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Our Final Day

*sequel to 5 Days* After all Bella and Becky had been through the first four days, how could there be anything worst to happen on the fifth?

Sadly I do not own any of the Twilight characters, they all belong to Stephenie Meyer. Also, the five cursed days thing is all Dean Koontz Oh, I said I was going to call this story Breaking Boundries but I changed my mind.

2. Chapter 2

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That was the moment I felt myself become a true monster. Not in the blood thirsty, enjoys killing and torturing people, and looks forward towards getting to masquerade a whole village type of monster, but rather I had allowed my whole body become consumed with anger. A dark, loud, fierce snarl erupted from my chest and if it was not for Edward standing next to me, I would have attacked that very instant.

Edward grabbed me and ran me quickly into the forest that bordered the south and west side of the school where we were out of sight and couldn’t be heard. Jasper and Emmett followed. Edward’s grasp was nothing on me and I quickly broke free. I rushed back towards Hightens High School, blinded by my rage, making it impossible to think clearly or correctly.

Emmett grabbed my by my stomach and pulled me off the ground. I thrashed in his arms and kicked wildly but he had me in a dead lock. I could tell my eyes had turned pitch black. Jasper let out a small growl, being affected by the pure strength of my furry.

“Let go of me!” I commanded and managed to kick Jasper in the gut since he was standing close enough. He seemed slightly staggered but managed to grab my feet and they towed me farther into the forest.

“No, Becky. Think about what you’re doing,” Edward’s urgent voice tried to sooth me. It seemed almost as if all I could see was red. If I wasn’t so overtaken by my hatred, it would have scared me that I was capable of feeling like this. “You don’t want to risk exposing us,” he continued to sooth.

“I don’t care!” I cried, twisting my body back and forth, trying to get loose from Emmett and Jasper’s grips. “I want to kill him! MURDERER!” I shouted through the forest, in the direction of the school. I was shaking now.

“I want to kill him! I want to kill him! I want to kill him!” I continued to shout, flailing in vain.

“I want to kill him,” I said one last time in almost a whisper before I started crying.

Jasper, sensing that I wasn’t going to do anything rash like trying to run away again and rip him into shreds, released my feet and Emmett set down on the forest’s floor and held me protectively to his chest as I sobbed. I had never cried so hard in my entire life. I never thought I could. It seemed as if the tears would never cease from falling from my eyes.

I was not crying from my anger but because I was scared. I would never admit it but I knew Jasper could feel that I was scared out of my wits. I was also ashamed. I had always tried to be the strong one for Bella but now I was hiding in a forest from my fears. I was also ashamed of my behavior now that I could take stock of what I had done.

What I had seen, I never thought I could ever see again. It never crossed my mind that this could ever happen. But it did. I had seen with my own two eyes what was leaving against the brick wall of one of the buildings. His sandy, brown, curly hair was just as I remembered. His beauty mark was still there, right below the left side of his mouth. Those violet eyes were just as vibrant I had remembered. The person I saw was Ryan Rauch

I was clearly in no shape to attend any more classes. Emmett, Jasper, and Edward drove me back to the house. When I walked through the front door I had all intentions of dashing up to my room and hiding under the bed’s covers until Jacob got home and pretend that everything was okay.

“Hold on a minute,” Edward said to me when I started to make my way to the staircase. “Do you mind explaining what happened?”

Carlisle and Esme appeared in the front room with us. “What are you all doing home? Shouldn’t you be at school?” Esme asked.

Carlisle looked at me. I knew what he was thinking. That I had already managed to slip up on my first day. I felt ashamed even though I hadn’t really done anything. Well, besides screaming that I wanted to murder someone.

“Something came up,” Edward told his adoptive mother. He turned to me. “What exactly happened, though, I’m not quite sure.”

“Becky?” Carlisle asked. Everyone in the room shifted to stare at me making me uncomfortable. As if what I had done hadn’t embarrassed me enough now I had to go and explain to everyone what had happened. It would be really great if my appearance changing power would let me just disappear. I would have to experiment with that later.

“Oh, you know, just me having some slight anger management issues,”

Emmett snorted. “Slight?” he asked in disbelief.

I shot him a look but sighed. I would have to tell them my story sooner or later. So far only Alice knew and she hadn’t told anyone else. Maybe if they knew, I wouldn’t have to attend stupid school anymore.

“You might want to sit down,” I advised them. “This may take a while.” They followed my directions and I began my tale. I told them about going to school in Phoenix and how it was my last option. I told them about trying to straighten out my records. I told them about meeting Ryan and Patrick. They heard about how Ryan and I had been like Edward and Bella. Only with one slight difference; Ryan wasn’t vegetarian. They learned how my story was not so different from Rosalie’s. I had to tell them everything. I could feel their anger when I came to the part when my last human day ended and they shared my confusion as to why Patrick had been compassionate that night and left me. Finally, I explained to then why I had, putting it mildly, freaked out earlier. That I had seen Ryan.

We all sat in silence for a while. Finally I got to my feet and said, “Well, if anyone needs me I’ll be in my room,” and left.

I ran into my room and locked the door behind me. I dove under my bed’s sheets and let the darkness surround me. If only I could sleep. Or at least have Jacob here next to me. To hear his even, steady breaths and his quiet, soft snore and have his unnatural warmth warm my frozen body. But I could sleep and Jacob was here.

