke into a slow sprint. I looked over my left shoulder and she followed me. Good. I would try to explain to her the best I could. We ran swiftly through the underbrush as she discovered her new body as a wolf. She was slowly starting to grow accustomed to it, even though she didn't quite understand how she got the way she was. We stopped often while she sniffed the new smells of the forest. I took her close to the border so she could smell the sickeningly sweet scent of the leeches.

What is that smell, Sam? It smells disgusting, it's too sweet. Like cheap perfume. I smiled in return and chuckled a wolfish throaty laugh. She looked at me with curiosity in her warm eyes.

Don't worry. I'll explain everything soon. Just remember the scent. She nodded in return to my scant explanation. We continued running for a few minutes when I came to the spot where I would tell her everything. All of the legends and secrets of our people would soon be passed down to another werewolf. Would the phasing of local teens never stop? It seemed every time I turned around a new person was phasing.

She gasped at the beauty of seeing the cliffs in moonlight. I must say, it was an enchanting place with the silver of the moon shining off of the soothing and restless waves. She sat down on her hind legs and looked out in the distance. She was mesmerized by the beauty that she never knew existed so close to home. She then looked at me with thousands of unanswered questions in her eyes and mind. It seemed at that moment it clicked. She knew she would never be the same and that her life was dramatically changing. She would never lead a human life. She raised her majestic head and looked towards the full moon that was overhead. A soft, melodious, and mournful howl filled the air. The sound was like music to my ears. It never went off pitch or grew boring, it was constantly dazzling.

I lifted my head to hers and howled a deeper, but still beautiful, howl. The whole First Beach was full of our soft delicate music as we howled the whole night. Two lone wolves on the cliff, howling at the full moon.

She would change everything for happy ever after
Caught in the in between of beautiful disaster
She just needs someone to take her home