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It has been sixteen years since Meg Cullen was kidnapped by the Volturi. Sixteen years of Edward and Bella mourning their dead daughter...supposedly killed by the Pack. Then, Meg returns to Forks. Only then does the race for answers (and survival) begin... ~SEQUEL TO MY STORY "CHOICE"~EPILOGUE: BRILLIANCE IS UP!"BY THE PRICKING OF MY THUMBS, SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES." ~MACBETH

Here it is! The sequel to Choice! Hope you enjoy it! Disclaimer: I own nothing. All characters belong to the lovely Stephenie Meyer. Except the characters of Meg and Ambrosi, though. As well as the lovable (but annoying) Dean Newton. They come from my own imagination. © Edward's Rose 2008

14. Chapter 14: Intertwined

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Chapter Fourteen: Intertwined


Shapes dimly floated around the edges of my consciousness…in perfect rhythm with the hazy fog that drenched my senses. I was floating on water…the slightest ripple not seeming to affect me. Someone was calling my name, though.

“Meg?” Its rich tone was soaked in layers of agony, and I knew I was making it suffer.

I needed to wake up…show him I was alright.

Painfully, I forced them open…until they rested on my savior’s face.

“Meg,” he said again, his voice barely above a whisper.

Was this a dream…? Jane’s leering face flashed through my mind, but I could see her nowhere. Could Ambrosi be dead with me…? My arm rested gently by my side, the throbbing agony sending a shiver through me. The pain brought me back to Earth, and I realized that I couldn’t be dead. My cheeks felt wet, as if drops of rain rested on them. Then I realized they were tears.

“Don’t cry,” Ambrosi said, gently reaching over to wipe them away.

A cold shiver passed through me, and I closed my eyes. This couldn’t possibly be real…

“If you’re going to torture me, please stop now,” I whispered.

Confusion washed over his features. “Torture you?”

I nodded painfully. “I probably couldn’t take it after you leave again.”

“Leave you? Meg…”

“Stop,” I said sharply.

“How could I, when…?”

“Please…” I closed my eyes, not wanting to hear anymore of his lies.

“I love you, Meg.”

My eyes snapped open, focusing on his angelic face. “What?” I asked.

A small smile tugged at the corners of his lips. “I love you,” he said again.

Before I could stop it, his lips were on mine. His hand found the back of my neck, pulling me closer towards him. My un-injured arm reached up of its own accord, fingers twining in his dark curls.

My mouth opened up under his, and he crushed me closer to his chest.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, drawing away.

The slightly clouded color of his eyes seemed to pierce my very soul. “I know,” I breathed, silencing him with a kiss.

I delighted in the sensation of his cool fingers tracing patterns on my face. We broke apart, and I stared at him for a moment. Why had he lied to me…? I decided the reason wasn’t even important anymore.

A light wind blew through the trees, muted sunshine shedding onto our faces. I laid my head on his chest, feeling as if I could stay this way forever. And for a time, I forgot all about Jane and the Volturi.

His fingers were intertwined with mine and he whispered gently in my ear…

“Run away with me.”

I tilted my face slightly to look at him. This was the second time he’d asked me. His fingers squeezed mine gently, and his gaze was almost pleading.

“And what of the Volturi?” I questioned gently.

His eyes flickered briefly. “I owe them nothing…neither do you. You don’t deserve to be caught in their web. I know their ways…we can escape.”

“But you’re leaving everything you know.”

“So are you.”

I pondered his words for a moment. I thought of the rooftops of Volterra, bathed by the sunrise. The fountain…my window. And Jacob. Could I leave them all behind…? As I stared into his face, the answer became clear.

He was my life now.

Slowly, he pulled me to my feet…careful of my injured arm.

“I’ll have to carry you,” he said, concern laced in his words.

I shook my head fiercely. “No, I can walk.”

He stared at me critically. “Alright, but we have to hurry, or the Volturi will catch up with us.”

Then, we began our trek through the forest. Into the remnants of the blazing sun, with our hands intertwined.


Voices wafted towards us as we sped through the woods. Meg, my niece, she was alive! Jacob Black ran silently in wolf-form beside me. I resisted the urge to wrinkle my nose against the smell, but then a small figure landed in front of us.

I stiffened, recognizing the child-like features of little Jane Volturi.

“Hello, Alice. We’ve been waiting for you,” she said.


I slowly walked through the miles of endless green surrounding Forks. At one time, I would’ve found solace here…now all I could find was torment. I’d been tracing Bella’s scent ever since Port Angeles. Despite her becoming a vampire, her scent was as tempting as ever...serving as a constant reminder of the past. Why had she come here…? Why had she murdered an innocent…?

Suddenly, a slight breeze blew through the trees…and with it, came that scent which nearly sent me mad…


Effortlessly, I began running…blending into the oblivion of green like a wraith. Then I saw it…a pale face framed by dark ringlets.

“Bella!” I called.

Her head snapped up, eyes seeming to expand. She staggered slightly, and for a moment, I feared that she would collapse. I caught her in my arms, pressing her to me. I cupped her face in my hands, kissing every part of her that I could reach.

“Edward, I’m so sorry!” she sobbed.

“Why, Isabella?” I demanded fiercely, still holding her face between my hands.

Her gaze seemed to crumble. “I thought…I thought…”

“And that poor girl, Bella? You should’ve told me that the thirst…”

“What?” she demanded. “Edward, I’ve never killed anyone before.”


Suddenly, a strong wind rolled through the forest…causing leaves to rain down upon our heads. Bella’s gaze slid away from mine, and her eyes widened. A small, strangled sound escaped from her throat, and with a tremendous burst of strength, she broke away from me.

