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If you get there before I do

Bella you had your turn. Now move over cause this is my story.

Disclaimer: i do not own anything except for the characters not mentioned in the twilight series. everything else belongs to the wonderful Stephenie Meyer.


3. Accepted

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(4 days later)

Today was Friday, October 30. Tomorrow was Halloween and I was spending it at the Cullen's house. Ever since the sleep over Alice and I started to hang out a lot. My mom began complaining that she never saw me anymore for the past few days. Monday night I spent at Alice's, because of the storm. Wednesday we went shopping after school and Wednesday night, I slept over again.

Amy threatened to put me on lock down.

" Aww Amy that's not fair." I whined as I was digging through my closet, trying to find my black denim mini to go with my ‘Happy Bunny' shirt and hot pink leggings.

" Life's not fair. You're spending Sunday with me." She said.

I had to beg her to let me go to Alice's for Halloween. She was throwing a costume party and invited most of the junior class and a few seniors.

She said that she already had a costume for me. I shuddered at the thought of what it might be.

After Alice told me that she knew that I knew that they were vampires, the same kind as in Twilight, she began being more open about it around me. (Although I still hated when she would sneak up on me.) What really surprised me is that Edward didn't know any of this. Alice has been trying very hard to keep him out. Edward wasn't happy with her.

At lunch, Alice Edward and I sat at a separate lunch table than the other Cullens. Most of the lunch period Alice and I would plan for future shopping trips while Edward was trying to read her mind.

After school, Alice asked to ride with me to my house because she wanted to talk to me.

" I think we should tell everyone but Edward." She blurted out as I opened the front door.

" Ok," I simply replied, but why would she want to keep Edward out?

" Why not Edward?" I asked.

" He'll probably go paranoid and force us all to move out of the planet." She rolled her eyes. " He can be very convincing if he has to and Carlisle will go with almost anything he suggests."

" I'm not leaving my favorite human!" she declared and wrapped her arms around me in a tight hug.

" Well that's nice to know, " I said sarcastically. " I'll be all alone if you move."

" No you won't because we won't move."

" Well sooner or later we'll have to tell him."

" True but we've only known you for a week. You have to give him a chance to get more comfortable around you." An evil smirk spread across her face.

" Do I want to know what you're planning?" I asked wearily.

" No."

" Why is everyone else in your family so comfortable around me, even Jasper? What's Edward's problem?" I changed the subject.

" La suo cantante. La tuo sangue canta per lui. " She replied in her musical voice.

" Oh." I blushed. I didn't have to know Italian to understand what she was saying.

"Alice can I ask you something? It's about the party."

" Sure what do you want to know?" she asked curiously.

" What am I going to be for Halloween?"

" Forget it! I'm not telling you until tomorrow." She squealed. " Remember, I'll come to pick you up at seven."

I rolled my eyes and threw a pillow from the couch at her. She didn't see it coming and didn't have time to react so the pillow smacked her right in the face. Her eyes widened in shock and I collapsed on the couch laughing. All of a sudden, I felt like I was floating and when I opened my eyes my face was in a pillow and I was lying on my stomach. A heavy object was on my back. I guessed it was Alice sitting on me as a way to try and restrain me.

At that moment, my mom walked in and saw Alice sitting on my back, dangling her legs, and smiling to herself.

" Hi Amy." She waved

" Hey Alice, what did you do with my daughter?" she asked a little nervous.

" She was being mean to me." Alice laughed.

I decided it was time to get up so I shoved Alice off my back and she landed on the couch, next to me.

" Hey Amy." I greeted her, " how was work?"

" Fine." She eyed me suspiciously. " Slow day."

" Amy, I'm stealing Dani for a couple hours. She'll be home around eight. Is that ok?" Alice was already towing me out the door.

" Sure." She mumbled and headed for the kitchen.

" What's on today's agenda?" I asked once we were outside.

" We're telling my family that you already know what we are and that you accept it." She motioned for me to climb on her back. Traveling on foot was certainly much faster.

When we arrived the porch lights were on and the entire first floor was visible through the glass. Everyone was there. Everyone except Edward, that is. I wonder what they did to make him leave.

Alice and I walked into the room and five heads turned to look in our direction.

" You said you had something to tell us Alice" Rosalie said.

" Yes, it's something you should know...." She paused for a moment and carefully assessed everyone's expressions, " Dani knows were vampires." She announced.

Rosalie stared at me for a long moment then came up to me and gave me a hug.

" And you didn't run in the other direction." She murmured. I was too busy trying to figure out why Rosalie was so nice to me to notice her caring tone of voice.

" Did you figure it out on your own?" Jasper wanted to know.

" Most of it." I replied shyly.

" Aren't you scared? What with a house full of vampires and such." Esme asked

" Why?" I asked nervously.

" Shouldn't you be worried about our... diet?" Jasper answered, cringing at the last word.

" No." I said calmly. Besides I would be dead by now, I thought but I didn't feel the need to say it out loud.

Alice dropped me off at my house around ten thirty. Amy was already asleep so I went to my room and pulled out a copy of Twilight. So many things happened to me in the week that I came. I met a family of vampires, I became best friends with one of them, but there was something in the back of my mind that kept eating away at me. It made me nauseous. I was nervous. I could feel the butterflies it my stomach. It was something I couldn't describe, something I never felt before.