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It has been sixteen years since Meg Cullen was kidnapped by the Volturi. Sixteen years of Edward and Bella mourning their dead daughter...supposedly killed by the Pack. Then, Meg returns to Forks. Only then does the race for answers (and survival) begin... ~SEQUEL TO MY STORY "CHOICE"~EPILOGUE: BRILLIANCE IS UP!"BY THE PRICKING OF MY THUMBS, SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES." ~MACBETH

Here it is! The sequel to Choice! Hope you enjoy it! Disclaimer: I own nothing. All characters belong to the lovely Stephenie Meyer. Except the characters of Meg and Ambrosi, though. As well as the lovable (but annoying) Dean Newton. They come from my own imagination. © Edward's Rose 2008

1. Chapter 1: Aurora

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By Edward’s Rose

Chapter One: Aurora

The cold of night seeped through the open window…a chill that could not be denied. Moonlight wafted in, bathing the room in a surrealistic glow. The clock struck midnight, its chime echoing loud and mournful throughout the deserted square. One by one, the stars crept out of their hiding places against the inky sky. Hours passed. Slowly at first, then faster and faster…whirling like fine particles of dust. Then, the first light of dawn reached Volterra…its rays striking vividly over the rooftops. It was a new day. A new sunrise…whispering of a change in destiny.



I lay curled up in my window seat, head resting awkwardly against the panes. I watched the sunrise creep gently over the city and managed a smile. This was it…a new day. Maybe today something would change in my life…rescuing me from the gilded cage I lived in.

With a sigh, I rolled off the hard surface and walked over towards the ornate mirror in the corner. I pinched my cheeks fiercely, willing color into my pale skin. I tossed my head indignantly and glared at my reflection. I’d been living in Volterra since I was a baby. Aro said that my parents died in a fire, and I had been abandoned on the streets. So, the “family” had taken me in…raising me like their own daughter.

“More like a prisoner then a daughter,” I mumbled to myself.

In a few minutes, I was slowly walking down the staircase of the tower…towards the “lobby” area. Fortunately I met no one, so I could hurry out into the streets undisturbed. Aro, Marcus and Caius highly disapproved of me going out on…saying that I would attract too much attention. At least Jane wasn’t here, though…I winced inwardly, thinking of little Jane Volturi. I saw her far less frequently then the others, and for that, I was glad

I walked briskly towards the clock tower, hands resting loosely against my brilliant-colored skirt. Few people were out yet but the ones that were stared at me…gaping like idiots. I returned their gaze, cool and clear. With a smile, I saw the familiar fountain in the center of the plaza. I sank down onto its rim and let my fingers trail briefly in the crystal waters.

“EDWARD!” I heard a voice scream suddenly.

My head snapped up, glancing around wildly. There was no one.

I wove it off and sighed. I wouldn’t start going crazy now.

“Thought I might find you here,” a familiar voice said behind me.

I whirled around and gave a small smile. “Oh, it’s you,” I said indifferently, trying to contain the pathetic happiness seeping into my tone.

Ambrosi flashed me a grin, exposing all his pearly-white teeth. He sat down next to me, dark curls blowing in the slight breeze which swept through the plaza. Ambrosi was just like all the others…a vampire. He’d been about my age when he was changed…according to him that had been almost eighty years ago. The thought of living with mythical creatures didn’t bother me, though. I owed some sense of allegiance to the Volturi, and had been raised from a young age not to fear them. Except on those horrible, horrible days…The days when crowds of innocent people were brought in, to slake the Volturi’s thirst for human blood.

I shuddered and closed my eyes…still hearing their screams.

“Meg?” Ambrosi asked.

My eyes snapped open and focused on his face, golden eyes watching me. “Yes?”

“Aro sends for you.”

I stiffened…something wasn’t right. “What…are you his messenger boy now?” I snapped, trying to disguise the fear rising inside my chest.

Ambrosi ignored this, eyes level. “Jane is back. She needs you.”

My eyes must’ve widened to twice their normal size, for Ambrosi clutched my arm tightly. “She won’t hurt you, Meg…not like last time.”