“Bella…!” I called, blindly snatching at her arm. My fingers brushed the emptiness of air, and I surged after her through the woods.


I watched the sky light up with the colors of a sunset, and felt the chill of night begin to set in. An involuntary shiver coursed through me, and it was not from the chill of Ambrosi’s skin.

Suddenly, Ambrosi’s hand tightened on mine, and he spun me away from him. Then, a large, dark shape flew through the air…colliding with him. A cacophony of vicious snarls met my ears and I realized it was Demetri.

“No…!” I snarled.

Then, Ambrosi threw Demetri onto the ground…who in turn, fled into the woods.

Ambrosi turned towards me, pain flickering in his eyes. “Stay here!” he commanded. Then he was gone.

“Ambrosi…!” I screamed, fear and anger bubbling through my words.

Suddenly, a cold breeze lifted the hair from my neck…as gentle as a mother’s lullaby.

“Meg?” a voice whispered behind me.


Slowly, I turned, my gaze so it settled onto a woman’s face. She had long, dark ringlets, and soulful, brown eyes…flecked with gold. Those features told me everything…she was a vampire. Her mouth was slightly parted, eyes clouded with confusion.

“Who are you?” I asked shakily.

A ragged gasp blew from her lips. “You don’t remember me?”

I shook my head vigorously. “No.” Although something did seem strangely familiar to me...

Pain coursed through her features and she took a step foreword, palms outstretched. “You’re name is Megan Elizabeth Cullen. You were born on May 21st…” Her eyes sought mine pleadingly. All of her weight was poised on one foot, like she was ready to spring towards me.

I stumbled backwards, my foot catching against a fallen log. Cullen…? What was she talking about? “How do you know all this?” I asked sharply.

“I’m your mother,” she said softly.

My eyes widened, every muscle in my body tense. “M-my parents were killed in a fire,” I said haltingly, my words sounding a lie.

She shook her head stubbornly. “No they weren't…we’ve been here all along. Please…please…” Her words were barely above a whisper.

I stared at her face for a moment, and then, it all settled into place…

Her face, leaning over a crib, a delighted smile appearing on her lips…Being lifted into a pair of stone arms, watching my father’s topaz eyes sparkle…Another woman with short, spiky hair dancing with me around a piano…Laughter echoing throughout a large, white mansion…Always her face, though…Those chocolate-brown eyes regarding me with love and tenderness…

I snapped out of my revelry, and could feel the tears coursing down my cheeks. “Mama?” I whispered.

An anguished cry burst from her lips and I was in her arms in a second. She held me close, stroking my hair as my sobs increased.

“Oh, my baby,” she murmured. “We-we thought you were dead…”

We stood like that for what seemed like an eternity. In her arms, I felt completely safe…as if nothing could ever hurt me again. For so long I’d been alone, never felt the comforting touch of one who I believed gone.

Suddenly, a sharp sound came from the edge of the clearing, and I looked over her shoulder quickly. I saw an angelic face with bronze hair and topaz eyes…regarding me, shocked.

“Meg…?” he whispered.

She turned towards him, a small smile on her lips. “It’s her, Edward.”

I tentatively took a step forward, not sure of what to do. Then, as I stared into his eyes, I closed the gap between my father and I…

He caught me in his arms, spinning me around effortlessly. My arm throbbed angrily, but I took no notice. He set me back down, holding my face between his hands.

“You’re beautiful,” he said approvingly, with a slight smile.

Suddenly, with a jolt, I recognized his voice. The sweet, melodic tone…which had saved me in Volterra, and on the bike.

“You saved me!” I blurted out.

He looked puzzled. “Saved you?”

I nodded vigorously. “Yes, in Volterra, you told me…”

“Volterra?” he asked sharply, eyes suddenly lighting with a deadly spark.

“Well, yes, that’s where I’ve been…”

“But the pack…” Mom whispered.

I turned towards her, open-mouthed, and then it all fell into place. “You’re Isabella Swan,” I said slowly. “And Edward Cullen.”

Bella nodded.

“Damn them!” I hissed, spinning away from my parents. “They told me my real parents had died in a fire…Aro said…”

“You were with the Volturi?” Edward snarled.

“They took you from us?!” Bella growled, a dark cloud passing over her face. “Why?”

Understanding swept through me like a wave. “For this,” I said though gritted teeth.

I turned towards a small tree, closing my eyes. The familiar surge of power flowed through me, and Bella gave a startled sound. I opened my eyes slightly, seeing a pile of ashes fall towards the forest-floor. I concentrated hard, letting the ashes slowly form into a whole tree again.

“Extraordinary,” Edward said softly.

I turned towards them again, biting my lip. “There’s more. I…”

Suddenly, a small figure tumbled into the clearing, only to stand between Edward, Bella and I. She turned to look at me, and I blinked. I remembered her! She had short, spiky hair, and deep golden eyes…which seemed to see something we couldn’t.

“Meg!” she declared happily, bouncing over to give me a hug and kiss. “You’re just as beautiful as you were in my visions. I’m your Aunt Alice, by the way.”

“H-hi,” I said, surprised. Her easy manner caught me off guard.

“Jane’s here,” she said shortly, turning back to Edward and Bella.

A tremor rippled through me, and a low snarl rose from the back of Edward’s throat. “When I see her, I’ll…”

Alice held up a hand. “Apparently, our Meg has “signed” a sort of contract. One that binds her to return to Volterra and become part of their order.”

I looked down at the ground, ashamed.

Bella snorted. “If they think they’re taking away my daughter again…”

“I told them that,” Alice said. “In slightly less eloquent words, though.”

“What does this mean?” Edward asked, pulling me closer.

“It means war,” I said simply.