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If you get there before I do

Bella you had your turn. Now move over cause this is my story.

Disclaimer: i do not own anything except for the characters not mentioned in the twilight series. everything else belongs to the wonderful Stephenie Meyer.


2. welcomed nightmare

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The house loomed before me.

" Well, this is my home." Alice beamed. She seemed a little too excited. "Thanks for the ride."

After Edward abandoned her in the parking lot it began raining. A storm was moving in.

The sky was a green gray and everything was covered in a blanket of shadows. I had a hard time driving down the winding road to her house.

" Wow," Alice peered at the sky, " are you sure you want to go home now? I think it's hazardous."

" I'll be ok. If anything happens I can always call Amy."

Amy Walker was my mother. For some reason I have never called her ‘mom' to her face and she seemed more than happy with that. She had naturally black hair and silver-gray eyes. She stood at about 5'6' and had a very small frame. Amy was very pretty in high school and always had the boys' attention. Not many things changed since then except that she got married and moved out of her hometown, Forks. My mom's maiden name was Amy Swan.

That was another reason we moved here. Her older brother, Charlie lived here. He was only older by a couple years but Amy thought it would be best if we lived near by. He needed someone to take care of him because she thinks he wasn't able of it. Charlie said his daughter, my cousin, was coming to live with him in a few months but my mom insisted.

I was brought to reality when a bright flash illuminated the sky.

" Forget it Dani. You're not going anywhere until this storm is over." Alice declared.

" What am I supposed to do then?" I asked hesitantly.

" Stay at my house of course." She replied like it was so obvious.

" I don't have any stuff with me." I protested.

" Don't worry I'll let you borrow what ever you need. We have extra everything, almost, for when guests come."

I knew I wasn't going to win. Alice had everything planned out. She must have seen this.

" Is Edward home?" I asked nervously.

" Probably. Why?" She was curious.

" Well I don't think he likes me, in fact I think he hates me." I replied keeping my eyes on the ground.

" Why do you say that?"

" Um..." I hesitated. This is not something I wanted to discuss with her.

She frowned when I didn't speak.

" If you don't tell me I'll tell him you're here." She threatened.

" He'll find out anyway. Besides today in Biology he was glaring at me like he was going to kill me." I whispered although it was probably no use. Someone else would hear anyways. By now I was pretty sure what they were.

Alice smiled and shoved me into the house.

" Don't worry," She said, " it's normal. He's just weird."

"Who is?" Jasper appeared at the top of the stairs.

The house was marvelous. Inside there was a spacious living room, cream colored, with white couches and a 60-inch plasma screen TV. In the corner, there was a beautiful, white piano. A Swarovski crystal chandelier hung from the center of the ceiling. One of the walls was replaced with glass so I was able to make out trees and a river in the distance.

" Edward is weird." Alice answered the question jasper asked earlier. The reason I knew it was him because of the descriptions in the book and because he looked at me in a slightly uncomfortable manner.

" And why is that?" he inquired. He was having a difficult time keeping a straight face.

" Because he was being rude to Dani here." Alice said then nudged me.

" Dani this is Jasper. I don't know if you've seen him around school today." Alice babbled.

" Pleased to meet you Dani. Welcome to Forks." Jasper smiled.

" Thanks Jasper." I smiled back.

" You better call your mom and tell her you're spending the night." Alice held out her cell phone for me.

" I'll call her later." I pulled out my own. " She's probably still at work. It's only 3:30 after all."

" Where does she work?" Alice began interrogating me as she motioned for me to follow her up the stairs.

" She works at Forks Community Hospital. She's a cardiologist." I said.

" Wow. Wait that means she must know Dr. Cullen. Carlisle actually. He's my father."

I tried to look puzzled like I didn't know who she was talking about. " Your father? Really? I never heard of him, although it's my firs day here." I said to keep up with the pretense.

" Yeah, he works there too." She answered her eyes seemed distant, lost in thought.

" Well, I'll ask my mom if she knows him." I was a little surprised when we arrived at a door. How did we get here? I wasn't paying any attention to my surroundings.

