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Basking in the Sun

Edward is Bella's Sun and Jacob is he moon, when she descides to end her life as Bella Swan and begin it as Bella Cullen, how will it turn out? Characters: Everyone from twilight who hasn't died yet. CHAPTER 2 IS OUT! REVIEW PLEASE!

Stephanie Meyer is a Genius, she was the ove who created the charactors so they're hers. I just borrowed them.

2. Chapter 2:Vows

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I froze in my stance. What would I do? I could leave now and not marry Jake until I’m ready. How would Edward feel? I promised not to leave him at the alter but I can’t live without him. What are my pros here? A normal life? Children? Equality? Well, somewhat.

When I finally met his eyes, they were pained. I stood on my tippy toes and wrapped my free arm around his neck before bringing my lips to his. Closing my eyes, I imagined myself like that forever, in his arms, loving him the way I did Edward. I could feel the affection sliding off of him and when I pulled back, I’d already made my decision. Looking down at the bouquet of budding roses in my hand, I spoke without really thinking.

“ Did you know that why red roses are given on Valentine’s Day?” I touched the delicate petals before pulling one randomly from the bunch. Gingerly, I handed it to him after kissing one of it’s petals, “ I’m giving you a part of my love, Jake, but that’s all I can offer you now.”

He accepted the rose, closing his eyes in contentment. He put the rose to his nose and took a deep breath.

“ Goodbye Isabella Swan.”

“ This isn’t goodbye Jake, just… see you soon.”

He just smiled before jumping into his Rabbit and driving away.

I walked into the Chapel with a smile on my face because a large burden was lifted from my shoulders. Charlie’s expression was bewildered but surprisingly understanding.

My arm locked into his once more as I waited for the music. Gently, I pecked Charlie on the lips, his face flushed. That was possibly the closest thing he had to a kiss since my mom.


I hadn’t noticed I wasn’t moving until Jasper’s thoughts broke into my mind.

You’re completely freaking out. I can feel it, you’re making me anxious too. It may have been rude, but I totally disregarded his thought. I was still trying not to go into a rage and fulfill my desire to rip out the pulpit and hurl it at Newton’s head.

Jacob’s scent is fading. He seems to be leaving. Alice thought, But Bella’s scent is still here.


With the music as our signal, Charlie and I walked down the aisle. At first, all I could do was focus on not tripping on my dress, falling, and taking Charlie down with me. That was, until I saw Edward. His averted eyes met mine and a sort of luminescence that was almost blinding came off of him. A wave of relief rolled over me, even though I knew he’d wait for me forever if he had to. Our eyes locked the entire way as I disregarded the flashes and snaps of cameras. All I could see were the golden tints to his honey eyes and still didn’t believe they were all for me.

When I was given away to him, my heart fluttered faster than ever before. His eyes never left mine and I totally tuned out the priest. All I could do was focus on Edward, the man of my dreams and a couple nightmares, the love of my life.

“Now, the Bride and Groom will exchange vows.” The priest announced. Edward squeezed my palm tighter into his before turning to me. His hand touched my face, sliding across my cheeks and over my lips, “ … the groom will read his first.”

“ Bella,” he mused, “ I love you, I’ve loved you ever since I knew the real you, even though it took a bit of time to figure it out. I’ve never been in love with anyone the way that I am with you in my entire…” He paused and smiled to himself again, “… existence. You’ve stirred feelings in me though I thought were…” He grinned wider this time, “…dead. You’ve changed my entire outlook on life. You’re the most beautiful, spontaneous, innocent, loving being I’ve ever come across. I live for your smiles, kisses, touch, love, and so much more. Without you, there is no living.”

Edward has always been articulate, but just now, in front of all these people, his words meant so much more. I desperately fought back the tears that came on. It would be bad if the bride looked like a raccoon.

“… now the Bride will say her vows.”

CRAP! I thought, After what Edward just said, mine will sound dumb. I patted the sides of my dress, forgetting that I wasn’t wearing jeans, so it wouldn’t be in my pockets. I’d wrote it down, right?---CRAP--- I can’t find it. Without even looking at him, I could tell Edward was amused. Alice, the life saver, danced forward and handed me the folded red stationary. Keeping the theme of the wedding as always. Unfolding the paper clumsily, I handed the bouquet to Alice, silently thanking her with my eyes.

