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It has been sixteen years since Meg Cullen was kidnapped by the Volturi. Sixteen years of Edward and Bella mourning their dead daughter...supposedly killed by the Pack. Then, Meg returns to Forks. Only then does the race for answers (and survival) begin... ~SEQUEL TO MY STORY "CHOICE"~EPILOGUE: BRILLIANCE IS UP!"BY THE PRICKING OF MY THUMBS, SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES." ~MACBETH

Here it is! The sequel to Choice! Hope you enjoy it! Disclaimer: I own nothing. All characters belong to the lovely Stephenie Meyer. Except the characters of Meg and Ambrosi, though. As well as the lovable (but annoying) Dean Newton. They come from my own imagination. © Edward's Rose 2008

2. Chapter 2: Compromise

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Chapter Two: Compromise

Was Aro mocking me…? I couldn’t tell as I looked painfully into his eyes. Alec was kneeling next to Jane, whispering in her ear. The look she shot me was full of malice.I didn’t even have the strength to return it with my customary impertinence.

“The day has come,” Caius remarked solemnly, staring over my head as if I were a piece of carpet.

I felt cold arms lifting me gently off the floor, and stumbled, falling into Ambrosi. He spun me towards the chairs, anger clouding in his eyes.

“You-you knew I could do this?” I demanded, bright lights flashing before my line of vision.

Aro smiled broadly. “Why of course, Meg. One can always sense these things.”

The fog was beginning to clear, so suspicion flared in my heart. “I’m human, though. Is there something you aren’t telling me?”

A shadow flickered over Marcus’s face for the briefest of moments, but I still held Aro’s gaze. “No, my dear. We are not keeping anything from you. You were just destined for this life.”

Ambrosi’s arms tightened around me and I broke free…gliding past Jane and Alec until I stood directly in front of Aro. “And what life is that, Aro?” I hissed.

“As part of the Volturi,” Caius said softly.

“Yes. We are offering you a place among us, Meg. A high honor.”

“And if I refuse?”

His eyes flickered behind the smile. “I’m afraid there isn’t really a choice.”

“There’s always a choice,” I snapped.

“You’re too powerful, Meg. It would be…dangerous for you in the outside world.”

“Dangerous for you, you mean.”

“Meg…” Ambrosi warned.

They weren’t going to let me go. That much I was sure of. Not without a fight. Then, an idea dawned on me… “What if I’m allowed three months of freedom? Then I’ll come back and join the Volturi,” I swallowed. “Forever.”

“No!” Jane hissed, rising fluidly from the floor…her cloak writhing like a dark snake.

“Jane,” he commanded sternly. “Let’s hear Meg’s proposal. What would you do with this…freedom?”

I took a quick breath, grappling for words. I lifted my chin, showing them I had a plan. “I’d go to America…Forks, Washington.” Jane’s memories flashed before my eyes…a pull that kept me on edge.

A hushed silence fell across the room at my words. My eyes roved between the three, fingernails dug into my palm.

Caius’s eyes narrowed. “Why would you want to go there?”

I chanced a glimpse at Jane. “Does it really matter?”

Aro shook his head quickly. “Of course not. Very well, we shall consider this.”

Aro turned away fro me and Jane danced past, fixing me with a glare that could melt ice. I knew I was dismissed and, with a flourish, opened the doors, runninh into the hallway. Once outside, I slid down with my back to the wall…head buried in my hands. Jane’s memories still flooded through my mind…and that voice..

The bronze-haired boy and the dark-haired girl spun behind my closed eyelids, their faces somehow familiar and haunting. I raised my head and sighed, angrily warding off the tears.

I needed to go to Forks. And I’d do whatever I could to get there.


Rain came down in thick sheets, seeming to never show any signs of stopping. I rolled over on the bed, squeezing my eyes shut. Today was the day. May 21st…Meg’s sixteenth birthday. I picked absentmindedly at the covers, hearing the door open.

“Bella?” Edward called.