" This is my room." She opened the door to a beautiful room.

The walls were a light blue. A big canopy bed occupied the north wall. A little to the left there was a big white couch like the one downstairs facing the west wall where a 42-inch TV was mounted to the wall.

" You'll take the couch. It's a pullout so you'll be comfortable." She pointed.

Next to the TV, there was a door.

" What's in here?" I walked over to it.

" Closet. We'll pick something out for you to wear." She said dismissively while looking through her desk next to the bed. After she finished, she plopped down on her bed.

" Put your stuff in the closet and we'll go downstairs." She said.

I noticed it was really quiet. Except from the storm it felt like we were the only ones here.

" Hey where is everybody?" I opened the door to a walk in closet that looked a lot like mine, overflowing with clothes.

" Carlisle is at work, Esme, my mom, is in the office working on the blueprints for some remodeling project. My brother and sister, Emmet and Rosalie, are in the garage and jasper and Edward are probably downstairs playing video games." She replied, bored. Then she quickly got up, her eyes bright with excitement. " How about I introduce you to everyone."

She grabbed me by the hand and dragged me out of the room to another flight of stairs leading to the third floor.

The door we came to turned out to be the office. When Alice opened the door, the first thing I noticed was a large, cherry oak table occupying most of the space, covered with blueprints and a miniature, wooden model of a house.

Esme looked up from her work and smiled when her gaze met mine.

" Hello Alice, who is your friend?"

" Esme this is Dani. She just moved here with her mom from Chicago. Dani this is my mom, Esme." I already knew the rumors about the Cullen siblings being adopted. This was the firs thing Mike told me after I asked who they were.

" It's nice to meet you." I mumbled.

" I'm happy to meet you too. Welcome to our home." Esme said wholeheartedly.

" Is it ok if Dani stays for the night? I don't want to let her drive in that storm." Alice asked.

" Of course Alice." Esme said, and then turned to me. "Make yourself at home Dani."

" Yay thanks." Alice gave her a hug and dragged me towards the stairs.

" Who do you want to meet next?" she asked excitedly.

" Your choice." I frowned. " Do you really have to introduce me to everyone?"

" Yes! I'm being a good host..." she paused abruptly. " Fine we'll go say hi to Rose."

To get to the garage we had to go through the living room, where Jasper and Edward were, and then to the kitchen through the back door.

When Alice and I came into the living room Jasper looked up from his game and smiled.

" Hey Dani, you any good at Guitar Hero?" He asked.

" Better than you, that's for sure." I laughed as he missed some of the notes while talking to me. At the same time, Edward turned and glared at Alice. She rolled her eyes and pulled me along to the kitchen.

" Rude much." She mumbled under her breath.

"Up next the garage." She declared. " Rosalie loves cars so she's probably working on one right now. Emmet is just there to help."

We walked into the garage and I saw that same silver Volvo parked right between a bright red BMW and a colossal Jeep. A pair of blue jeans and tan Uggs were sticking out from under the monster Jeep.

" Hey ladies." Came a voice from behind us. I must have leaped three feet in the air.

" Emmet! Are you crazy? Don't sneak up on us like that." Alice playfully punched him in the arm.

" Sorry didn't mean to." He apologized.

Then Emmet turned toward me and my eyes widened. He was... ripped. The guy must have had a six-pack. His muscles kind of intimidated me.

" Hey, Dani right? I saw you in school today. What's up?" he greeted me.

" Emmet I need your help again." Rosalie, I imagine called out from under the Jeep.

" Rose, say hi to our guest." Emmet said as he walked over.

She pulled out from underneath and waved at me.

" Hi Dani. I'm Rosalie but you can call me Rose. Nice to meet you." I don't know why in the book she was described as a bitch. She seemed really nice.

My phone vibrated in my back pocket. I pulled it out and looked at the caller ID. Amy.

" Hey Amy. What's up?" I asked nonchalantly.

" Where are you? Are you ok?" she was frantic.