“ Uh hum.” I cleared my throat loudly. Emmett, Edward’s best man, almost burst into laughter at my clumsy performance, “ M-My dearest Edward.” I sounded robotic, even to me. Emmett started to giggle wildly but I continued, “ I-I don’t know how to say this…” my voice trailed off as my eyes met his, they were patient as always. Intuitively, I balled up the paper and tossed it over my shoulder. It unintentionally hit Lauren, not that she didn’t deserve it, and the whole assembly broke out into laughter., “ Sorry.” I blushed wildly before turning back to Edward’s eye, which was wickedly amused.

“ Edward.” I began again. The whole room became quiet, “ Words cannot describe what you’ve given me. In all your…” How do I say it?, “ …godlike--- that’s it---- splender, you’ve chosen to love a plain Jane like me.” He frowned at my lat remark, “ You’re the reason I’m alive today and the reason that I can love as passionately as I do. The least I can do is love you and be yours forever, as I know you’ll be mine.”

Edward’s face softened and an unreadable expression crawled unto his face. The priest continued but I wasn’t listening. All I could think of was of the eternity we would spend together.

“ Do you, Edward Anthony Mason Cullen, take Isabella Marie Swan as your wife? Do you promise to love and Cherish her as long as you both shall live?”

The sides of Edward’s lips twitched to suppress a laugh, an inside joke I’m sure.

“ I do.” He grinned widely

“ Same question for You, Isabella.” That’s Bella, I thought rolling my eyes. Edward smiled at the obvious, I was picking up some of his sarcasm, “ Do you Isabella Marie Swan, take Edward Anthony Mason Cullen to be your lawful wedded husband through sickness and health, till death----”

“ I do!” I cut him off impatiently. A few giggles and snickers rose from the audience. The truth was, not even death would ever separate us, so that part was trivial. I noticed the diamond incrusted wedding band Edward slipped unto my finger and the almost Identical one that I slid unto his with shaky hands.

“ So, by the power invested in me, and by the state of Washington, I pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the Bride.”

“ Finally.” Edward huffed before grabbing my bare shoulders and kissing me with the enthusiasm that saw our first time at the meadow, after he ran with me. The on watchers burst into wild applause but it all sounded muffled to me. I was getting an adrenaline rush from Edward’s urgent kiss and it truly was exhilarating.


Bella’s giggles were music to my ears. As I held he light weight protectively in my arms, I smiled down at her closed eyes. She was at long last my wife, I felt a sort of victory that she chose me over Jacob Black. Mike Newton was pathetically green around the gills. I also felt uneasy that she gave up a normal life to be damned with me but how could I refuse her? I wanted to give her whatever her heart desired.

I was growing impatient walking at human speed, I couldn’t wait to show Bella just how much I loved her. Unfortunately, I couldn’t run with her because she had too much to drink. There’s no way that she’d keep her stomach from turning inside out if I ran now. I was still livid at Emmett and Rosalie--- I couldn’t believe she was in on it--- for lancing the punch with liquor. It’s a good thing there was no one under 18 attending. However, there was Chief Swan, Bella’s father and the town’s Chief of Police. Luckily, he was nervous and drank too much himself to even notice anything strange.

“ Put me down.” She protested, “ I can walk.”

“ No you can’t.” I laughed

The Cullen house was completely empty. It was refreshing not having to hear thoughts within a five mile radius. I didn’t want to be distracted, I’d need all my concentration not to kill Bella, especially after her little performance at the wedding. Her innocence always seems to ignite something that’s unexplainable.

“ Edward.” She slurred, “ I’ve never seen you so sexy.” She drew out the ‘s’ in ‘sexy’. She was certainly not behaving like herself. She was giggling uncontrollably as I sat her on the bed and tried to undo her simple-looking-yet-complicated hair style before I sat next to her. As her hair flowed in waves down her back, her scent was thrown my way when her head leaned unto my shoulder. A hunger built inside me that wanted her, not for her blood, but as a man wants a woman.

Unnoticeably, my breathing grew heavy, as it caressed her face she grew giddy. I brought my lips to the arch of her neck.

“ Stop tickling me…” she laughed. I nibbled a bit on her earlobe, “ Ouch, Eddie.” I froze momentarily and a shiver ran down my spine. I despised being called ‘EDDIE’. I can’t count how many times I’ve beat Emmett to a pulp when he does.

She flopped on the bed and her breathing calmed. Maybe she’s calmed down I thought, rather hoped. Her face was angelic, her eyes were closed and the her body looked pale in contrast to the bed’s golden sheets. A content smile graced her naturally pouted lips as her hair was thrown carelessly everywhere. I began kissing her neck, collar bone, nose chin, just everywhere visible. I wanted to kiss her everywhere. She shuffled to for comfort beneath me. I could hardly hold myself back.