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Bella's Confusion

Who does she choose??? Jacob or Edward? What will happen if she... My first post of poetry on this site... tell me if you like it!!!

This takes place in Bella's mind while she is proposed(sp???) to for the first time.

1. Bella's Confusion

Rating 4/5   Word Count 72   Review this Chapter


I’m so confused…

Which one do I choose?

Edward, of coarse…

But what about Jacob?

If I leave Jacob…

His pain will be mine

If I stay with him…

The hole in my chest will burn.

What do I do?

If I leave Edward…

I couldn’t take it.

I would loose my sanity.

If I stay with him…

I will have to endure Jacob’s pain…

Which do I choose…?


I can endure Jacob’s pain…

Not Edward’s.


Edward found me first.

Or did he…?