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It has been sixteen years since Meg Cullen was kidnapped by the Volturi. Sixteen years of Edward and Bella mourning their dead daughter...supposedly killed by the Pack. Then, Meg returns to Forks. Only then does the race for answers (and survival) begin... ~SEQUEL TO MY STORY "CHOICE"~EPILOGUE: BRILLIANCE IS UP!"BY THE PRICKING OF MY THUMBS, SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES." ~MACBETH

Here it is! The sequel to Choice! Hope you enjoy it! Disclaimer: I own nothing. All characters belong to the lovely Stephenie Meyer. Except the characters of Meg and Ambrosi, though. As well as the lovable (but annoying) Dean Newton. They come from my own imagination. © Edward's Rose 2008

11. Chapter 11: Empty

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Chapter Eleven: Empty


I could see into a little room, which was completely submerged in darkness. A window had been thrown open, a slight breeze parting the curtains ominously. A soft sound came from the corner, and I realized they were the sobs of a little girl. The sound tore viciously at my heart, as if with sharp claws. I took a step foreword, reaching a hand out. A cascade of hair rippled down her back, concealing her face. Her sobs became louder, wracking her small form painfully.

Suddenly, the door flew open and a dark figure swept across the room. I could almost feel the soft brush of cold as a black cloak whipped through the air. I stiffened as the figure let me see his face…a vampire! He had a tangle of dark curls and soulful, red eyes. I blindly stumbled forewords…he’d hurt her! Hurt this innocent child!

Of course there I was nothing I could do…only gaze on with gathering horror. To my surprise, he bent down next to her.

“Ambrosi?” she whimpered.

“I’m here,” he said softly.

A strangled sound came from her throat as she looked into his face, not the least bit perturbed by his eyes. “J-Jane was here. She hurt me…”

She dissolved into a flurry of tears, burying her face in his sleeve. A pained expression, one which I knew all too well, came into his eyes as he regarded her.

He gently smoothed the hair away from her face. “Shh…don’t cry. Jane won’t hurt you anymore.”

Another shudder coursed through her and he gently lifted her face, which was still concealed by a curtain of hair.

“Look at me,” he demanded gently. “You have to be strong; don’t show them you’re hurting. I swear I won’t let Jane hurt you again.”

Her sniffling stopped for a moment. “You swear, Ambrosi?”

“I swear, M-”

Then the room faded away as I snapped out of my revelry.

“Bella?” a familiar voice questioned.

I squeezed my eyes shut and curled my fingers around the wet grass. My “power” could be unnerving sometimes. I had visions…much like Alice’s. Except they weren’t visions of the future, but visions of the past. Of course they weren’t exactly useful, and I hated to see into the windows of other people’s lives. Supposedly forgotten.

Too bad I couldn’t have visions of my own.

“Bella?” Edward asked again, sharper.

I painfully opened my eyes, turning to look at my angel. “A vision,” I said softly.

A shadow of pain crossed his face. “Of?”

I swallowed, thinking of the little girl. “Nothing important.”

Edward reached over, pulling me into his arms. My head lay against his chest, and I delighted in the sensation of his easy breathing.

“I’m sorry,” he said softly, kissing my hair.

I gave a long, overdramatic sigh. “For what?”

“I know these visions torment you. And I’m sorry…”

I rolled into a sitting position, pushing the hair away from my face. I put a hand on my hip, narrowing my eyes. “Nothing can scare me, Edward. I do all the scaring now,” I flashed him a deadly smile, exposing all my sharp, pearly-white teeth. “Rawr.”

To my relief, a grin appeared on his flawless lips. “You’re far too beautiful for that.”

He grabbed me by the waist, so I was balanced precariously on his lap, and tilted my face up for a kiss. I didn’t have to remind myself to breathe anymore. I broke away from him, laughing as he left a trail of kisses down my neck.

Suddenly, I caught something out of the corner of my eye. A girl was sitting not too far away, knees drawn up to her chest. Her hair was caught up in a red ribbon, which fluttered aimlessly in the breeze. There was something hauntingly familiar about her face, though I couldn’t see it clearly.

“What’s taking you so long?” the wind seemed to whisper.

I blinked slowly and when I opened my eyes, she was gone. Nothing save for the tall grasses dancing to their own rhythm.

“Are you alright, love?” Edward asked in my ear.

My arms tightened around his neck. “I’m fine…”


My feet dragged down the sidewalk…the rain pounding rhythmically all around. I clutched my textbook like a life preserver, fingernails digging uselessly against the worn pages. I was exhausted…every particle of me etched with fatigue. With shaking fingers, I looped the hair behind my ears. As I neared the corner of the building, voices wafted out of the mist, which I recognized as Dean, Aaron and Nick’s.

“Damn, that’s a tough break, Dean,” Aaron said with a low whistle.

I pressed myself against the wall…concealed.

“Yeah,” Dean said sadly. “I actually thought she was into me.”

With a jolt, I realized they were talking about me…

“Any idea who that guy at the dance was?” Nick asked.

Him? No clue,” Dean sniffed.

“And what was with the weird get up?”

“Yeah, well. That’s not half as bad as what happened after the dance.”

They sounded like a group of gossiping, old ladies! Only after Dean’s words registered did my heart begin to clench with fear…

“What?” Aaron asked, interested.

