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A poem about how Bella felt when Edward left. Not one of my greatest works but you know

This is my poem I hope you will enjoy it. Please review when done! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ha that part right there....its a haiku!!!

1. Chapter 1

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Sun fell behind the tree
Hiding your perfect mask
You spoke your mind to me
Words that tore and killed

I wanted to run from you
Run as far as I could
I wanted to hide from you
Hide as I well should

You told me what
And told me why
But why I’m asking
Did I have to die?

You turned on your heel
And walked away slow
I know that you don’t feel
My pain

I hope you like being alone
Because I wont come running back
Anytime soon
You killed me

I thought for a year that we were in love
But it turns out you were a liar
I hate my love
How can it be?

I wont forget
What you did
It burned me deep
I wont forget that night

The night that hell broke free
The night that you left
The night you said you didn’t love me
The night in my past.