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Basking in the Sun

Edward is Bella's Sun and Jacob is he moon, when she descides to end her life as Bella Swan and begin it as Bella Cullen, how will it turn out? Characters: Everyone from twilight who hasn't died yet. CHAPTER 2 IS OUT! REVIEW PLEASE!

Stephanie Meyer is a Genius, she was the ove who created the charactors so they're hers. I just borrowed them.

1. Chapter 1: The Sun and the Moon

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I’ve always loved the sun. The love the warmth and the brightness. However, the moon brings out feelings in me that I’ve locked away for so long. Sometimes, the moon even makes me do crazy things.

Elizabeth Mason’s ring, now mine, sparkled on my finger. I could almost imagine how her emerald eyes shone when she looked at it. Today was the day I’d dreaded for almost three months.

Looking in the mirror, I hardly recognized the girl that stood there. She was pale and made up like a porcelain doll. Her big brown eyes were made up with mascara, her full red lips stained red and her wavy hair pinned up into a wispy bun. A delicate lace formfitting strapless dress hugged her curves and flowed into a pool at her feet. Up to her arm, her hands were graced with lace gloves, clutching tightly to a bouquet of budding blood red roses tied tightly together with a thick lace ribbon.

I could hardly recognize this perfect picture of purity. I could hardly believe it was me. Today was the day that my life as Isabella Marie Swan ended and the life of Isabella Marie Cullen began. In the back of my mind, a little voice told me that I was incomplete. I really do miss the moon, but I need the sun to live.

The door creaked open and in danced Alice with an impish grin on her lips.

“ Bella,” She smiled, “ Don’t worry, you look beautiful.”

Heat rushed to my face as I noted the length of my bare neck plunging into a cleavage.

“ You went completely overboard.” I whined

“ Edward is going to love it.” She said melodiously.

I couldn’t hold back my smile, I missed Edward. Since we’d returned from Italy, he never left me unnecessarily. It’s been especially hard for Alice and Rosalie for the past few days as we fought over trivial things like what color lipstick to wear and whether I should wear my hair up or down. I’d never seen the dress, leaving that part to Alice. I assumed since she’d known Edward longer, she’d know what he liked. It’s been a very difficult five days.

“ Okay.” I sighed, “ Let’s get this over with."


For the past few days, I’ve found myself staring out the window at the tiny insignificant things around me. I noticed how the dew from the morning stood lightly on the grass. It was refreshing, I can’t remember the last time I felt refreshed. That is, before Bella of course. I was anxious to see her but had no idea where she was. The day before she left, Alice blocked me out of her mind reciting the Hokey Pokey in German and as usual, Rosalie wasn’t very useful. All she did was imagine how beautiful she’d look in her bride’s maid dress. Unwillingly, anxiety kicked in.

Calm down. With yours and Emmett’s feelings all over the place, your making me crazy. Jasper stood at the door, leaning of the hinges, “ If you weren’t brain dead, you’d hear Carlisle calling you.”

“ Oh, sorry.”

Carlisle sat at his desk going over some last minute paper work. His eyes never met mine, they didn’t need to.

Hello Edward. You’re awfully quiet today, I’d expect you to be ecstatic. His eyes met mine momentarily as he spoke out loud, “ Is something bothering you?”

“ Bella wasn’t very happy the last time I was her.” I confessed, “ I don’t want her to feel like she’s making a mistake.”

I’m sure you’re over thinking things. You always do. His eyes averted back to his paperwork.

“ What if Jacob Black shows up and she decides to run off with him. Bella has always been impulsive.”

“ Bella loves you.” I’m sure she wouldn’t hurt you that way.

“ Bella also loves Jacob.” I shot back

Shouldn’t you be worrying about your wedding night and honeymoon? I’m sure that’s more of a problem than a young Quileute wolf.

He got up from his desk to change out of his cloths at human pace.

“ Is that the reason you called me here?”

“ No.” I wanted to have a talk with you about your future.

“ What about it?”

“ Can you fix my tie?” I’ve never been good at tying ties, where’s Esme when you need her?

“ She’s out getting something special for Bella.” I paused, “ If she shows up.”

“ I wanted to talk to you, like father to son.” he said ignoring my last remark. Before there was anyone else, there was just you and me. I’d watch the decades pass by and you never found a partner. You never seemed to need one as you’d say. Now that you’ve found someone you love, it shows and you seem to be glowing all the time these days. All I’ve ever wanted for you, is happiness. Embrace it Edward, don’t push it away.

“ Thank you, Father.”