“Well,” Dean’s voice dropped lower. “After the dance was over, I took the back route out of the gym. You know, where the little clearing with the bench is? Anyways, I saw Isabella. She was curled up by the bushes…unconscious. The plants were dead, too. Like they’d been burnt, and the ground was all messed up.”

“What the hell happened?” Nick asked.

“I have no idea. Anyways, I took her to Mrs. Cope…the chaperone. It took a long time to wake her up. I thought she’d died or something.”

Aaron snickered. “Maybe that guy…”

“Shut up,” Dean growled. “This is serious. I found her unconscious in the forest awhile ago, remember?”

“There’s something strange about Isabella,” Nick mused. “She’s like one of those temptresses in uh…Russian mythology.”

“That’s Greek mythology, retard,” Aaron said.

The conversation quickly veered away from me, and I listened in numb silence as they said their goodbyes and left. With a sharp exhale, I sank to the ground…the coarse bricks scraping against my back. I clenched my hands together, bringing them to my face. All the screams which had been building inside me were threatening to come loose…

After the dance. The blinding hurt, then rage, had coursed through me, and I’d let myself go. I’d exerted no self control whatsoever. Everything in my path died. I’d wanted the world to feel my hurt…I couldn’t bear it alone. I raised my head slightly, a face swimming before my eyelids. Ambrosi’s dark curls were brushed with rain, and a sad smile tugged at the corners of his lips. He reached a hand out, as if to pull me up.

My hand floated out, wanting to feel the comforting chill of his skin. Of course I touched nothing…nothing save for the empty particles of air.

“I owe my allegiance to the Volturi…as do you. Love is something I owe nothing.”

His words still stung, like a fresh and gaping wound. Angrily, I stood…digging my fingernails into my palms. The familiar tingling swept through me, and I was almost tempted…

“Control yourself, Meg,” I said to myself.

Wearily, I sloshed through the many rain puddles…trying to shut out all the hurt gnawing at my heart.


I sped quietly through the endless sea of trees…a darker shadow belonging to the night. I felt guilty for enjoying this small pleasure, thinking of Meg’s broken expression. She didn’t know…she didn’t understand why I was doing this. Her wide-eyed gaze burned into my consciousness…so wise, and yet still so child-like.

That was precisely why I was going to go find my angel…in one last attempt to warn her.


Adrenaline coursed through my veins as I soared delicately over a log. My muscles worked rhythmically underneath…carrying me in my wolf form towards Forks. Isabella’s sad, defiant face danced through my mind and I gave a soft growl. She reminded me so much of Bella sometimes… Regardless of what the pack thought, I was going to see her. She’d trusted me…enough to tell me of her miserable past. I still knew something was not quite right about her, key components she wasn’t telling me. So that’s why I was going: to give her one last chance to tell me the truth, and one last chance to repair our broken friendship. I gracefully slid to a stop close to town, phasing back and throwing on a pair of jeans.

Quietly, I slipped through the streets. My eyes met the plain, little hotel first, and I could still see the light from her window. I crept to the side, eyeing the trellis that wove its way up to her room. Tentatively, I began to climb.


Softly, I wove through the silent town…towards where she was staying. I swear I could smell her blood from here...the intoxicating scent of her skin. What was the word Aro had used once? La tua cantante? But to protect her I had to end this…save her from the gathering evil on the horizon.

I stood close to the small building, watching the light from her window burn brightly. Her small form was illuminated in the panes as she brushed her hair, pacing around the small confines of her room. I took a step foreword, only to freeze. Every hair on the back of my neck stood on end, my spine tightening. Scaling the trellis to her window was a dark figure…muscular with long, black hair.

The scent told me everything. A werewolf.

I sank into a crouch, ready to spring. What was the dog planning to do…? A low growl ripped through my throat, and then I realized. He rapped twice on the window. Startled, she took a step back, but then threw the window open. My Meg sank to the ground…a small, choking sob filling her throat.

And it was not me who leapt to comfort her, but the boy who swung easily over the ledge. Jealously stabbed me with its fierce needles…enveloping my body in an agonizing fog. I turned sharply away from the window, every one of my senses seemingly clogged.

My muscles tightened and the scent of blood wafted over me, striking my low defenses. Visions of Meg flowing through my head, I leapt into the forest…speeding aimlessly through the trees.

Every part of me was gone…consumed by the fiery rage glowing in my chest. There was no way to determine what I was capable of now.


I stood silently by the window, gazing out into the starry expanse of the night sky. Alice was behind me on the sofa, flipping aimlessly through a catalogue. She’d returned from Edward’s bleak and disappointed, and try as she could, was unable to see anything more of Meg. I was starting to question whether she was right anymore…

Suddenly, I realized the rustling of pages had stopped. I turned sharply to see Alice, eyes wide and unseeing…fingers curled tightly. I dropped in front of her, taking her small hands in my own. Her muscles were tense, almost to the point of shaking.

“Alice?” I questioned gently.

With a small gasp, she came back to me…eyes wide.

“What did you see?” I asked carefully.

“It’s Bella…” she trailed off and looked away.

“What, Alice?”

She fixed me with a penetrating stare, anguish broiling in her eyes. “Bella’s gone. And I don’t know where.”