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Starting Over

Pretty much the same format everyone else follows. Continuation of New Moon. Enjoy!! *********Spoiler Warning******************* ***Update*** Now that i actually know what this story is going to be about, i am going to change the summary... Edward finally changes Bella, but instead of ending the problems, it simply brings on more. Bella develops an outstanding gift which brings vampires from all over looking to get her on their side... So, how do you like it??

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

14. fourteen

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I allowed my jaw to hit my chest. A time machine? As in, something that allows you to go back in time?? Crap.

“A what?” I asked, still incredulous.

“A time machine” Victoria said, annunciating each syllable. “I decided that instead of just killing you, I will go back in time to when James tracked you and prevent Edward from ever getting there. You will die, I will get James back, and Edward will live in misery for the rest of his life. It’s perfect!!"

I gulped—that couldn’t be good. If I died, then Edward would run off to the Volturi and then he would die. Victoria would have James back, and then James would track more humans like me, making their lives miserable. No, she could not do this.

“NO! You can’t!” I yelped, but Victoria only climbed into the machine and smirked.

“Oh, but I can.”

Alexander and Dr. Mavis climbed in after her, dragging me along behind them. It was a tiny space and i was cramped in while they shut the crystal door. Victoria reached for one of the two black levers that lined the left wall, gripping it in her white palm. She pulled it down.


First, nothing happened. But before I could secretly cheer that it didn’t work, it went black. We were in total darkness. Then, a small white light appeared in front of me, and I realized we were in some sort of a black tunnel. I wondered vaguely if I had actually died and this was heaven—but I felt Alexander’s firm grip around my arm and I decided it wasn’t. The light got bigger, slowly growing until it was the size of my head, continuing until I had to cover my eyes from the blinding brightness. I squeezed my lids closed but the light still managed to peek at me from behind them.

But then, it vanished.

I opened my eyes—expecting to find the darkness again—but instead, I found that we were in the back of an alleyway—hidden from the sunlight. I felt Alexander begin to pull me from the machine, and I succumbed.

Now, I assume you would like to know why I haven’t attempted mind-control or illusions or anything. Two reasons, actually. One was that after my experiments with Thomas—it didn’t always work. And two, I wasn’t about to just let Victoria go and kill me without my getting a say in it. I had to stop her—and I would when the time proved right.

Victoria began to lead us towards the sunlight, and I hoped that there were no unsuspecting humans waiting outside. Victoria’s eyes were a dark black by now and she looked hungry. Plus, I hadn’t been around a human yet, and I wasn’t sure that would be a good idea…

But, to my delight, no one was out there, and Victoria led us down the street in the blazing sunlight. This street seemed familiar—sort of like de-ja-vu. Tall brownstone houses lined them, the red roofs staring down at me familiarly.

And then I saw why it looked so familiar.

A ballet studio stood at the end of the street—although I was positive Renee had said it was burned down…


As I got closer, I could see the sign inside the door. It was handwritten on hot pink paper; it said the dance studio was closed for spring break. I touched the handle, tugged on it cautiously. It was unlocked. I fought to catch my breath, and opened the door.

The flashback hit me like a barrel of bricks, and I restrained myself from crying out. We really were back in time, the time when James had tracked me.

“Shhh!” Victoria said—the first words she had spoken since we had arrived—and pulled me back into the stoop of an old building, out of sight from those around us.

I gasped at the sight that flashed before me like a movie scene. A form emerged form around the corner—brown hair flailing and feet moving unsteadily across the concrete, tripping every so often. She ran towards the door, pausing slightly before yanking it open.

It was me. The human Bella.

I struggled against Alexander’s strong hold—I had to stop her. But Alexander’s hold was strong, as well as his will. It would be useless to attempt at mind-control, or illusions.

The human Bella disappeared through the door, and I heard the sound of Renee’s voice before the door shut slowly.

“Now here’s the plan.” Victoria said, addressing Dr. Mavis and Alexander. “We have to get James before Edward comes. Then we kill the girl…” Victoria smirked in my direction and I gasped, finally realizing the danger I was in. If the human Bella died…then I died.

Crap—that wasn’t good.

“Now knock her out.” Victoria said—pointing towards me. Alexander struck me from behind and I let the blackness overcome me. I had been passing out a lot lately.

My last thought as I sank into unconsciousness was Edward