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Our Final Day

*sequel to 5 Days* After all Bella and Becky had been through the first four days, how could there be anything worst to happen on the fifth?

Sadly I do not own any of the Twilight characters, they all belong to Stephenie Meyer. Also, the five cursed days thing is all Dean Koontz Oh, I said I was going to call this story Breaking Boundries but I changed my mind.

4. Chapter 4

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The next two days continued in the same manner. Me continuing to attend school, sitting through my classes, pushing back and try to ignore all my anger in that final history class, forcing myself not to plan out a slow, painful death that I would plan for Ryan, and then grabbing Jacob and rushing home.

Sometimes, when I allowed myself to get too filled with rage, I my own thoughts scared me. If I did such things to Ryan, the things I had been planning in my head, I wouldn’t be any better than him. I may be even worst. Torturing him would make me just like Ryan, or even Victoria, except my victim wouldn’t be some helpless human.

I vividly remember that day, the day Bella died. The memories scarred my eyesight. For a while, all I could see when I closed my eyes was the scene in the forest playing over and over behind my eye lids. No one should ever have to witness that, so why would I want to inflict it? I would become a monster, just like Ryan and Victoria, if I caved and gave into my more vicious side. I would become what I most feared to be. Jacob had once told Bella, “Who wants to be a monster?” Who did? I sure didn’t.

Friday was when more trouble arrived. We were sitting at our table during lunch break, Emmett daring me to take a bite out of Jake’s apple and keeping to down for a full five minutes. I was holding up the apple in from of me with one of my hands, staring at it intently, seriously considering taking the dare. There was something that I had been keeping from everyone. Not even Bella or Jacob knew about it. It was one of the powers I had picked up while Bella and I were with the Volturi.

Aro was currently unaware of my ability to take other vampire’s powers, since he couldn’t read my mind. I couldn’t imagine having this many powers as I did not. I went around the Volturi shaking hands with everyone I met, taking their gift or gifts with me. There was one specific vampire who Aro, Caius, and Marcus were very protective and secretive of. Out of those three, I doubted no one else knew of the vampire’s existence. That vampire’s name is Gabrielle. I had picked up thoughts about her from Marcus one day. I had heard Aro thinking about her previously but he was just worrying about her. Marcus’ thoughts alerted me to Gabrielle’s exact location.

Being who I am, I had to know what was going on. The Volturi had a member who could turn invisible and one who could walk through walls. I had met both of them before so it would be no challenge for me to find this Gabrielle. I was very curious as to why they were so protective and secretive towards this girl. When I did find her, I realized why.

Her power was so different. I didn’t think someone could have a power like that. It’s kind of hard to explain, but she could take the essence of someone, keep it for herself, and intensify it. As if that made any sense. I briefly touched her to take her power, just in case and left. I went back into my assigned room and thought about what made this girl so special. What does being able to take someone’s essence and enhance it so important.

I wanted a new atmosphere to think in. I was sick of my room and I needed to go hunting. Aro had tried mighty hard to get Bella and me to switch over to the Volturi’s diet. After seeing that Bella was another Carlisle, he quickly gave up on her but still pesters me, seeing that I struggle more. I have two theories as to why my resistance is so poor. They’re pathetic excuses but still.

One theory is, when I was turned, I was all alone. I didn’t have someone to guide me or show me the ropes. I still thought vampires were myths even when I was one. It was after I had almost pounced on some poor woman in some crazed idea that it would end the fire burning my throat that I had finally came to the realization.

My second theory was I have always had a week resistance. I would cave immediately whenever there was a cookie or some junk food placed in front of me. This made diets impossible, not like I ever needed to go on one. I would be called anorexic by the bitchy, backstabbing girls at schools. Those words never bothered me though. What were those girls to me but shallow insecure teenagers who comforted themselves by purposely make other’s lives hell. I did actually get to deck one of those girls and gave her a black eye after she had said some things to Bella and spread some rumors around about her.

I didn’t hunt though. I sat and I thought. It didn’t work. It just made me more frustrated. I hated when I couldn’t figure things out. Good, because it made me more driven. Bad, because it just made me easily frustrated concluding in my want to punch a wall. I walked back into the lobby where Robin, Gianna’s replacement, greeted me. I forced a smile at her to be courteous. I don’t see how she could be hopeful that the Volturi would keep her and make her a vampire. They didn’t keep Gianna, they didn’t keep the girl before her, or the girl before her, and they won’t keep Susan, no matter how keen Felix is to her. They never keep the receptionist. So why do they even keep hoping? They should just get a vampire to do it. They’d work more efficiently anyways. Vampires manage to work better than humans in most cases.

Then it hit me. Humans. The essence of vampires is their abilities. The only thing you could do by enhancing it is you would make their ability more powerful. But humans. Their essence was their humanity. They were human. I wonder if the Volturi had even thought of that. Aro, Marcus, and Caius were probably just worried that she would accumulate every vampire’s gift and turn against them. Not that she could perhaps become. . . Besides, I could already do what Gabrielle does to a certain degree. But now that I have her power, I could try it. They’ve been keeping her ignorant towards most things. She may not even know the extent of her power. I had to make sure Aro didn’t touch anyone who knew all of my powers other wise they may lock me away too.

I had to practice discreetly. First, I tried to enhance my own powers. There was really only one power I wanted to enhance. That was the memories one. I could erase human memories but never vampire ones. Or werewolf memories but that still partly worked since werewolves are half way human.

I called the vampire, Ted, who stayed in the room down the hall from mine, into my room. My neighbor fit the literal Hollywood version of what a vampire looked like. He was chalk pale like all of us (though with my power I had managed to make myself slightly tan) and had the vivid red eyes that followed his diet, but he had black, straight hair that he slicked back, had a very prominent widow’s peak, and was in his mid forties.

