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Just a little drabble on Victoria.


1. Chapter 1

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Her scarlet hair flowed, a vivid crimson in the light breeze. She stood at the edge of the cliff, high above the crashing waves below. Her back was stiff – like someone haughty and proud.

A storm was brewing in the dreary horizon. Majestic grey clouds were floating lazily in the dim sky, with the occasional flash of lightning. The dark blue waves reared back and forth, preparing itself to join the coming storm. The currents of water pushed here and there, sometimes revealing sharp rocks at the bottom of the cliff hidden by the blue blanket of the water. Dark shadowy mountains loomed in the distance, casting dull grey shadows on whatever little amount of light there was left. There was a low rumble of thunder.

A single lightning flashed, dangerously close to where she was standing. But she did not even flinch, her expression strangely serene in the terrifying storm that was gathering. The wind increased, whipping her blood-red hair around. Her ruby-coloured cloak was billowing the string wind she stood perfectly still.

Time ceased to exist.

Suddenly, as fast as a cobra striking its prey, her eyes snapped open, glittering with a fury that was akin to the ferocious weather. Life meant nothing to her now. Eyes gleaming with anticipation, excitement – even joy? – she took a deep breath, and leaped.

She spiraled downwards, a reddish blur in the drizzling rain. Hitting the surface of the water with a huge splash, her crimson in the water could be seen clearly – like a scarlet flower floating.

Then, the darkness claimed her.