“How can you be sure?”

He gave me a fleeting smile, one which made me want to melt. “I won’t let her,” he whispered.

“I don’t fear her, Ambrosi. Or the pain…just the horrible thought that she expects something from me. I see it in her eyes…like she wants me to fight back.”

Ambrosi pulled me up, guiding me gently down the streets. “That’s absurd. No one can fight Jane,” he said soothingly.

“That’s what worries me,” I whispered.


I closed the door with a soft thud, turning to face the row of chairs…more like thrones. The chamber was large, underground and had fine, marble floors. Artificial light streamed in through the soaring windows, and Ambrosi squeezed my hand quickly before letting go. Aro, Marcus, Caius, Alec and Jane sat serenely on the chairs…striking the image of gods in my mind.

Aro’s face broke into a wide smile upon seeing me. “Meg! Oh, how lovely to receive a visit from you!”

I didn’t return the smile. “I was sent for…so I came.”

Aro’s unnervingly transparent eyes showed no change in emotion. Alec glared, though…he was obviously not amused with my response. “Remember your place, Meg,” he hissed. I returned his gaze evenly, waving away the thought that he was the one who made the Volturi Guard invincible…

“Now, now, Alec,” Aro chided. “Meg was kind enough to grace us with her presence. Well, Jane, shall we commence?”

Jane gave Aro a dazzling smile and rose from her chair. I automatically take a step back, nearly crashing into Ambrosi.

“Commence with what?” I asked warily.

Jane smiled sweetly. “Ahh, little Meg. There’s no reason for you to be afraid of me! I just want to test you…”

“No!” Ambrosi snarled, placing himself in front of me.

Jane hissed softly, fixing Ambrosi with a glare.

“Ambrosi!” Alec snapped, gesturing angrily towards the row of chairs. Ambrosi was a member of the Volturi Guard, he couldn’t disobey Alec.

I nodded slowly, showing him I’d be alright. I wouldn’t show them I was afraid…I’d bear the pain in silence. Aro gave Jane a small nod, still giving me a pleasant smile. I dug my fingernails into my palms and watched as Jane sprang in front of me, crooking her long fingers.

The pain hit me like a wave, knocking me to the ground. I repressed the screams and focused on the floor, doubling over as a fresh spasm of agony washed over me. I bit down hard on the inside of my lip, almost tasting blood. Every piece of my body was on fire, every particle of my being constricted.

Suddenly, a voice broke through the hazy fog of my mind…

“Fight it, Meg! Don’t give in!” It was a man’s voice, strangely familiar…musical and sweet.

I was about to die, that much I was sure of. How much pain could one body tolerate…?


I staggered back through the fog, until I could only see Jane’s face…swimming with cruel and unchecked malice. She wouldn’t do this to me to me…I wouldn’t let her!

“No!” I snarled.

Suddenly, it felt as if a barrier had been broken, and energy reverberated around the room. It became a roaring channel into Jane, knocking her to the ground. My eyes cleared and I felt the pressure leave me. I was released. Staggering to my feet, the white light coursed through my veins and I could almost hear the shrieks of agony in her mind…shying away from the pain.

I couldn’t stop it, there was too much for me! In a desperate attempt to regain control of myself, I latched onto Jane’s wrist and was thrown into a whirlwind…

Jane and Alec running down a crowded, city street…Aro changing them as the flames roared...The screams of the people she tortured…A young girl with dark hair screaming as a bronze-haired boy lay on the ground…Chasing the same people through a forest…A welcome sign for the city of Forks, Washington…A wolf howling, as if its heart had been broken…

“MEG, THAT IS ENOUGH!” Caius roared, helping me break free from Jane’s mind.

I stumbled backwards, sinking onto the cool floors. My mind reeled…the familiar balance lost. I gasped for air, refusing to look up until I caught my breath. I raised my head wearily, only to see Aro clapping…a wide smile plastered on his translucent skin.

“Bravo, Meg. You’ve finally done it.”