" Don't worry I'm fine," I assured her, " I'm just staying at a friend's for the night. There's a storm outside and she thinks it's too dangerous for me to drive home tonight."

" Oh well who's your friend?" she asked, cautious. I didn't have her completely convinced that I'm safe. Yet.

" Alice Cullen."

There was a pause.

" Wait does she have any relation to Carlisle Cullen?" she was surprised to hear Alice's name, I could tell. She too read all of the Twilight books.

" Yes." I said as calm as possible. I knew what she was beginning to hint at. " Alice is his daughter."

" Like... you know..." she trailed off. I knew what she meant though. Amy was asking if Alice was ‘adopted'.

" Yeah." I whispered.

"... Ok you have fun then." There was a nervous edge to her voice.

" Thanks." I replied sarcastically and snapped the phone shut.

" What was that all about?" Alice asked. "Who's Amy?"

" My mom. She was worried when I didn't come home."

" Oh." Alice was, for some reason surprised. " Why do you call her Amy instead of mom?"

Now I get why she was surprised.

" I only call her Amy to her face. She raised me saying to never call her mom."

Alice's eyes widened, " Why?!"

" My mom is only 33 years old. She gave birth to me when she was 16. She looks younger than her age. Some people don't take hat well. That there is such a small difference between our ages, I mean."

Alice's eyes clouded over as she pondered what I said, for a moment. I wasn't paying attention but through the whole conversation Alice was leading me somewhere. I looked at my surroundings and noticed we were in the kitchen. Loud music was blaring in the living room. Jasper and Edward were still playing Guitar Hero. Time to rub my talent in their faces. Vampire or not they don't stand a chance against my skills. I will win.

We walked into the living room just as they were finishing a round.

" Mind if I try?" I asked.

" Definitely," Jasper's eyes lit up. " Lets see how long it's going to take you to forfeit."

" How are things going on planet You Wish?" I retorted. " I never forfeit or lose a game."

After 27 rounds in a row I got bored.

" Hate to say it but I told you so." I smirked.

" Redo. It's not fair. " Jasper was genuinely shocked that I beat him every time.

" No way! I got skills." I said. " Hey we can totally play again once you get past the amateur level, that is."

Through the game I noticed Edward and Alice quietly arguing. They kept their voices down to a whisper so we wouldn't hear. Edward was mad, really mad and I had a pretty good idea why.

The front door opened and another vampire walked in. Carlisle, I thought.

" Hello everyone." He greeted us.

" Hi Carlisle." Alice jumped up and down. " Come here," she grabbed his hand and tugged him along to where I was standing, " I want you to meet my friend, Dani Walker."

" It's a pleasure to meet you." Carlisle held out his hand and I shook it. His skin was cold like ice and it frightened me a little.

" Where are you from?" he continued.

" I moved here from Chicago." I replied meekly.

" Oh I love that city. Use to live there myself but that was a long time ago. Now you said your last name was Walker. Do you by any chance know Amy?"

" Yes, that would be my mom." I was still a little nervous.

" I got a chance to talk to her today. She's very talented. I'm impressed." What's with the compliments?

" Thank you. " I was looking at the floor now. Blood was rushing to my face and out of the corner of my eye I saw Edward was getting twitchy.

" If anyone needs me I'll be in my office." Carlisle announced.

After he left we played several rounds of Halo 2 and 3 until midnight.

" I gotta go...... do my homework." I yawned halfway through the sentence.

" I did it for you." Alice said.

" Really? When?" I asked, not that surprised.

" When you were kicking Edward's butt in Halo 2." She turned and stuck her tongue out at him. He grimaced and nudged her.

" Oh well thanks I guess." I yawned again nearly dislocating my jaw.

" No problem now go to bed, you're about to collapse." She chided.

" Already there." I mumbled sleepily and dragged my sleeping feet to her room.

As I was walking up the stairs Alice came up next to me and whispered in my ear.

" I saw it. You know it," she paused. " Thank you for accepting."

When I turned to asker what she was talking about she was gone. Maybe this was a dream, maybe a nightmare. No matter, it was welcomed.