I wanted to make this quick. Ted bugged me. He was such a perv. He had hit on me and Bella, not to mention any other female who had ever come through this building, way too much. I greeted him as politely as my manners made me but locked eyes with him. He was held in place by my stare. So far, this meant that it was working. Usually humans only get trapped into this sort of trance state while vampires just stare at me cautiously wondering why I’m staring at them like that. While Ted was in this state, I was able to enter his mind and shift through his memories, shuddering at some of the more disturbing ones. I quickly found his memory of me inviting my quarters, silently gagging at what he thought he was going to get, and swept away all recollection of from them till this very moment.

I pulled out of Ted’s mind and broke off our eye lock. Ted’s eyebrows blended into one and blinked multiple times as he took in his surroundings with a look of utter confusion. “Ted?” I asked him gently.

He looked at me, confusion still written across his face, and nodded.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, hoping that it worked.

There was silence as Ted still fought to process his thoughts. “I don’t know.” He finally said, slowly. “All I remember is being in my room, someone knocking on my door, and me getting up and answering it. How did I get here?”

“I don’t know,” I replied, trying to look concerned. “I came into my room and you were in here,”

“Oh,” was all he replied.

“Maybe you should go back to you room.” I implied.

“Err, yes. I should do that. I will see you later Rebecca.” Ted rose awkwardly from my couch and walked out of the room, still frowning. I closed the door after him and silently celebrated. It worked! It really worked!

Okay, back to present day. Every since then, I had been experimenting some more. Now that I was surer that I could do it, I could at least allow myself to think it though I shouldn’t hope. I have no clue whether or not it will even work. I have theorized that if I took the essence of a human, I could, to some extent, make myself human. It was a crazy idea but, hey, I have all of forever to do whatever. I might as well give this a shot. What could it hurt?

So that’s why I was focusing so much on the apple. It would be so simple to just take a bite out of it. I had just bumped hands with a boy in my last class who dropped his pen and I picked it up for him. Besides, if I won the bet I could shove it in Emmett’s face. He was still ribbing me for beating me at Guitar Hero last night. I was just about take a bite out of it when someone behind of cleared their mouth loudly and I smelt that pine sent again.

My body right away tensed. This was my usual reaction towards Ryan and Patrick’s presence. Sadly, I was still holding Jacob’s apple in my hands; the pressure I applied to it caused to apple to actually explode.

I jerked my head back and blinked a coupe of times in shock. Emmett started laughing his loud, booming laugh, causing other students to look in our direction. I tried to shoot him a dark look but he only laughed harder. Apparently the death glare didn’t work with apple all over your face. The others at our table were poorly stifling their laughter and an arm reached from behind me and handed me a pile of napkins. I stiffened again but took the napkins anyways.

I quickly wiped off my face, attempting to maintain what little dignity I had left. I turned around and was face to face with Ryan, who was staring down at me. He wasn’t glaring at me; he wasn’t even looking at me like he recognized me. He was still staring at me like he was struggling to remember something he long forgotten about. I can see why he may have forgotten. What was I to him? Just some random human he decided to mess with. He has probably done it a thousand times over again. That thought surged me with anger. To think what he did to me, he did to others. I gripped Jacob’ hand hard under the table.

“Which one of you is you’re coven’s leader?” Patrick asked.

“Our leader is currently not with us. Who is yours?” It was Edward who spoke. That was a good thing. If it was up to me, I might have just started yelling. I was hit by a double wave of calming. I glanced up at Jasper and Bella.

“Ours is also not with us. Perhaps you can come to our house and we may discuss a few matters,” Ryan proposed. His voice, which I found attractive as a human, now repulsed me.

“That sounds fine. I’ll call our leader and have him join us,” Edward answered.

“Till then,” Ryan said coolly before walking fluidly away with Patrick.

When they left the cafeteria, I let out a sigh of relief and released Jake’s hand. “Okay, ouch.” He said bluntly, raising his hand above the table and flexing it, examining for permanent damage.

“Oops, sorry,” I apologized, looking at him sheepishly.

“It’s okay. Just as long as I can still move it, everything’s fine.” Jacob turned his hand one more time before taking my small cold hand, putting it in his large, warm one.

“Why did you agree to us meeting them!?” I cried at Edward, exasperated.

“Because,” Edward said in that tone like he was talking to a mentally slow person, “This is a good chance to get a look at how big their coven is and whether their think of us as a threat and are considering attacking. I haven’t picked out anything good from Ryan or Patrick, their just wary of us because of our coven’s size. Oh, and they’re trying to figure out what Jacob is.” He finished with a slight snicker. Jacob’s eyes narrowed. He and Edward were on good terms now, but they still had their occasional disputes.

Hm, going over to the Rauch’s, or whatever they were going by now. This could actually be a perfect chance to see what their house was like just in case I caved. Seeing it in advance could be helpful. Also, it would be good to see what I might be up against so I needed to know how many were in their coven and if they have any powers.

“And no,” Edward continued. “This is not going to be an opportunity to get a layout of their land,” he looked pointy at me. Whoa, scary. Is he sure he can’t read my mind?

“So, we’re going to Becky’s murderer’s house tonight. This out to be fun,” Rosalie observed. I could relate to Rosalie. We were practically killed the same way only she got to extract revenge. I just wasn’t allowed because my killer might have a strong, powerful coven protecting him and Rosalie’s was just a human.

“Maybe if we’re lucky, someone else will get murdered while we’re there,” I added in false enthusiasm. I got up and throw away my tray of uneaten food. I sighed. Going over to the Rauchs’? How the hell am I supposed to do that?