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Future Sight, and its Delight.

Alice is in the garden behind the ausylum. She tries to find an escape with her powers.

I hope you get it. It was fun to write!

1. Chapter 1

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A garden of green,

A labyrinth maze,

A small girl wanders,

Within its haze.

Black short hair,

Skin snowy white,

She holds in her eyes,

The future’s light.

A devilish smile,

Creeps upon her face,

As she discovers,

A threatening pace.

Her eyes stay still,

Her thoughts rush ahead,

To see the outcome,

Before she’s mislead.

But she sighs in anguish,

Her plan a mistake,

She has no chance,

Of finding escape.

She wanders on,

Exploring mind and sight,

Her breath catches short,

In a future delight.

And she knows one day,

Without a doubt,

The friendly man,

Will let her out.

She skips along,

Singing a song,

Of inhuman beings,

Who live so long.

These creatures are her destiny,

Though they’re no Cinderella,

Her fantasies immerse her,

Of a girl named…Bella…