Charlie looked dashing in his suit. It wasn’t like the one he wore to Harry’s funeral, but this one actually fit properly. He however, looked uncomfortable like his thighs were chafing or something. Impatiently, he walked back and forth, paseing the floor of the church halls. Everyone took their places and I came out reluctantly. As the wedding march begin playing, he snapped back to the present.

“Bella” He gasped, “ You look beautiful.” I was a bit uncomfortable with Charlie---Dad, expressing his feelings. Once again heat rushed to my cheeks. I awkwardly hooked my arm in his.

“ Thanks Dad.”

At that moment, a few things happened at once. The brides maids marched out, or glided rather, to the tempo of the wedding march. At the other end of the hall, my eye caught something I hadn’t seen in a while, Jake’s rabbit parked on the other side next to all the other cars. Out walked a familiar face, he wore slacks and a white button down shirt, no tie though. He had a dazed look on his face and I had the urge to embrace him in my arms and never let go.


The anticipation was almost strangling me. I hadn’t seen Rosalie and Alice in five days either, my brothers were practically hyperventilating to see their wives. I knew Alice and Rosalie would look the same, but I longed to see my wife to be. Hopefully, she won’t be in a cast or neck brace, but I didn’t care. To me, nothing can dull Bella’s beauty.

The wedding march began to play. With my sensitive ears, I heard the pianist play off a bit too light for human ears. A twinge of irritation flew through me before a wave of calm. I eyed Jasper in irritation also.

Calm down. Bella’s here, I can feel her excitement. He smiled as he thought.

Excitement? Was she excited to see me? The church was filled with familiar faces. I’d recognized some from their thoughts.

She moves here just two years and she already bagged a Cullen. What does he see in her anyway? As usual, Jessica was jealous.

A familiar unpleasant scent went past my nose. I looked at Carlisle who was eyeing me, apparently sensing the smell also.

Why is Bella marrying this creep? He left her without hesitation and out of the blue comes back asking her to marry him. What pisses me off is she accepted it. Even though I was trying to concentrate on the scent, Newton’s thoughts were hard to block out. Why am I even here? Why is SHE going to be here?

The wedding march began to play and Rosalie, followed by Alice, walked out. Alice smiled for the crowd but her thoughts said otherwise.

I smell him Edward. Jacob Black is outside.


Dropping my arm from Charlie’s, I noticed the wedding march repeated like a broken record. I staggered toward the face and he stood completely still. He seemed to be confused as to whether leave or walk into the church. When he saw me his face softened even though in his eyes, sadness was evident.

“Jacob Black.” I managed to push out his name without breaking down into tears.

“Hi Bells.” He smiled but his eyes were fixed on mine, “ How’s it going.”

I reached up, even on my high heeled shoes, and smacked him of the back of the head. I looked at my hand in shock, I’d never been one prone to violence. His eyes widened.

“ What was that for?”

“ For making me worry!” I didn‘t notice my voice raising, “ Where were you?”

“I ran to Canada.” He looked ashamed of himself


He laughed at my reaction, the old one he used to have before life got complicated, pure and sincere.

“ So….” He paused to watch my reaction, “ Today’s the day, huh?”

“ Yes it is.” I smiled, “ I’m glad you came.”

“ Yeah, but I can’t stay.” He confessed. I looked at the ground in attempt to hide my sadness. That’s when I noticed he wasn’t wearing any shoes. Leave it to Jake to show up at a formal event without shoes, “ I just came back to ask you to change your mind.”


Instinctively, I froze in place as the pianist played Bella’s que over and over again, all the while messing up at the exact same spot. Irritation bubbled into pure anger before I glared over at the pianist. He shrunk and stopped playing. Pinching the Bridge if my nose I tried not to panic. Jasper sent another wave of calm my way.

Calm down, he thought, She’ll show up. Alice saw her marrying you

“ If you tell me to calm down one more time…” I spoke too quickly for human ears before the other thought began rushing in. Alice wasn’t always right, all of us knew that if Bella changed her mind, the future would change also.

Renee’s thoughts were the first that I heard. When did Bella become so Impulsive? She didn’t run away, did she? She must have come to her senses realizing that she’s entirely too young. Still, it’s not like her.

Poor Edward, Jessica was beginning to annoy me, If Bella leaves, he’ll be forced to give up on her and I’ll be right there to make him feel better. She began fantasizing about her and I on the beach. I cringed away from her thoughts

Yes! Take that Cullen, she wants me. I glared over at Mike, His thoughts fluctuated, Did I say that out loud? I must have, otherwise, how else could he hear me?

Edward! I looked at Carlisle not even attempting to hide my anger, but he saw through it completely, Patience my son. She’ll make the right decision.