One thing I always hated about living in a household of mythical creatures was everyone’s acute hearing. You could hear everything. That and the fact that some could hear thoughts, see your future, and feel your emotions made having one single secret an impossibility. But right now I was really hating the super hearing.

“It was unnatural, Carlisle,” I could hear Jasper’s quite voice from below. “I’ve never felt anger like that. It took every ounce of my restraint not to rip the nearest thing to me into bits. And afterwards, after she had broken down, her fear was tremendous. I was surprised she didn’t bolt from the forest and run millions of miles away.”

“What are we going to do?” Edward’s voice asked.

“I say we go shred these Ryan and Patrick things.” Emmett’s voice suggested. His voice had anticipation and pleasure in it, probably enjoying the possibility to battling another vampire.

“I already liked Becky,” Emmett continued. “But now I’m really starting to love her. She keeps bringing more and more vampires for us to fight. Last April was the most fun I had had in years.”

Speak for yourself, I thought bitterly.

“No Emmett. We can’t do that. No matter how much we would like. We don’t know enough information on their coven to start a fight. We don’t know how big or powerful they are. For all we know they could have very strong connections with the Volturi, strong than ours, and fighting the Volturi would be the last thing we want.”

There were murmurs in agreement. “What about Becky?” Esme asked. Yah, I agreed mentally. What about me?

Carlisle sighed. “I really do know what to do. We should talk to her but after what they told us about what had happened, I’m not sure if it’s even safe for her to return to school. We might even have to move again.”

I immediately felt guilty. I didn’t want to make everyone leave after we had already moved in. I don’t want to be a burden or an imposition to anyone, especially to the Cullens who had been so kind and giving to me, Jake, and Bella.

The front door opened and I could hear Rosalie, Alice, and Bella enter the house. Alice must have had a vision because they didn’t ask right away where we were. “Did you see what happened?” Edward asked.

“I just saw her struggling against you and then you bringing her home.” Alice’s voice answered. “What happened?”

Edward sighed. “She saw someone from her past. Ryan Rauch,”

I could hear Alice and Bella’s intake of breath as they recognized the name. They both already knew my story. Now only Rosalie didn’t. They were going to have to fill her in and explain to the three of them why Alice had had that vision.

I didn’t want to hear it again. It was embarrassing enough but I could not handle hearing the story over and over again. That and I could also tell Bella was already forming in her head some plan to comfort me. I got up and walked downstairs. “I’m going hunting.” I announced to the family. My eyes were now black even though I had just hunted. Anger always made me thirty faster.

I could feel everyone’s hesitation. They obviously feared that I was going to go and do something stupid or go back to the high school and attack Ryan. The second option was extremely tempting but I fought against it. I just wanted to get away from what they were saying and thinking. It was nice that Bella wanted to comfort me but I just wanted to be alone.

I sighed and decided to quiet everyone’s worries. “I’ll stay close. I’m not going to go and track him down. And if I did decide that, Alice would see so you could come and stop me because I wouldn’t have it a split decision. I would want to plan it and drag it out. But I won’t do that.”

They didn’t seem to buy it. “Come on, look at my eyes. I’m going to have to hunt sometime soon or else I might go attack the postman.” They seemed to flinch at my words but Bella and Jasper confirmed what I had said.

“Do you want me to come?” Bella asked. “I could use it. I’ve been kind of thirsty lately.” I look into her eyes knowing right off the back that she had lied. The small yellow rings in her abnormal brown eyes, for vampires at least, were still bright topaz, without the tiniest hint of darkening. Besides, she hates hunting.

“No,” I said quickly. I regretted that, realizing I had said it a bit too harsh when I saw Bella’s expression. It wasn’t her fault. I just wanted to be alone.

“No,” I said again in a softer tone. “I just want to be able to be alone and to think.” Everyone I the house could relate to that. To have some privacy and not have someone know everything about what you’re thinking about. So I ran out of the house by myself before anyone could object.

Running always helped clear my mind. There was something about the rush of air in you face that was always calming. Like when you’re a little kid riding you bike, you just enjoy it. Only now when I’m running, the speed was so much better. I guess when I was little it felt like I was going so fast it felt like no one could catch me but now I really did know that there were very few that actually could.

I kept running, listening to the almost silent pound of my feet that human ears wouldn’t be able to catch. I was quickly in the middle of the forest. I looked around myself and took in a deep, unnecessary breath of the crisp air. It was cloudy but it was stilly beautiful.

When I was human, I wasn’t that big of a fan when it came to the outdoors. Like Bella, I was better suited for the indoors. Also, bugs really creped me out. I just freaked out and involuntarily twitched and shook thinking about that horrible sensation of them crawling on you. I was also scared of fish, but that was another story.

Now, I could barely understand why I had such an aversion towards nature, especially if I had seen what I saw now. I stood on a large, flat rock that was buried in the ground, the top just barely sticking out of the surface. There were high, grassy mountains so tall they disappeared into the clouds. The trees were beautiful. There were at least ten different types of oaks. Not to mention all the colorful cheery and tulip trees. My personal favorite was the sycamore. A lot of people thought sycamore trees were hideous but I saw them differently. The various patterns that twisted through it had always been able to preoccupy my mind as I would follow one path from the base of the trunk all the way up to the tallest limb. They were also the best trees you could ever climb when you allowed them to grow tall enough.

I closed my eyes and took in another deep breath, only this time searching for something different. I opened my eyes and smiled. I smelled puma; my favorite