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Starting Over

Pretty much the same format everyone else follows. Continuation of New Moon. Enjoy!! *********Spoiler Warning******************* ***Update*** Now that i actually know what this story is going to be about, i am going to change the summary... Edward finally changes Bella, but instead of ending the problems, it simply brings on more. Bella develops an outstanding gift which brings vampires from all over looking to get her on their side... So, how do you like it??

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

18. eighteen

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 413   Review this Chapter

A couple hours and two flights later, I was a hundred yards away from the gates of Volterra.

And I had no idea how to get in.

I had thought, that with greater eyesight and super speed this time around, it would be easier to get in, but I was wrong. This time no one got in, because apparently there was some sort of meeting going on and the gates were sealed shut.

My only hope was that Edward couldn’t get in either.


(Edwards POV [past time])

I was dead.

Correction--I was not dead. But at this point in time, death would be a welcome change to the excruciating war going on inside of me. Bella, my sweet, warm, loving angel Bella, was dead.

And it was all my fault.

It was my fault for not saving her in time.
My fault I had to save her in the first place.
My fault I even existed to put her in a place where I’d have to save her.

And I was going to put an end to myself.

The only trick was how to get in. The gates were closed for some meeting, and the gates were sealed shut. I was perched a couple feet from the entrance, hidden from the sun by a thick black cape I had purchased at a local thrift shop. Its hard to hide when you are practically sparkling…

I just had to wait for someone to come out. Then I would make my move.


(Carlisle’s POV)

I was baffled.

I had good reason, too--it’s not every day you are met with a sparkling version of your son’s fiance, carrying a human version of herself and then disappearing into thin air.

Nope, definitely not an every-day sort of thing.

But I wasn’t dreaming--that is, unless every one else had the exact same dream. Which is highly unreasonable.

In a daze, I grabbed my emergency medical bag and began stitching up the human Bella’s head. I looked around at my family, every single one of their faces lined with the exact same expression. I didn’t have to have Edward’s gift to know that what they were thinking.

Emmett finally voiced it. “What the hell just happened?”

And it got everyone talking. On top of each other.

“I don’t know…she just appeared… their were two of her…she was a vampire…” I kept quiet, working on stitching up Bella. If their was one person who could explain this madness, it was Bella herself.