I rolled over and managed a tight smile. His bronze hair was brushed with drops of rain, which ran carelessly down his angel’s face…almost like tear marks. “Hi,” I whispered.

He crossed the room in one stride and pulled me into his arms, kissing the top of my head. “She’d be sixteen…” he whispered sadly.

“Mhmm,” I snuffled…waiting for the familiar sting of the tears. They didn’t come of course. Vampires don’t cry. Bella Swan had been killed in a car accident sixteen years ago. Then Isabella Cullen…a person I still hardly knew had emerged.

“Do you remember her laugh?” Edward asked softly.

I searched my memories to recover Meg’s face, only to hit a wall. Panicked, my eyes flew open. “I can’t remember her, Edward! Oh, God…!”

“Shh,” Edward said soothingly. “Here.” He rifled through the bedside tables and drew out a photo.

He handed it to me and I clung to it like a drowning man…my life preserver. I took in her golden eyes, beautiful face and all the memories came rushing back. Thankfully, I breathed a sigh of relief. I couldn’t just see her face, or any one else’s for that matter, clearly anymore. Edward watched this with a tortured expression in his eyes, but there was nothing he could do. Being immortal came with a price. I hugged him tighter and he stroked the top of my head.

I glanced out the window, watching the rain gather intensity. Something was coming.


My head whipped around as I heard a knock on my bedroom door. “Come in!” I called.

The door opened to reveal Ambrosi, a pained expression on his face. “Aro…”

“Yes, Aro sends for me. I know,” I breathed, rushing out the door. Today was the day my freedom would be decided…

“Meg!” Ambrosi called, grabbing me by the wrist so I would look at him.

His touch was cold, sending an involuntary shiver coursing through me.

“I heard some of their conversation. Jane is seething…it would do you best to stay clear of her. And…”

“And…?” I asked impatiently.

“They’re talking of a family…one called the Cullens. Caius was afraid they were “still there,” but Aro told him they’d moved on.”

“Oh,” I said, slightly taken off guard. Cullen...why did it sound so familiar?

“Are you really going to leave?” he asked softly, the direction of our conversation changing rapidly.

“Yes,” I said slowly. “I want my freedom, Ambrosi…before I give it up forever.”

Ambrosi’s hand tightened on my wrist. “Meg, the Volturi aren’t compassionate…they show no mercy. You know what they do to all those innocents…”

“Wouldn’t you know more about it, though?” I snapped.

His lovely eyes flickered and he dropped his head.

I cursed my insensitivity. “I-I’m sorry. That wasn’t right of me to say…”

Ambrosi shook his head. “I cannot change who I am.”

I bit my lip, brushing his hand with my fingers. “Come, they’re waiting for us.”


Without blinking, I stood facing them…my heart hammering indelicately against my ribs. Ambrosi stood silently at the door, gaze impassive as he watched me.

Aro drummed his fingers together, eyeing me closely. “Well, Meg, we’ve made our decision.”


“Very well, we give you your freedom. We will arrange it for you,” he raises a finger. “But, this comes with a price…something you need to comprehend fully.”

Elation filled me like a balloon, and I resisted the urge to leave them then and there. “Name the price,” I said evenly.

Aro nodded. “After your one month of freedom, you will return to Volterra. To join our group without question.”

“I thought our agreement was three months!”

“Things change,” Caius growled.

I bit my lip angrily. “And shall I be changed upon my return?

He smiled serenely. “That is a different matter entirely. Now, give me your hands.”

I knew he was going to search my mind…finding the contract we were about to forge. Tentatively, I gave my hand and he closed my eyes.

I promise…Swear to join the Volturi forever…One month…

Thoughts meshed together into a solid promise, and I could feel the cold from Aro’s hand travel up my spine. Once satisfied, he broke away…smiling.

“Very well, Meg. One month on your own...then you will return to us. You will leave tomorrow.”

I nodded and made quickly for the door…ignoring Ambrosi’s penetrating gaze. I had my freedom, for a little while, and I intended to do all I could with it.