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The Pro List

Bella sits at the window thinking... Edward? or Jacob?

This is just something that I scribbled when I got really bored.

1. Chapter 1

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The Pro List:


My sun

My light

My reason for current survival

My friend

My soul mate

My savior

I love him


My world

My meaning in life

My one true love

My breath

My words

My everything

I love him

I can’t choose

I must choose

My sun…My world

Both inevitably important in my universe

Without one my world is shrouded in darkness

Without the other, I have no world at all

Neither are appealing

Both have the keys to my soul

To my heart

They both have a piece of me

They will both give them back

But I refuse to take either

I don’t dare to choose

I can’t bear to choose

I can’t bear to

I can’t bear

I can’t…

But I must